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western, USA, , 58 min.

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Wealthy rancher Dan Foster is throwing a birthday party for his daughter Gayle. The entire town has been invited and among those in attendance are Cannonball, the town doctor and veterinarian, and saloon owner Steve Kirby, a newcomer who is trying to convince Gayle to marry him so that he can gain control of her father's ranch. On his way to the party, Lucky Saunders, Gayle's sweetheart, witnesses two rustlers attacking a rancher. After Lucky shoots one of the assailants, they flee. The rancher is mortally wounded, but before dying, he confides to Lucky that he thinks Kirby is behind the rustling that has been plaguing the valley. Lucky arrives at the party with news of the rancher's murder just as Kirby is announcing his candidacy for sheriff. When Kirby insinuates that Lucky is in league with the rustlers, Lucky questions Kirby's integrity, but the other guests think that he is speaking out of jealousy. That night, two men steal into Cannonball's office, blindfold and gag him and take him to a shack, where the wounded rustler is hiding. Cannonball treats the wound, and while there, notices an envelope addressed to Kirby and pockets it. Upon returning to town, Cannonball gives the envelope to Lucky, who confronts Kirby, but Kirby denies knowing about the envelope. Believing that the rustlers will force Cannonball to make another visit to their wounded colleague, Lucky hides in the doctor's office, and when the outlaws appear, he follows them to the shack. The outlaws have set a trap for Lucky, however, and as he approaches their hideout, they jump him. Although Lucky escapes, the rustlers capture his horse. The next night, a herd of Foster's cattle is stampeded and Foster is shot and killed by the rustlers. Lucky's horse, which has been planted there by the rustlers, is found at the scene of the crime, and Lucky is arrested for murder. The only person who believes Lucky's story about his stolen horse is Cannonball, who agrees to help his friend escape from jail. Lucky has recognized Bart Cassidy, one of the rustlers, and plans to force a confession from him before Kirby is elected sheriff. After Cannonball drugs the sheriff, Lucky escapes from jail. Cannonball then lures Bart out of town with a tale of a mine filled with gold quartz. Lucky follows, but when several of the ranchers see him riding into the hills, they begin to chase him. Realizing that he cannot outdistance them, Lucky faces his pursuers and convinces them to give him one hour to prove his innocence. After they agree, Lucky accosts Bart and beats him into confessing that Kirby is the leader of the rustlers and Foster's murderer. In town, meanwhile, Kirby discovers that Lucky has escaped from jail and orders his henchmen to apprehend him. During the ensuing fight between the rustlers and the ranchers, one of Kirby's thugs gallops into town to warn his boss. Lucky follows him and kills Kirby in a shootout. After Kirby's thugs are jailed, Lucky is exonerated and he and Gayle reconcile.
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