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krimi / thriller / drama, USA, , 66 min.

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After the world series, radio personality and sports reporter Jerry Franklin, together with his pal Andy, tries to find out why Lefty Dugan did not pitch in the series as expected. Lefty informs the duo that he was knocked unconscious after he received a strange five-dollar bill with a moustache drawn on Lincoln's face. Jerry and Andy discover that the "moustache" is really a series of numbers, but they cannot crack the code. During their search for the man who gave Lefty the bill, Jerry and Andy are nearly run over by a cab. Eventually they find their man working as a sandwich man. He tells Andy and Jerry that he received the money from a wealthy man, whose name he does not know. Jerry is then summoned to meet Mary Cramer at the Cateret Hotel and, after giving her the bill, follows her to her room. There they find a long-dead corpse. The next day, Finn Harrigan arrives and tells Jerry that he gave the five-dollar bill to the sandwich man. Jerry broadcasts everything he knows about the five-dollar bill and promises to conclude the story the following day. Back at Jerry's penthouse apartment, Mary explains that her real name is Connor, and that she is after $200,000 in hidden ransom money, the location of which is concealed in the code on the bill. During his broadcast the next evening, Jerry summons the crooks by announcing that the code will be cracked. In the meantime, however, the gang has gone to Jerry's house and figured out the code themselves. When Jerry, Andy and Mary arrive at the penthouse, the crooks tie them up. Jerry manages to open a bottle of acid and after it eats through the rope, they escape with just enough time to phone in the broadcast. After Jerry tells the police over the air where the gang has gone, a shoot-out ensues and the money is found. As Jerry leaves, he puts his arm around Mary.
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