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Praha, Česká republika

Krátký životopis uprav informace o osobnosti

MikkiM is experienced producer, liveset performer, Dj and sound engineer from Prague, Czech republic. He has unique style of music, original combination of electronic beats with ska, reggae, balkan, swing and punk motives.

Životopis - Mikkim

So far he released 6 vinyls, one full lenght CD and many digital singles. In the electronic music scene he is active for around 10 years . He played gigs in around 12 european countries and South America, sometimes being a headliner for a festival or club night. Together with his main MC Turner, they were the support live act for the tour for Dreadzone and Zion Train. He collaboretes with many worldwide known artist such as Gary Asquith (Renegade Soundwave), Dr. Ring Ding, Macka B, Hornsman Coyote, Tribuman, etc.. His last release Unity was remixed by Dreadzone and Dirty Dubsters.

MikkiM has variety of different styles that he compose or that he can play live. Live performance is a bit different from studio production, it is more groovy and more oriented for the dancefloor with lot of unexpected combinations. He can play classic Dj sets, club beats, specializing on electro swing, global world muzik, dub, breakbeat,jungle, drum and bass, electro , techno, hard techno etc..., but what is really special is his liveset. With the help of Korg groovebox, 3 controllers, mixer, and laptop he creates on the spot exclusive live show..In his liveset he is fusing electronic beats with ska, reggae, dub, swing, balkan and punk motives. He likes to remix and create new versions of musik that he likes, so you can hear sampled fragments from the Clash, Specials, Madness, Dreadzone, RSW etc.. in a new groovy style. If the party deserves it, you can hear his invention, that he call skatek, pumping techno ranging from 150 till 180bpm with offbeat ska style and live instrument and vocal samples.

His CD called Crossroads, released in 2010 had a very good response all over the world and was voted as the album of the year by German collective Lucha Amada.

In the year 2011 he went to Jamaica for one month and spent entirely two weeks recording local artists in Kingston. This was a very special moment, because he records everything by himself, spending a week recording in Kingston shantytown. These recordings will be the foundation for his second full lenght album. So far from this trip he released EP GRRRLZ and single Guns of Kingston,jungle remake of a legendary Clash tune Guns of Brixton.

Together with his friend and great producer Merak theay are running a record label io.lab ,where MikkiM personally takes care about Offbeat Division,sublabel specialized on electronic beats influenced by global world music.

He is also connected with quite unique underground place- Cross Club in Prague. As one of the initial members he is working there as a sound engineer and his studio is settled couple of floors above the club.

Diskuze - Mikkim

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