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65% 13 hlasů
6.5 10 13
drama, USA, , 84 min.

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At Brentwood Hospital, an insane asylum, doctors Jane Everest and Alex McGregor make great strides in the treatment of mental illness through acts of kindness. Alex, however, is passed over for the job of superintendent of the hospital in favor of French Dr. Charles Monet, who is a misogynist. Monet immediately breaks Jane and Alex's team and demotes Jane to "less exacting work." Monet's sister Claire, who has a mysterious past and lives off her brother, begins a flirtation with Alex. Jane is forced to disagree with Monet's policy when Jerry, a physically dangerous patient, has an attack after a screen is put up around another patient's bed, which Jane had strictly forbidden. As he forcefully tries to restrain Jerry, Monet fractures his wrist, while Jane calmly pacifies Jerry and is unharmed. Following the incident, Jane accuses Monet of having a cold temperment, and he realizes his mistake and forces a resignation from the strict hospital matron who disobeyed Jane's orders. Before she leaves, however, the matron identifies Claire as Claire Campbell, who was tried unsuccessfully for murdering her husband. Monet, the husband's best friend, had been the trial's chief witness. The matron then appeals to Alex, telling him she is being forced out because she knows too much about Claire's past. Jane agrees to let her stay, on condition she follow orders. Alex's wife Sally, meanwhile, is disturbed by Alex's attentions to Claire and tells Jane that she is pregnant and that Alex is no longer himself. Jane believes Alex is seeing Claire as revenge against Monet. When Jane explains the situation to Dr. Arnold, he tells her that she is in love with Monet, but Jane, who as a reminder of her past lover, Michael, keeps a stuffed bunny that he once gave to her, denies it. Sally, meanwhile, has a young patient named Carrie Flint to tea, because both were abused as children, but she is unable to help Carrie. That night, Sally waits at home for Alex during a rainstorm, while he has his last rendezvous with Claire. Sally imagines she hears Carrie calling her and falls down the stairs. Jane, meanwhile, visits Monet to discuss her feelings for him, but speaks only of Claire ruining Sally and Alex's marriage, while Monet blames Jane. During their fight, both are called to the McGregors and find Sally deliriously chanting that she is Carrie Flint. They accompany her to the hospital, where she is admitted to surgery. Alex finally arrives and is at Sally's bedside when she awakens. The next morning, Monet orders Claire to become self-sufficient. When Alex learns that Jane is resigning, he intervenes in order to unite her with Monet. Monet finally tells Jane she has been living in a "ghost world" with a "ghost lover" and confesses his love. Jane drops her stuffed bunny and embraces Monet.
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