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komedie, USA, , 92 min.

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King of Beasts...or Prince of Pussycats?
Biochemist Dan Potter hurriedly leaves his post at the university when his neighbors begin to believe exaggerated reports about his mildmannered lion, Fluffy. After he is threatened by the police, he and Fluffy turn up at the Claridge Arms Hotel just as a suite is being vacated by the owner's daughter, Janice. Returning for the remainder of her belongings, Janice is horrified to find Fluffy; and after she hears a newscast giving an overstated account of the lion's antics, she calls Dan a psychopath and runs for the police. Later, Claridge meets Dan and invites him over for some venison, left over from a curtailed hunting trip. Dan shows up with Fluffy, who gnaws on the food, leaving only scraps. When the police, alerted by the neighbors' fright at the sound of Fluffy's roars, find the scraps, they assume that Fluffy has eaten Claridge. Claridge, meanwhile, has hidden in his apartment, and he takes advantage of his "death" to resume his hunting trip. At the police station, where Dan has been arrested, Fluffy's brief appearance causes havoc; and Dan, inadvertently handcuffed to Janice, escapes. They find Claridge's trailer and persuade him to tell the truth to the police and to the angered townspeople.
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