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drama / rodinný, USA, , 78 min.

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In the early 1880's, the Canadian Pacific Railway is forging its way westward, meeting resistance from the Indians who resent the encroachment of the white man. One of the victims of that conflict is Susannah Sheldon, the sole survivor of an Indian massacre on a wagon train. Susannah is found by a mounted patrol in the command of Inspector Angus "Monty" Montague, who takes her back to the post where he and his friend, Pat O'Hannegan adopt her. Romance blossoms at the post when Superintendent Standing's daughter Vicky comes to visit from Toronto, enchanting Monty and sparking rivalry in Susannah and Harlan Chambers, the head of the railroad camp. The violence escalates when a band of renegade Indians steals horses from Chambers' camp and Chief Big Eagle, a friendly Indian, pledges to deliver the renegades. As a gesture of good faith, the Chief leaves his son Little Chief at the post, and Little Chief begins to teach Susannah the way of the Indians. While the children are out riding one day, they witness Wolf Pelt try to sell Chambers his stolen horses, thus inciting Chambers into threatening the Indians with extinction. Wolf Pelt, a renegade, uses Chambers' threat to demand that his tribe go to war, and that night, he raids the post to retrieve Little Chief and kidnap Monty. When Big Eagle demands that the railroad leave or Monty will die, Susannah rides off in search of Monty and is taken prisoner by the Indians. That night, as the tribe prepares to burn Monty at the stake, Susannah escapes from the tepee and accuses Wolf Pelt of inciting Chambers with his thievery. When Wolf Pelt denies the charges, Big Chief calls for the test of the stick of truth, and when the stick drops towards Wolf Pelt, proving that he is a liar, Big Chief frees Monty and smokes the pipe of peace with Susannah and the white man.
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