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western, USA,

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Bert Lane, owner of the 3X Ranch, learns that his sweetheart, Margery Murray, is coming to visit him, accompanied by her Aunt Saphrona, who insists that her niece marry a society man or at least a hero. Bert and his men impersonate the Borden gang and hold up the stage in which the women are traveling so as then to come to their "rescue," but they are driven off by Van Ratt, a passenger, who becomes Aunt Saphrona's hero. Bert later rescues Margery from a runaway; and in a staged raid, his men abduct Margery and Saphrona. Meanwhile, Bert learns that Van Ratt is actually Borden, a notorious killer; he absconds with Margery and her aunt's jewels, but Bert frees himself and routs the gang. Saphrona pronounces her blessings on the new hero.
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