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komedie / hudební, USA, , 95 min.

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Boy scout Ken Warren suggests that the troup put on a show to raise money to help poor scouts attend camp. Fifteen-year-old Alice Fullerton, whose father Bill is a newspaper publisher, offers her family's guest house as rehearsal space. At the same time, Bill offers the house to reporter Vince Bullit so that he can finish an article on the events in Europe in peace and quiet. When Alice and her friends hear this, they decide to drive Vince away. They pretend that the house is haunted, but after Vince discovers the string that they are using to pull a piece of furniture across the room, he confronts them. They tell him their problem and he admits that he would like to leave, but cannot convince Bill that he should go back to town. When Alice hears that Vince is ill, she decides it is her duty to take care of him, especially because she has since developed a crush on him. Ken, who is in love with Alice, is hurt by her infatuation, and out of pique, replaces her with Mary Lee, another singer. The Fullertons plan a party in honor of Vince's birthday. Alice sells her costume and some other things in order to buy Vince an expensive cigarette lighter. The night of the party, Alice borrows one of her mother's dresses in order to look older, and when her mother sends her back to change, she refuses to come downstairs again. Ken tells Vince that Alice is in love with him and Vince tells Alice's parents. Mrs. Fullerton, remembering her own schoolgirl infatuation, gently tries to discourage her daughter, but Alice is resolved to marry Vince. When reporter Grace Bristow joins the party, Mrs. Fullerton is inspired to present her as Vince's wife. Alice is immediately cured of her crush, and when Mary Lee develops an illness, she is glad to step into her old role in the show.
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