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drama, USA, , 100 min.

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The generation gap is more than just long hair, loud music, or a misunderstanding of ideals between father and son. It is a void from which a new force must emerge, a new hero!
Carl Dixon, a college student, drops out and enlists in the United States Army, even though he has been arrested in the past for failing to register for the draft and again for protesting against the war. In an attempt to understand himself, Carl goes home to his family's ranch in Arizona, but his efforts to inform his parents of his decision are thwarted by the preoccupation of his mother, Santha, with his older brother Frank's upcoming birthday party. Frank is crippled as a result of a childhood accident for which Albert, their father, blames Carl. In addition, Albert has never been able to understand the younger son's pacifist leanings and is disconcerted by Carl's shoulder-length hair. Frank's injury has prevented him from carrying on the Dixon family tradition of wartime heroism, but he is reconciled with Carl when the latter presents him with the mummified corpse of an Indian baby--in effect, telling Frank that the inability to fight is no great matter of concern. The symbolism of the gift is lost on Albert, however, who is already perplexed at Carl's disclosure that he has enlisted so that he may love his enemy firsthand. Meanwhile, Carl discovers that his mother has been having an affair with Mr. Conklin, owner of the local old folks' home. After a long talk with Conklin, Carl makes one final gesture before going off to Vietnam: he paints a psychedelic, peace mural on the family barn. [A prerelease version of the film ends with the family reconciled and painting the barn together.]
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