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64% 105 hlasů
6.4 10 105
komedie / romantický, USA, , 90 min.
Two-Faced Woman

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She's Twins! Her first picture in two years . . . so we're giving you two Garbos in this one! And both of her are terrific!
At an Idaho ski lodge, workaholic New York magazine editor Larry Blake comes to relax and is immediately attracted to ski instructor Karin Borg. Karin at first seems indifferent to his advances, but after a minor skiing accident leaves them stranded together, they fall in love and immediately marry. Meanwhile, search parties are sent looking for the missing pair and Blake's worried partner, O. O. Miller, and secretary, Miss Ellis, arrive from New York. Finding the pair safe and sound, Miller wants Larry to return immediately to New York to re-design their magazine. Although Larry had told Karin that he was giving up the fast-paced life, he enthusiastically plans to return to the city the next morning. He and Karin, who prefers the simple life, quarrel, then make up, but the next morning, neither has changed positions. Karin refuses to go to New York with Larry and he leaves without her, promising faithfully to return within a week. After receiving several telegrams announcing delays, Karin contacts Miss Ellis and tells her that she is secretly coming to New York. She meets Miss Ellis at an exclusive dresshop and makes herself over into a glamorous-looking woman of the world. They then go to the theater where a new play that Larry is backing is being rehearsed. Hiding in the back of the theater, Karin overhears a flirtatious conversation between Larry and his former girl friend, playwright Griselda Vaughn. Hurt that Larry has seemingly forgotten her, Karin determines to go back to Idaho immediately, but as she and Miss Ellis leave through the theater's back door, they are seen by O. O. Because Karin does not want Larry to know that she has been to New York, Miss Ellis tells O. O. that the woman he has seen is not Karin, but her twin sister Katherine. Karin's appearance and demeanor are so different from what they were in Idaho that O. O. easily accepts her as "Katherine" and invites her to dinner. Karin continues the deception that evening at Larry's favorite nightclub. Larry, who is with Griselda, is stunned when Karin walks in with O. O., but Karin pretends she does not know him and O. O. informs him that she is his sister-in-law, Katherine. Larry is extremely suspicious, even though "Katherine" drinks, smokes and dances, none of which Karin does. Karin pretends to be a blatant gold digger who uses men for her own pleasure and advancement, shocking Larry and angering Griselda, who is afraid that Katherine will be more successful than Karin at luring Larry away from her. Unknown to Karin, Larry sneaks off to telephone the ski lodge and is pleased to hear that Karin has left for New York. Later that night, Larry takes a very inebriated Karin to her hotel room and tries to romance her, but she orders him out. The next morning, while Miss Ellis helps Karin nurse her first hangover, Larry calls to apologize for his behavior and asks to meet her. She then tells Miss Ellis that she will pretend to be such a complete "vamp" that he will run back to Karin. When Larry arrives, the game continues until he says that he wants to divorce Karin so that he can reform her. He then says that he is flying to Idaho to tell Karin, but she convinces him to go by train, then secretly flies back. At Karin's cabin, she acts like her old self, but when Larry sees that she still is wearing toenail polish, like Katherine, he knows that they are one and the same. They spend the night together and in the morning, after Larry suggests that he could be happy with both Katherine and Karin, she accuses him of really being two people, goes into the bathroom, then returns wearing Katherine's negligee. When he pretends not to believe her story of being both Katherine and Karin, she angrily tells him, "we're both through with you," then goes skiing. He follows her, but falls into a frozen lake. When she calls after him, he says, "I'm not Larry, I'm his twin brother," and they kiss as he calls her "Karin, Katherine."
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