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western, USA, , 60 min.

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After he inadvertently allows two gold-rich American crooks to cross the Mexican border into Arizona, border patrolman Chito Rafferty is informed by his partner Kansas that they are both to report to a Captain Trevino in Laredo. There Kansas and Chito happily reunite with their old friend Trevino, who has been sent by the Mexican government to investigate a possible smuggling operation. From Trevino, Chito and Kansas learn that one of the men whom Chito stopped earlier is notorious smuggler Bragg Orcutt. Orcutt, meanwhile, meets with Laredo's crooked saloon owner, Fowler, who offers to sell Orcutt a shipment of machine guns, which he is smuggling in the luggage of some chorus girls he is bringing in from the East. Although Fowler at first demands $5,000 apiece for the newly invented firearms, he lowers his price after he is questioned by Trevino. Trevino has been alerted to Fowler's suspicious behavior by saloon singer Sherry Bliss, who is engaged to the captain. The next day, the train bringing the chorus girls pulls into town, and Trevino, Kansas and Chito are there to meet it. Before the lawmen can inspect the women's luggage, however, Orcutt shoots Trevino and tricks Kansas and Chito into pursuing him, while Fowler unloads the machine guns and hides them in the saloon. Later, when Chito and Kansas try to search the saloon, Fowler demands to see a search warrant and turns them away. Fowler then rides to Orcutt's hideout and tells him that he cannot make delivery on the guns until Chito and Kansas have been killed. For a price, Orcutt's sharpshooting henchman Chet Yance offers to murder Chito and Kansas that night while they are watching Sherry's new saloon act. Just as Yance is about to shoot Chito, however, Sherry spots his gun and warns the patrolman. During the ensuing gunfight, Yance manages to escape and races back to Orcutt's hideout. The next morning, Fowler informs Sherry and the chorus girls that they are moving the show to Monterey, Mexico. Before leaving Laredo, Sherry says goodbye to the recuperating Trevino and tells Chito and Kansas that Fowler may be hiding the guns in their luggage wagons. Determined to find the contraband, Kansas accompanies Fowler's wagon to the border, but is captured by Orcutt and Yance and taken to their hideout. Kansas' horse Lightning escapes, however, and eventually leads Chito and Trevino to the hideout. While Trevino tries to keep an agitated Lightning quiet, Chito sneaks up to the hideout and takes Yance by surprise. Yance gets away, but Chito and Kansas are able to return to Laredo in time to stop the wagons carrying the guns and apprehend Orcutt and his men. Later, Trevino and Sherry marry, and confirmed bachelor Chito is scared out of town by Peppie, a marriage-hungry chorus girl.
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