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komedie, USA, , 65 min.

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SCREWBALL??? You Ain't Seen Nothin' Yet...Till You've Seen JOAN DAVIS in 'SHE GETS HER MAN"
After a serial murderer, who kills his victims with poison from a blowgun, publicly dares Clayton's city leaders to appear at the Club Neptune, the mayor and his staff accept the challenge, and despite added police security, the park commissioner is slain. With Brodie, the chief of police, under fire, the city council openly reminisces aloud about his deceased female predecessor, Ma Pilkington. Newspaper publisher Henry Wright then decides to send Breezy Barton, his top reporter, to Horsetroft, Nevada, in order to bring back Ma's only daughter, June "Pilky" Pilkington. Despite the fact that Pilky is a complete klutz with no police training, she receives a hero's welcome in Clayton, having been built up by Wright's paper as the savior of the city. Brodie is not so enthusiastic about Pilky's arrival, however, and assigns bumbling police officer Mulligan to be her assistant. When the blowgun murderer promises to kill her at the Club Havana that night, a cowardly Pilky tries to sneak out of town, but is stopped by Breezy and Mulligan. The fiend misses Pilky, however, and kills another city council member instead. After falsely accusing a magazine photographer of the murder, a discredited Pilky suspects the mayor of using his cane, only to later find him dead at his desk. Learning that the murders began on the opening night of the theatrical production
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