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dobrodružný, USA, , 65 min.

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In his Miami mansion, racketeer Lucky Leeds receives a phone tip-off that he is going to be indicted for a murder he did not commit. He tells his wife Patti that they are going to take a trip in their plane, as he intends to hide out on a Caribbean island, which he bought during Prohibition, until the real murderer is found. When the plane runs out of gas, Lucky and Patti are forced to crash land on the island. The plane is destroyed, leaving them with no means of escape. They eventually reach a house that Lucky built, but find it burned down. They also discover evidence that the house was occupied by Germans during the war. Patti is angry with Lucky for bringing her to such a miserable place and does not reveal to him that she has found a cache of food, left by the Germans. Lucky tries to shoot and trap small animals but fails. He does manage to catch a few fish, but not enough for both of them and is still unaware that Patti has a plentiful supply of food. Lucky becomes weak and faints while walking in the jungle. Eventually, he is found by Dr. Christine Jenner and a young English journalist, Roger Blythe, who are part of a group that became shipwrecked on the island when their steamboat, en route to Argentina, hit a mine. The group also includes Christine's father Professor Jenner, Mrs. Lathrop, a four-time widow, and Horst, a German who is following the professor in the hope of discovering a uranium deposit Jenner knows of in South America. The group is led by bullying seaman Hansen, who orders them to move their camp into the ruins of the house. When Professor Jenner, who is a Nazi concentration camp survivor, dies suddenly, Christine, at her father's request, confides in Roger and Lucky the location of the uranium in the hope that one of them will be able to inform the U.S. government. Horst shoots at them but is overpowered by Lucky. Later, Horst offers Hansen $10,000 to get him off the island. Lucky tells Hansen that he thinks that he can repair a radio, which is located in a tower, but is really after a tommy gun he had hidden there during an earlier visit. However, Hansen finds the radio beyond repair and, suspicious of Lucky, attacks him. Lucky beats him and becomes the group's leader, but Patti tells them that her husband is a criminal and is wanted for murder. When Horst tells Lucky that he expects to be rescued by friends in a plane and offers him a small fortune for the location of the uranium, Lucky pretends to agree to ensure that Horst's accomplices will arrive with a plane. Meanwhile, Hansen finds the tommy gun and gives it to Patti, whom, he thinks, Lucky is mistreating. When the plane arrives and Germans emerge, Lucky takes them all prisoner. However, another German, hiding on the plane, shoots and wounds Lucky. Patti opens fire with her gun and kills all the Germans. Relieved that Lucky is not seriously wounded, she tells him that they are going to return to the States to deliver the uranium information to the government and see if they can resolve the murder charge and resume their former, carefree lives.
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