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western, USA, , 59 min.

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Deadwood's alive... With blazing bullets and roaring rhythm!
While nearing the town of Deadwood, cowpoke Steve Prescott witnesses a holdup of a freight wagon belonging to the Quinlan Hauling Company of Mesquite. After the robbers depart, Lefty, the driver of the wagon, stampedes the horses and starts on foot toward Deadwood. Suspicious of Lefty's behavior, Steve follows him. Upon reaching town, Lefty enters the Red Dog Saloon, which is run by Red Larson but is secretly owned by Cash Quinlan, the proprietor of the Quinlan Hauling Company. In reality, Quinlan engineered the wagon raid himself to make it appear that he is just another victim of the mauraders who have been plaguing the hauling companies in the territory. Quinlan, the brains behind the raids, is trying to drive his competitors out of business before the new railroad reaches Mesquite and the race to determine the winner of the railroad hauling contract is held. Quinlan's plan has been so successful that only one rival has survived, the Banning Freight Line, owned by Linda Banning and her mother. When Lucky Chandler arrives in town to establish a new freight line and enter the railroad competition, Larson, planning to cheat him out of his bankroll, talks Lucky into joining a poker game at the saloon. After Lucky realizes that the dealer is cheating, a fight ensues and Steve, who is working undercover for the railroad, comes to Lucky's aid. Fleeing in a hail of gunfire, the two head toward Mesquite. Meanwhile, in Mesquite, Linda dispatches a freight wagon to Deadwood. An hour later, Quinlan sends his henchmen, Clipper and Vince, to kill Linda's driver. When Steve and Lucky find the dead driver alongside the road, they take the Banning wagon back to Mesquite and offer their services to Linda. After Linda hires them, Steve and Lucky go to bunk in the Banning barn, along with Harmony Hobbs and his mule, Milton. Quinlan, determined to put Linda out of business, orders his men to set fire to the barn that evening. Milton is alerted by the smoke and awakens the men, and in the ensuing gun battle with Quinlan's thugs, Steve recognizes one of his attackers. To trap Quinlan, Steve picks a fight with Lucky and deliberately loses. On the pretense of seeking revenge, Steve offers to drive Quinlan's wagon in the race for the railroad contract. Suspecting a ruse, Quinlan accepts Steve's offer, but then sabotages the wagon that Steve is to drive. After arranging for Vince to drive the winning wagon, Quinlan orders his men to place a charge of dynamite in the back of Lucky's wagon. During the race, Steve's team comes unharnessed, thanks to Quinlan's sabotage, sending the wagon careening alongside the road. Before crashing, Steve leaps into Lucky's wagon, and the two begin to fight. As they struggle in the rear of the wagon, they discover the dynamite charge, and Lucky tosses it into the path of Vince's wagon. Quinlan, following on horseback, opens fire on Steve and Lucky and is killed in the ensuing gunfight. With the demise of Quinlan and Vince, Lucky and Steve cross the finish line first and Linda is awarded the railroad freight contract.
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