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hudební / romantický, USA, , 65 min.

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Among the freshmen beginning their education at Carlton College are Marian Stuart, the daughter of a judge; Bob Potter, the son of a Carlton alumnus whose family has lost its money; Jay Hill, the son of a theatrical producer; Dotty Wright, a former chorus girl; and Dave "Tex" Hodges, a native of Texas. After Tex's efforts help the freshmen win a tug of war between the sophomore and freshman classes, he is elected class president. Bob is invited to join the most important fraternity on campus, but when Tex and Jay are not invited because they do not come from socially prominent families, he turns down their invitation. At Carlton, if students flunk exams, they are allowed to take another for ten dollars. Professor Lucius Peabody has been giving the same test to his students for years. Because the answers are passed on from one class to another, almost no one flunks his exams. Knowing this, Bob invents flunk insurance, allowing a student to pay a small amount against the ten dollar fee. On "green day," the freshmen take over upper class jobs for a day. Jay is assigned to edit the school paper and writes an essay in which he calls Peabody old-fashioned. In response, Peabody changes his exam questions for the first time, and so many students fail that Bob is $800 in debt. Meanwhile, Tex flunks out of school and sells his car. He gives the money to Bob to help pay off the insurance. Marian suggests that they use the money to put on a show in order to earn more. In order to get the other students to attend, they guarantee the show. At first, wanting a bargain, no one applauds. When one student gives the ringleader a hot foot, however, he yells out, and the other students mistake his response for applause and join in. The show is a big success, enabling Bob to pay off his debts. The fraternity then invites both Bob and Jay to join, and they happily accept.
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