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western / komedie, USA, , 48 min.

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While traveling through the West in their old jalopy in search of summer jobs, cowboys Jim and Pidge find themselves stranded near the small town of Big Horn. While standing on a bridge and contemplating his next move, Pidge is nearly struck by a speeding car driven by Farnsworth, the chauffeur of wealthy dipsomaniac Henry Lewis-Clark. Farnsworth stops the car to take in Jim and Pidge as passengers, and, after dressing them in new clothes, continues on to Cache Lake. Henry is on his way to visit a ranch that he has just inherited, and is unaware that the ranch foreman, Albertson, is secretly planning to stall his arrival long enough to allow the ranch employees to steal thousands of cattle and sell them for their own profit. When Henry's car arrives in Cache Lake, Pidge is mistaken for the wealthy ranch owner and is immediately treated like royalty. Despite Jim's protests, Pidge refuses to reveal his true identity and gladly to accepts the generous gifts offered by the townspeople. Pidge's excitement is heightened when he sets his eyes upon a group of beautiful female college students. Among the students are Lucy and Yola, who watch Pidge's celebrated arrival with great interest. Meanwhile, Henry, who has been enjoying watching Pidge pose as him, urges him to continue the ruse. The day after their arrival at Cache Lake, Henry takes Pidge and Jim to his new ranch, where the two cowboys soon realize that Henry is being duped. Back in town, Farnsworth tells one of the residents that Pidge is really an impostor, which results in a great public outcry. The angry residents of Cache Lake then chase Jim and Pidge back to the ranch. Albertson, fearing that his plans to steal the cattle will be foiled by Henry's early arrival, tries to scare off the new owner by staging a ghost show. The scare nearly works until Jim and Pidge, using a scare tactic of their own, reveal Albertson as the man behind the haunting. Albertson is then charged with attempting to steal Henry's cattle and is taken into custody.
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