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dobrodružný / mysteriozní, USA, , 85 min.

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Colonel Loring Leigh is dishonorably discharged from the British Army for issuing an order to Captain Douglas Loveland to remove the Lancers guarding a mountain pass in India, which allowed munitions to be brought to a tribe who then attempted a revolt that cost ninety lives. He cables his four sons, Rodney, a student at Oxford, Wyatt, a London barrister, Chris, an aviator and playboy, and Geoffrey, an attaché at the British Embassy in Washington, to meet him at home. As Colonel Leigh is preparing to talk with his sons about the order, which was forged by someone working with a munitions syndicate, he is shot by an assailant who steals his papers. Rodney and Wyatt travel to India to question Mulcahay, the colonel's batman, and learn that the arms came from Muros Island in South America. Chris goes to Buenos Aires to interview Loveland, who has retired there. After Lynn Cherrington, a rich American who fell in love with Geoffrey in Washington, turns up at Leigh Hall, Captain Drake, who has evidence for Geoffrey, is murdered. Geoffrey goes to Buenos Aires, while Lynn, who knows Loveland, secretly arrives there before Geoffrey, and Chris falls in love with her. She flirts with Loveland, who does not know that Geoffrey and Chris are Colonel Leigh's sons, and gets him to invite them on a trip up river on the yacht of Furnoy, a rich American. At Marlanda, Lynn witnesses the militia massacre a group of rebels and learns, after Loveland is shot while confessing the forgery to Geoffrey and Chris, that her father is the president of Atlas Arms, which provided munitions to both the militia and the rebels in Marlanda, and to the rebels in India. Although Geoffrey believes Lynn to be untrustworthy, she arranges a meeting between the four brothers and her father in Alexandria, Egypt, where he professes that he knew nothing about the murders, but suspects Furnoy, who is in charge of Atlas' operations. Geoffrey and Lynn are reconciled, and the brothers swim to Furnoy's yacht, which is about to leave. After a struggle in which Rodney is shot in the arm, they make Furnoy sign a confession. Finally, they meet with the king, who restores the colonel's good name and gives them his medal.
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