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komedie, USA, , 92 min.

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The Clown Princess of Screen and Radio!
The newlywed musical act of Van Moore and Terry Allen is met backstage by their old friend, Madge Donovan, who has recently quit vaudeville and gone to work at the local defense plant. Van and Terry's performance before theatrical booker Martin Elwood is inadvertently ruined, however, by Madge and her electrician boyfriend Sparks. Later, Elwood tells Van that, while he and Terry are very good, they are not in the same league as Van's parents, who were a top vaudevillian act. Terry wants to quit show business, but Van insists on continuing, so the couple separates and she takes a job at the defense plant with Madge. Terry becomes the new secretary for tyrannical personal manager Charles B. Kirk, and on her first day on the job, she comes up with the idea of putting on a moral-boosting show for the factory workers. In order to sell the idea to her new boss, Terry agrees to go out with Kirk. Meanwhile, Van attempts to return to Terry, as he mistakenly thinks that she is pregnant. When Kirk brings Terry home that night, Madge pretends that Van is her husband so that Kirk will hire him to produce and direct Terry's proposed revue. The next day, Van agrees to continue the deception, but is still apprehensive about Kirk's attentions to Terry. On the opening night of the show, Van becomes upset when Terry, who has been forced by Kirk to work late, is late for their dinner date and the couple breaks up once more. Backstage, Madge and Sparks overhear Kirk taking all the credit for the show to his boss, Johnson, the president of the Marsden Aircraft Company. Madge tells Johnson the truth, however, and Van returns in time to join Terry onstage to perform their old vaudeville act, but with Madge as an added comical attraction. The show is a great success, and with the couple reconciled, Johnson announces that he is making Van and Terry the co-directors of entertainment for all of the Marsden plants.
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