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western, USA, , 57 min.

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Lawlessness reigns when the territory known as the Panhandle remains unannexed to the Union, thus making it a haven for outlaws. Stony Brooke, Rusty Joslin and Rico, the Three Mesquiteers, are incensed when they find young Danny Burke, wounded and left to die by King Barton, the leader of the outlaws. They nurse Danny back to health, only to see him murdered in a Barton raid. Vowing revenge, the Mesquiteers discover that they are forbidden by law to enter the Panhandle because it is not part of Texas. As a result, they try to resign from the Rangers, but when their resignation is rejected, their only alternative is to lure Barton across the Texas border. To accomplish this, Stony poses as the outlaw known as the Laredo Kid, whom he resembles. After winning the gang's confidence by breaking Barton's kid brother Jim out of jail, Stony and Rico are welcomed into the group. Stony's plot is progressing when the real Kid shows up and exposes him. Things look bleak until Barton fatally wounds the Kid in a double cross, and in revenge, the Kid shoots Jim and helps Stony escape. Stony, Rico and Rusty then ride to prevent Barton from robbing the stage that is carrying a shipment of gold to fund a militia on the Panhandle. As a result of the Mesquiteers' bravery, the militia is established and law and order is restored to the Panhandle, which is then annexed to Oklahoma.
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