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komedie, USA, , 65 min.

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Joe Bolton, returning from ten years in China, is so allergic to horses, that when a car full of them pulls alongside his train, he can't stop sneezing. On a visit at his Aunt Minnie's house, Joe meets her next-door neighbors, the Hiltons, who are avid polo players. Joe is attracted to Mary Hilton, but Minnie warns him that she will only be interested in a polo player. Joe discloses his problem to Haywood, his valet, who suggests that Joe learn to talk a good game. After making sure that the polo team is already complete, Haywood drops hints about Joe's expertise as a player, but Don Trumbeau, Mary's current boyfriend, suspects that he and Joe are lying. When Mary's brother, Jack, is injured during practice, everyone except Don begs Joe to play. Joe insists that Don should be the replacement, but to no avail. For revenge, Don arranges for Joe to ride an untamed horse. When the horse escapes, Joe, Don and Mary chase it by car. Then Joe accidentally lands on the horse and manages to ride it back to the stable. Mary is impressed by his horsemanship but Joe is still anxious to get out of the polo match, so Haywood suggests that he hire some men to kidnap him until after the match. Don overhears their plotting and exposes Joe to the Hiltons. Haywood then races ahead of them to the hideout to help Joe make the kidnapping look real. When the Hiltons and Don arrive, Joe pretends to have escaped his kidnappers. Now, however, he cannot avoid participating in the polo game. Haywood gives Joe something to help his allergies and rigs up a cushion to help him stay on the horse. Joe makes point after point until his cushion bursts and he is thrown, after which Mary declares her intention to marry the hero of the game.
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