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drama / hudební / komedie / romantický, USA, , 125 min.

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After operatic soprano Kathryn Jones concludes a concert in New York with conducter José Iturbi, she announces to the audience that she is taking a leave of absence in order to be with her father, Col. Bill Jones, and entertain the troops he has been assigned to train. Ignoring the advice of her mother Hyllary, who divorced her father when she was a child because he was "married to the Army," Kathryn brings her parents together for a brief reunion at the train station. Just before the train is to depart, Kathryn is kissed impulsively by Pvt. Eddy Marsh, who assumes she is staying behind. When Eddy later encounters Kathryn on the train, she jokingly tells him that she followed him on board and wants to marry him. Eddy finds Kathryn in her compartment and, unaware that Col. Jones is with her, tells her off. When Eddy finally notices the bemused colonel, he retreats in angry embarrassment. Later, at the training camp, Eddy accuses Kathryn of looking down on him because of his rank, a charge she hotly denies. Eddy then tells his friends that he wants to transfer to the Army Air Corps in order to get away from Kathryn. After Eddy's friends suggest that the best way to get a transfer is to ingratiate himself with Kathryn, Eddy shows up at her house. To Kathryn's surprise, Eddy invites her out the next night, and she accepts, explaining to her concerned father that the contrary Eddy needs extra morale boosting. Kathryn then writes to her mother that she has fallen in love, hoping to scare her into flying to see her. For their date, Eddy takes Kathryn to the circus and proudly tells her that his foster family are the Flying Corbinos, a trapeze act, and that he used to be the star of the show. The Corbinos are thrilled to meet Kathryn, and she is equally impressed by them. After the show, Eddy tells Kathryn that he belongs "in the air" not in the infantry, and as he had hoped, she offers to talk with her father about a transfer. As he is driving Kathryn home, however, Eddy begins to feel guilty and reveals his true motive for the date. Insisting that he truly likes her, Eddy kisses Kathryn, and she later confesses to her father that she is in love with the private. Now wanting her mother to stay in New York, Kathryn sends her a wire, announcing that her earlier letter was a joke. Later, a fair but tough Col. Jones meets with Eddy, who pledges to improve as a soldier and learn discipline. As promised, Eddy trains hard, then tells Kathryn that he has torn up his transfer papers and wants to marry her. Kathryn accepts his proposal, but learns that her mother has arrived, intent on breaking up the romance. Although Kathryn insists that she is not returning to New York until a show she is mounting with José is over, she tells Eddy that her mother has refused to meet him. Enraged, Eddy storms away from his post, slugging his sergeant on the way. The next day, Kathryn visits Eddy, who was arrested for deserting his post, but he is resentful and refuses her help. Hurt, Kathryn returns his engagement ring and tearfully begins to pack for New York. Col. Jones asks the Corbinos to help Eddy by reminding him of the importance of teamwork and discipline, and when Eddy joins his family during a performance for Kathryn's camp show, each Corbino lectures him in turn. Inspired by their words, Eddy easily executes a dangerous stunt, which stuns the crowd as well as Kathryn. Later, a contrite Eddy admits his guilt before a military court and convinces them to allow him to ship out with his regiment. As Eddy is about to leave, Kathryn finds him and takes back his ring. At the same time, her mother, having at last come to terms with the Army, gives her ex-husband a heartfelt kiss goodbye.
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