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akční / krimi / drama / rodinný / historický / mysteriozní / thriller / válečný, USA,

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It is your duty to report crimes!
Prevailing National Security Whistleblower Julia Davis co-hosts this tribute to America's unsung heroes, those men and women who stepped out to report fraud, waste, government mismanagement and corruption. Showcasing the heroic deeds in and from every aspect of government and society, in a common quest to make the world a better place, free of corruption, discrimination and civil rights violations from around the globe!Incredible true stories of America's unsung heroes, without whom most cases of corruption, abuse and government waste would never be uncovered. Witness unbelievable tales of bravery, integrity and retaliation funded by taxpayer dollars that followed to silence the suspect deeds.Covering all forums from the billion dollar pharmaceutical trade, national security, banking, housing, American Medical Association, Food and Drug Administration, Securities Exchange Commission, every aspect of society, government, the business world, Offices of Inspector Generals, Office Special Counsel, Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, Merit Systems Protection Board, Court of Appeals, Federal Circuit, Federal criminal, civil litigation, Department of Justice, Senate Judiciary Committee, Government Oversight Committee and Supreme Court. Featuring and detailing the heroes and heroines who dared to care.However, statistics dispute that. Federal employees could benefit from the Whistleblower Protection Act - 5 U.S.C. 1221(e) and the No Fear Act, which made individual agencies directly responsible for the economic sanctions of unlawful retaliation. On camera interviews and Congressional hearings are part of this first of its kind, informative and educational entertainment, a must for all Americans and inconvenient patriots.
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