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drama, USA, , 95 min., od 13 let
Brother John

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In the town of Hackley, Alabama, when household domestic Sarah Benjamin Gabriel visits Doc Henry L. Thomas complaining of stomach pains, Doc realizes that she has a malignant tumor and has only days to live. After hospitalizing Sarah, Doc sends for his son Lloyd, the town's ambitious district attorney, and Rev. MacGill. In his office, Doc recalls the difficult breech birth of Sarah's brother, John Kane, thirty-five years earlier: John's birth coincides with a violent thunderstorm that knocks out the electricity. Once Doc cuts the umbilical cord, however, the power is restored. John leaves town at the age of sixteen, returning eight years later when his mother Ella has a sudden stroke. Arriving back in town on a Trailways bus on the afternoon of his mother's stroke, John stays with her until her death a few hours later, then leaves town right after the funeral. Several years later, Sarah asks Doc to check into her recently deceased father's insurance policy. Kane, a brick mason, died when a building collapsed on him, and Doc subsequently learns that John arrived a few minutes after the accident and was with his father until he died. In the present, now that Sarah is dying, Doc is certain that John will return to town. Lloyd, who is preoccupied with a labor dispute at the Hill-Donaldson plant, is unimpressed by his father's prediction. Driving to the plant to confront the angry picketers, Lloyd is beset by the town's business leaders, who want him to disperse the strikers. Meanwhile, Sarah dies, and when Doc walks into her hospital room, he finds John staring out the window. Although John insists he has come for his sister's funeral, Sheriff Orly Ball suspects that he may be an outside labor agitator. At a gathering at the Gabriel house following the funeral, John encounters his old schoolmate, Louisa MacGill, the reverend's niece. Also there is the loutish Henry Birkardt, another old schoolmate who is bent on wooing Louisa. As they share a quiet moment alone, Louisa tells John that she moved to New York to teach school, but after becoming disillusioned by the city, returned home to teach, then invites him to visit her at their old school house. Meanwhile, Orly, who has confided his suspicions to Lloyd, goes to search John's motel room with the district attorney. Inside John's suitcase, they find newspapers from around the world, along with a copy of the
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