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komedie / hudební, USA, , 97 min.

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Archie, the manager of Duffy's Tavern in New York--"where the elite meet to eat"--has been sending Mr. Duffy into debt by secretly serving meals to unemployed veterans. Before they joined the service, the men had worked in P. J. O'Malley's National Phonographic Record Company, but when the factory closed because of a wartime shortage of shellac, which must be shipped from India, they lost their jobs. Concerned about the business, Duffy sends his daughter to look at the books, but Archie appeals to her patriotism and interest in men and continues to feed the veterans. Soldier Danny Murphy, meanwhile, returns to town and becomes determined to put the men back to work. Archie, who is convinced of his personal "maggotism" with the ladies, is planning to propose to O'Malley's daughter Peggy. On the night Archie is to propose, however, Peggy meets Danny in the factory, and while they are dancing alone to a Bing Crosby master album, they fall in love. While Archie waits for Peggy at her home, he and O'Malley get drunk together. Peggy, meanwhile, assures Danny that the bank approved a loan to her father to get the factory running again, unaware that her father showed her only part of his bank telegram. The next day, Duffy sends an accountant to go through the tavern's books, and he finds Duffy $1,200 short. Danny locates some shellac, but O'Malley shows him the bank telegram denying him a loan. After Peggy, who works as a switchboard operator at a swank hotel, learns that a group of motion picture celebrities is staying at the hotel, Archie decides to host a block party featuring entertainment by them. Archie and O'Malley sneak into the stars' suites disguised as painters, but, when they finally reach Betty Hutton, posing as her masseurs, they are caught. Peggy, however, arrives in time to convince Betty that they need her help. The benefit is an immense success, but before the final curtain, Duffy tries to have Archie arrested. A record distributor offers O'Malley a $1,200 advance, but the men must then press 1,500 records by the end of the night. They succeed, and Miss Duffy accepts the distributor's check and sees that the charges against Archie are dropped. Archie later tells Duffy that he is retiring because of his personal "maggotism" with Betty Hutton.
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