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hudební, USA, , 62 min.

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After his "farewell" performance, radio singing star Ray King learns that he has been rejected by the Army because of an old football injury. Against the wishes of Vera Grant, his fiancé, Ray insists on serving his country by secretly going to work at a war plant in Rockville under his real name, Steve Roberts. Due to a housing shortage, many of the new plant workers are unable to find accommodations until Ray suggests to J. P. Crane, owner of the plant, that the townspeople rent their extra rooms to his employees. Ray and his coworker, Bucky, end up living in Crane's home, where Ray immediately runs afoul of Crane's daughter Muriel. Ray and Crane, however, become fast friends, and the new worker soon is made one of Crane's top advisors. When Muriel is challenged to raise five million dollars in war bonds by her sorority and simply asks her father for the money, Ray suggests to Crane that they organize a benefit dance at the factory. During the benefit, Ray boosts the sluggish bond sales by singing for the crowd and having the gentlemen buy bonds in exchange for dances and kisses from the ladies of their choice. The dance then becomes a great success, and Muriel falls in love with Ray, much to the annoyance of her soon-to-be ex-boyfriend, Jeff Abbott. Jeff, in turn, calls Vera and Andrews, Ray's manager, and tells them where Ray is. Meanwhile, Crane organizes a benefit show, but advance ticket sales are slow due to a lack of a big-name attraction. Vera and Andrews then arrive in Rockville, and Ray tells his manager to arrange for "Ray King" to appear at the benefit. With its new star attraction, the show is moved to the large opera house and sells out, but Muriel refuses to speak to "Steve" after he tells her that he will not be at the show. She and her father are shocked, however, when Ray takes the stage as "King," and Jeff, unaware of Ray's stage name, interrupts the performance and announces Ray as an impostor. Jeff then takes Muriel out a side exit into a waiting taxi, unaware that the cab driver is Ray. The singer drives back to the opera house, where Andrews has explained all to the audience, and Ray finishes his performance. With both Jeff and Vera out of the picture, Ray and Muriel are reunited.
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