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akční / western / krimi, USA, , 57 min.

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Four Racketeers of the frozen north meet their match in Lucky Kerrigan!
When he is dispatched to the town of Red River to investigate a band of fur thieves, North West Mounted policeman Lucky Kerrigan is warned by Captain Blair, his commanding officer, to respect the rights of the criminals and stop being so headstrong. Meanwhile, at the Red River trading post, Cannonball, a trapper, is offered a pittance for his bundle of pelts by Victor Renard, the owner of the trading post and mayor of the town. After refusing Renard's offer, Cannonball climbs into his canoe and begins paddling upstream. He is followed by two thieves who, after firing their guns at him, capsize the canoe and steal his pelts. Drawn by the sound of gunfire, Lucky pulls Cannonball out of the river and offers him a ride to town. At the trading post, Cannonball recognizes Remi as one of his attackers, but the thief overpowers him and gallops out of town. When Lucky questions Renard about the theft, the trading post owner becomes belligerent. A fight ensues and Renard accuses the Mountie of attacking him without provocation and threatens to report him to headquarters. After Lucky leaves the post, Jacques, one of the thieves, delivers Cannonball's furs to Renard. Renard then instructs Jacques to find Remi and eliminate a group of independent fur buyers who have been offering the trappers money for their pelts. That night, Jacques and Remi attack the fur buyers' camp and kill all but one, who escapes. The wounded man is found by Mountie Bob Wheeler and taken to headquarters. When Captain Blair learns of Lucky's discord with Renard, he puts Bob in charge of the investigation. Meanwhile, in Red River, Lucky trails Remi and takes him prisoner. Soon after, Bob and his Mounties arrive in town, accompanied by Gabrielle Renard, Renard's convent-bred niece. Gabrielle is the legal heir to the trading post, and consequently Renard fears that she may interfere with his plans. While the Mounties entertain the townfolk at a party that night, Renard breaks Remi out of jail. When Lucky discovers the jailbreak, he accuses Renard of being the leader of the fur thieves and demands to search his storeroom. Bob refuses to admit to Lucky's accusations, however, and objects to his search because he has no warrant. Knowing that Cannonball can identify his stolen furs, Lucky arranges to meet him later that night and break into the storeroom. That evening, Cannonball creates a racket while climbing through a rear window of the trading post. Drawn by the noise, Chuck, one of the Mounties, enters the post and tries to restrain Lucky from breaking down the storeroom door. As the two men struggle, Renard, who is hidden in the shadows, shoots and kills Chuck. Deemed responsible for Chuck's death, Lucky is dishonorably discharged from the service. Meanwhile, Renard plans to ambush the Mounties by luring them to a mountain cabin where they believe a kidnapped Gabrielle has been taken. After forcing Gabrielle to ride with him to the cabin, Renard sends Jacques to summon the Mounties. Soon after, Lucky, now a civilian, returns to town, and he and Cannonball follow Renard's tracks to the cabin. When they overhear Renard discussing the ambush with Remi, Lucky sends Cannonball to warn Bob, and after overpowering Remi, Lucky enters the cabin to confront Renard. As Renard and Lucky struggle inside, Jacques and his men and Bob and the Mounties arrive and begin to fire at each other. After the outlaws surrender, Lucky is exonerated and appointed the constable of Red River.
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