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Diskuze - Kirk Alyn

Filmy a seriály

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Hraje - Kirk Alyn
Action in the North Atlantic 194369%
A Guy Named Joe 194370%
Annie Oakley (seriál) 195471%
Atom Man vs. Superman 1950
Banning 1967
Battlestar Galactica (seriál) 197870%
 - The War of the Gods: Part 1 I/13 76%
Beginning of the End 195733%
Blackhawk: Fearless Champion of Freedom 1952
Bride of Vengeance 1949
Broadway Rhythm 194452%
Buffalo Bill, Jr. (seriál) 195578%
Call of the Rockies 1944
Corky of Gasoline Alley 1951
Cowboy and the Senorita 1944
Daughter of Don Q 1946
Dennis the Menace (seriál) 195970%
 - A Quiet Evening III/21
Fast and Loose 1930
Federal Agents vs. Underworld, Inc. 1949
Forty Thieves 1944
Four Jills in a Jeep 1944
Gambling House 1950
Gidget (seriál) 196568%
 - In and Out with the In-Laws I/21 73%
Goodnight, Sweetheart 1944
Highway Patrol (seriál) 195576%
Is Everybody Happy? 1943
Krásnější než sen 194273%
Little Miss Broadway 1947
Lucky Jordan 1942
Lux Video Theatre (seriál) 195063%
 - Call Me Mrs. IV/19
My Sister Eileen 1942
Mystery Broadcast 1943
Naked City (seriál) 195882%
 - Burst of Passion I/17
No Time to Be Young 1957
Once Upon a Time 1944
Overland Mail Robbery 1943
Palubní střelec 194361%
Pistol Packin' Mama 1943
P.J. 1968
Radar Patrol vs. Spy King 1949
Scalps 1983
Shannon (seriál) 196184%
 - Uneasy Debt I/33
Storm Over Lisbon 1944
Superman 197874%
Superman 194871%
Sweet Genevieve 1947
Swing Shift Maisie 1943
The Adventures of Champion (seriál) 195580%
 - The Real Unfriendly Ghost I/20
The Adventures of Kit Carson (seriál) 195177%
 - The Devil at Angel's Camp I/9
The Beginning or the End 1947
The Donna Reed Show (seriál) 195870%
The Eddy Duchin Story 1956
The Girl Who Dared 1944
The Iron Major 1943
The Man from the Rio Grande 1943
The Savage 1952
The Three Musketeers 194872%
The Time of Their Lives 194679%
The Trap 1946
Time Warp 1981
When Worlds Collide 195167%

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