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western, USA, , 56 min.

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Northwest Canadian Mounted policeman Buck Barry takes a leave of absence from duty so that he can cross the border and apprehend his brother's murderer, Conyda. Conyda killed Buck's brother, an inspector for the police, after his own brother was executed for his crimes. With his partner, Rocky O'Leary, Buck joins Conyda's gang after gaining his confidence through robbing for him and flattery. Buck falls in love with a dance hall girl named Diane, whom he had met once before while she was crossing the border, and she too falls in love with him, and does not reveal his identity to Conyda. Within a month, Buck has arrested ten of Conyda's gang members, and Conyda becomes suspicious of him. Before Conyda gets a chance to find out Buck's true identity, Buck openly confesses to him, then leads the murderer and his gang across the border into the hands of the police. Conyda escapes during the shoot-out and returns to a saloon across the border, but Buck chases him there and during a struggle, Conyda is shot with his own gun. Buck returns to official duty with Diane and Rocky at his side.
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