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drama, USA, , 72 min.

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Mace Townsley works the card table at Honest John Slocum's carnival show. When it looks as though a customer might win, his sidekick, "Spats" Edwards, causes a diversion while Mace exits. One day Spats steals Lillie Taylor's purse to cause a diversion. The purse contains her last sixty-two dollars and a train ticket to Chicago. Now destitute, Lillie complains to the manager of the carnival, who, as she had been working as a chorine, arranges for her to work as a dancer in Bluch Brown's "dame" show. Mace meets Lillie and flirts with her, cornering her in the animal car of the train. They are accidentally locked in, but when Mace finds out that Lillie is an innocent, he desists from bothering her. When the carnival is raided by police, Lillie is arrested for lewd performing with the rest of the female dancers. Mace tells Spats to steal her bail money from Brown. Mace bails her out, but she is ordered to leave town on the next train or be put in jail. Brown, having beaten Spats for the robbery, throws Lillie off the train, and Mace escapes from Brown before he has a chance to beat him. On the advice of one of her fellow dancers, Lillie checks into the Owl Hotel, and is unaware that Mace has checked into the room next to hers. During their next meeting, Mace finds out that the money Spats stole was hers. Lillie is disappointed to discover that Mace is not in love with her, because she has fallen in love with him, but he tells her that every "dame" he is with knows to expect a lie. Mace decides to return all of Lillie's money and figures out a furniture polish racket. Lillie, however, insists he earn the money honestly, so they get entry into private apartment buildings and sell the polish door-to-door. One day, Lillie gets a note from her aunt in Chicago advising her not to come to live with her, while Mace receives an invitation to join another carnival and to bring his own "cane girl." Lillie pretends her letter is from a boyfriend. When they are caught selling in one apartment building, Mace hits the apartment manager and Lillie hides him until the police arrive, after which he helps her escape and gives himself up. At night court, Lillie pleads in Mace's defense, and vowing their love for one another, they beg the judge to marry them. Impressed with the couple's ardor, the judge suspends the sentence, marries them, and helps them take the next train to Springfield to join Cook's carnival.
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