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mysteriozní, USA, , 66 min.

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Emory Jago, a boardwalk photographer who makes false photographs for Madame Silvara, a fake seeress, wants himself to benefit from the profits of spiritualism. Ellen, an unemployed chorus girl, faints from exhaustion when she visits his studio, and he engages her to act as his "medium." Madame Silvara arranges an appointment for a seance at the home of wealthy Mr. Clayton; they learn that his daughter, Joyce, now engaged to Billy, once loved an aviator who died in a crash; and gaining her confidence, Emory lures her to his studio, but Billy intervenes and takes her away. When the girl returns for another seance, Ellen, determined to queer Emory's game, engages Bert Nelson, an actor friend, to pose as the dead lover, and in sepulchral tones he announces Emory to be a fake. Emory is reconciled with Ellen, unaware of her spurious cure.
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