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drama, USA, , 99 min.

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In Adam's World... The Music Never Stops!
Black trumpet player Adam Johnson stalks off a Cincinnati bandstand when a white patron heckles him. Returning to New York City, Adam finds that his best friend, Nelson Davis, has lent his apartment to Willie "Sweet Daddy" Ferguson and his granddaughter, Claudia, a civil rights activist. Intrigued by the young woman, Adam flirts with her but is rejected. Claudia's grandfather explains that Adam is guilt-ridden because he feels responsible for the death of his wife and child in a car accident 10 years earlier. Despite Adam's heavy drinking and bad temper, Claudia comes to understand him, and eventually she falls in love with him. In trouble because of the Cincinnati walkout, Adam is now forced to grovel before a ruthless agent, Manny, who sadistically offers him a tour of one-nighters in the segregated South. With Vincent, a young musician, as the only white member of his troupe, Adam reluctantly accepts. Claudia goes along and is happy to see that Adam is trying to control both his temper and his drinking. When Vincent is unmercifully beaten up by three white youths, Adam stands helplessly by, stunned by the injustice and violence that seem to plague his life. After Claudia has left him, Adam makes one last attempt to play his trumpet--at a casino where Willie is appearing. He begins to miss notes, collapses, and is carried offstage, where he dies.
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