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dobrodružný / drama / romantický, USA, , 62 min.

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Young animal lover Davey Roberts exasperates his mother with his dreams of establishing a menagerie. On the day that Davey's pet duck jumps into Mrs. Roberts' washing machine, Harry, Davey's brother, who has just been discharged from the Army, arrives home. Harry is welcomed by Davey, his mother, his fiancée, Laura Howard, and her parents. To their dismay, Harry announces that he is forsaking his job at the soap factory to become a photographer. Laura then becomes angry and disappointed when Harry asks to postpone their marriage until he can establish his new career. Later, Mr. Howard, the owner of the local movie theater, is in need of a promotion for his new cowboy film, so Davey suggests renting a burro for a week and offers to take care of the animal. Soon after, Harry reconciles with Laura and returns to the soap plant, but refuses the job offered to him in the inventory department. Aided by Davey and Laura, Harry embarks upon his photography career. One week later, on a dark night, the burro's owner comes to collect the animal. After he leaves, Davey discovers that the burro has given birth to a baby, which is buried in the hay. Naming the newborn Tuffy, Davey convinces his mother to let him keep the animal. Soon after, Davey's mischevious friend, Albert Partridge, feeds Tuffy some peppers from Mrs. Roberts' garden, sending the animal into braying paroxyms. Mrs. Roberts then insists that Davey give Tuffy to Albert, but Albert's mother develops an allergy to the animal. When she forces Albert to return Tuffy, Albert stashes him in Harry's darkroom. Discouraged by his lack of success, Harry argues with Laura, then discovers that Tuffy has destroyed his darkroom and takes out his anger on Davey. Anxious to make amends, Davey enters a photo that Harry took of Tuffy in a contest. To raise money for airmailing the package, Davey decides to sell his bike. Before Davey can make his deal, however, Tuffy drags the bike into oncoming traffic, where it is smashed by a truck. When the truck driver, Melendez, offers to buy Tuffy, Davey reluctantly agrees. Moments later, Davey realizes that the trucker was a butcher and that Tuffy will be sold for horsemeat. Davey then treks miles to the butcher's house to retrieve Tuffy. Thinking that he is now a horse thief, Davey is afraid to return home and wanders the countryside. Four days later, the police find Davey and return him and Tuffy to the frantic Roberts' household. Just then, a phone call brings news that Harry's picture of Tuffy has won the contest and a contract for Harry. With financial success assured, Laura and Harry reconcile, while Davey becomes his brother's business partner, and Tuffy becomes a celebrity.
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