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Diskuze - Eric Portman

Filmy a seriály

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Hraje - Eric Portman
Abdul Hamid, rudý sultán 193554%
A Hundred Years Old 1938
A Night at the Hardcastles 1939
Assignment to Kill 196854%
BBC Sunday-Night Play (seriál) 196082%
 - Twentieth Century Theatre: The Elder Statesman I/21 73%
BBC Sunday-Night Theatre (seriál) 195083%
 - Harlequinade IV/24
 - Jeannie V/14
Cairo Road 1950
Canterburská povídka 194476%
Corridor of Mirrors 1948
Daybreak 1948
Deadfall 196855%
Dear Murderer 1947
Escape to Danger 1943
Freud - Tajná vášeň 196273%
Great Day 1945
Hearts of Humanity 1936
His Excellency 1952
Child in the House 1956
ITV Play of the Week (seriál) 195568%
 - The Crossfire XII/23
ITV Television Playhouse (seriál) 195575%
Love Story (seriál) 196357%
 - The Habit of Loving I/3
Maria Marten, or The Murder in the Red Barn 1935
Men of Two Worlds 1946
Millions Like Us 1943
Moonlight Sonata 193760%
Naked City (seriál) 195882%
 - The Pedigree Sheet II/2 76%
Old Roses 1935
One of Our Aircraft Is Missing 1942
Play of the Week (seriál) 195975%
 - Duet for Two Hands II/5
Příběhy Alfreda Hitchcocka (seriál) 195588%
 - The Hero V/29 60%
Saturday Playhouse (seriál) 1958
 - French Without Tears I/12
She Stoops to Conquer 1939
Shirley Temple šou (seriál) 195880%
South of Algiers 1953
Squadron Leader X 1943
Strange Report (seriál) 196876%
 - Skeleton: Let Sleeping Heroes Lie I/2
The Alcoa Hour (seriál) 195563%
 - A Double Life II/8
The Bedford Incident 1965
The Blind Goddess 1948
The Cardinal 1936
The Constant Nymph 1938
The Crimes of Stephen Hawke 1936
The Deep Blue Sea 1955
The DuPont Show of the Month (seriál) 195769%
The Girl from Maxim's 1933
The Good Companions 1957
The Jack Paar Tonight Show (seriál) 195781%
 - I/213
The Magic Box 1951
The Man Who Finally Died 1963
The Mark of Cain 1947
The Naked Edge 1961
The Prince And The Pauper 1937
The Prisoner (seriál) 196786%
The Spider and the Fly 1949
The Spy with a Cold Nose 1966
This Is Your Life (seriál) 195563%
 - Barbara Mullen IX/22
Uncensored 1942
Útěk z Colditzu 1955
Wanted for Murder 1946
We Dive at Dawn 1943
West 11 1963
49th Parallel 194174%

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