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drama, USA,

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Tim Webb, a division superintendent of the Pacific Western railroad, moves with his daughter Helen from his old home near the station to a grand mansion in Garden City. One afternoon, former railroad engineer John Andrews is caught hitching a ride on a boxcar and is thrown off. As John wanders along, Helen is driving to her new home and accidentally drives into a wagon. The two men loading the wagon attempt to steal Helen's purse, but John comes to her aid and the pair escapes in her car. Meanwhile, in town, Webb is discussing business with master mechanic Jim Haggerty, who states that fireman McGregor is next in line for an engineer position. Just then, Helen and John arrive, and although Haggerty mistrusts the shabby-looking John, Webb hires him as an engineer out of gratitude for saving Helen. Haggerty, who is attracted to Helen, is also displeased by Helen's interest in John. Later, Haggerty discusses the matter with McGregor, who is irate at having been passed over. McGregor mentions that he and John had worked together at the S&W railroad, where John was fired for criminal negligence. Haggerty begins an investigation, and when Webb is told of the accusation, he tells John, over Helen's protests, that he is no longer welcome at their home. One day, John tells Haggerty that the air brakes on his engine are defective, but Haggerty refuses to listen. Helen, who is at the old house, sees McGregor, a widower, playing with his young daughter, and rushes after her when the child chases after her dog and gets stuck on the railroad tracks. John tries in vain to stop the train, but Helen succeeds is rescuing the little girl and her pet. Deeply moved, McGregor thanks Helen. Later, Webb and Haggerty discover that John has leased the old Webb house, and realize that Helen intends to marry him. After Haggerty advises Webb to take Helen away, Helen alerts John, and the couple elopes the following morning. The infuriated Webb fires John and disowns Helen, although their happiness together comforts them. Soon after, Haggerty receives a reply from S&W, confirming that John was fired, but not detailing the circumstances. Webb shows the letter to Helen and pressures her to leave John, which she reluctantly does. When John returns home, he finds Helen's farewell note, written on the back of the S&W letter, and is confronted by Haggerty, who has come to gloat. John trounces Haggerty in a fistfight, then prepares to leave. Before departing, John sorrowfully tells McGregor that he knew he was in trouble when he spotted McGregor talking to Haggerty. The remorseful McGregor then confesses to Webb and Helen that he was responsible for the accident for which John was fired. Overjoyed, Helen races after John and jumps aboard his train. Helen begs John to forgive her for doubting him, and the couple embraces.
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