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komedie, USA, , 48 min.

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At Camp Carver, Top Sergeant Dorian Dodo Doubleday writes Colonel J. A. Barkley's speeches for him. Barkley's current frustration is that sergeants Ames and Charlie Cobb keep winning the pistol matches and he thinks they are "puffed-up windbags." Ames and Cobb, meanwhile, resent Doubleday because he rose in the ranks only as a result of his photographic memory. When Doubleday attends a firearms class taught by Ames, his knowledge of weapons surpasses Ames's and he takes over the class. However, Doubleday is terrified of actually discharging a gun, and is sent into the forest for target practice because he shoots so wildly. Unknown to Doubleday, Barkley and his daughter Betty are picnicking near the trees, and two of his wild shots happen to kill a fishhawk ruining Barkley's fishing, as well as a rogue fish on Barkley's line. Believing he has found the best shot in the regiment, Barkley insists on entering Doubleday in the national championship, but when he challenges Ames to an immediate match, Doubleday loses. Although Barkley is disappointed in Doubleday, Betty is impressed and sends him a dinner invitation addressed to "The Best Shot in the Army." Both Cobb and Ames think that the invitation is for them, and when all three men show up for dinner, they compete for Betty's attention. Ames and Cobb throw Doubleday out the window twice, and then almost throw Barkley out the window when they mistake him for Doubleday. However, Doubleday fights back by rigging their pistols on a board at the edge of a well with his dog on the other end of the board. When Doubleday threatens to whistle for the dog and cause their pistols to fall into the well, Ames and Cobb are stymied. An emboldened Doubleday then humiliates them by making them recite rhymes and play children's games. However, in his glee, Doubleday forgets himself and whistles, thereby losing the pistols, and narrowly avoids a beating from Ames and Cobb. That night, in his continuing effort to breed democracy in the ranks, Barkley decides to sleep in the barracks with his men, and Doubleday offers his bed to the colonel. After the lights are doused, Ames and Cobb throw Barkley through the window, mistaking him for Doubleday. Barkley immediately demotes the troublemaking sergeants.
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