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akční / dobrodružný / romantický / western, USA, , 60 min.

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A bank robber is shot and killed, but when the authorities identify the thief as the "Falcon," they discover that the bag he was carrying contains only rocks. Later, ranger Tim Barlowe and his guitar-playing buddy, Don Miguel y Guillermo Pablo Pancho Castrano de Villero, enter the town bar where they hear of the robbery and learn that the stolen money belongs to Matt Sherman, who had just taken out a loan. In the bank, after Tim stops Kit Masters from hitting meek bank teller Summers, sheriff Norton orders Tim to surrender his gun or leave town. Former convict Red Deever, who was once arrested by Tim and is now a deputy, starts a fight with Tim. That evening, Tim and Miguel reach the Sherman ranch, where Irene, whom Tim loves, invites them to dinner. Tim and Miguel learn that Matt, who was injured in the robbery and is being cared for by Dr. James Duncan, had borrowed $10,000 from elderly bank president Frank Caldwell to pay off an earlier loan of the same amount. After Tim is shot at, he loses the sniper in the mountains, but finds a sheriff's badge and a chew of tobacco underneath the window. The next day, a half-breed tells Tim that the robber was not the Falcon, but his nephew Louis, who was hired for the job. After Summers is shot when about to confess to Tim, Tim confronts Caldwell, and he admits that he was blackmailed by Kit, who wanted the Sherman ranch as well as Irene. Tim arrests Kit and shoots Deever when he attempts to ambush Tim. Later, in front of Tim and Irene, Miguel mentions how his romance led to five children.
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