SERIÁL: Brooklyn 99

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New Captain
Nobody in the precinct likes the new captain, Wunsch continues to humiliate Holt as he takes his new job in Public Relations, and Jake and Amy try to figure out what to do next after their kiss. více
The Funeral
Boyle's Hunch  V TV   dnes Prima Comedy Central 23.00, so. 19.10. Prima Comedy Central 23.00
undefined více
The Oolong Slayer  V TV   zítra Prima Comedy Central 23.00, so. 19.10. Prima Comedy Central 23.30
Jake and Holt both get in trouble when they work on a serial killer case together in secret. The Vulture asks Amy and Rosa set up his birthday party. Boyle introduces Terry to a delicious new snack. více
Halloween III  V TV   čt. 17.10. Prima Comedy Central 23.20, ne. 20.10. Prima Comedy Central 23.00
For this year's Halloween challenge, Jake and Holt divide the precinct into teams as they try to see who can steal a crown held under lock and key in the interrogation room. více
Into the Woods  V TV   pá. 18.10. Prima Comedy Central 23.20, ne. 20.10. Prima Comedy Central 23.30
undefined více
The Mattress  V TV   po. 21.10. Prima Comedy Central 23.00
Jake and Amy work together on a case, and wind up arguing over Jake's old, worn-out mattress. Meanwhile, Boyle scratches Holt's prized car, and the teenage boy Rosa sponsors as a "big brother" is in trouble with the law. více
Ava  V TV   út. 22.10. Prima Comedy Central 23.00, so. 26.10. Prima Comedy Central 23.00
Jake entertains Terry's pregnant wife, Sharon, until her water breaks sooner than expected and crisis ensues at the precinct. více
The Swedes  V TV   st. 23.10. Prima Comedy Central 23.00, so. 26.10. Prima Comedy Central 23.30
Yippie Kayak  V TV   čt. 24.10. Prima Comedy Central 23.20
Jake, Charles and Gina get into trouble while doing last-minute Christmas shopping, Terry tries to make it through the holidays without a call from the precinct, and Amy takes part in a "Polar Swim" with Holt and Diaz. více
Hostage Situation  V TV   pá. 25.10. Prima Comedy Central 23.20
Jake helps Charles reclaim the rights to his sperm from his ex-wife, Amy accidentally breaks Terry's nose after asking for a recommendation, and Gina helps interrogate a suspect who refuses to speak to anyone but her. více
9 Days
Peralta and Holt contract the Mumps while working on a cold case. Terry takes over the precinct in his place, but his ambitious plans ultimately fail. Boyle is sad over the death of his dog, but Diaz doesn't understand it. více
The Cruise
Jake comes face-to-face with his old nemesis Doug Judy as he and Amy go on a cruise. Meanwhile, Holt's sister comes to town for a visit, and Diaz and Boyle fight over a rent-controlled apartment which was a crime scene. více
Karen Peralta
On Jake's birthday, his Mom tells him she is back together with his hated father. Meanwhile, Charles has an embarrassing moment with a body cam, and Holt's "Escape the Room" exercise for the Nine-Nine does not go as planned. více
The 9-8
Chaos ensues when the Nine-Nine is forced to share their station with the Nine-Eight precinct while their station is closed, and Charles consequently becomes jealous of Jake's old partner, who is an officer in the Nine-Eight. více
House Mouses
When Jake insults Hitchcock and Scully's work ethic in the precinct, they force their way into one of his cases in attempt to prove themselves. Meanwhile, Amy and Gina help Rosa conquer one of her biggest fears, and Holt and Boyle work a celebrity case. When Hitchcock and Scully find their work ethic questioned, they try to prove themselves, but wind up in a dangerous situation. Meanwhile, Amy, Gina and Rosa decide to conquer their biggest fears, and Holt and Charles work a celebrity case. více
Adrian Pimento
The precinct gains a new detective who has just completed a 12-year undercover job with the mob, Charles' latest mess prompts the janitors to refuse to clean the precinct, and Gina directs a video for Holt. více
While Holt is en route to visit Kevin in Paris, Jake and Amy inadvertently lose his dog. Meanwhile, Charles has laser eye surgery, and the sexual tension between Rosa and Adrian Pimento disgusts Terry. více
Terry Kitties
Terry enlists Jake's help in solving a twenty year old case which his old precinct never let him forget, Charles allows Adrian Pimento to stay at his place and soon regrets it, while Amy, Rosa and Holt attend a class together. více
The precinct tries to set up perfect bachelor and bachelorette parties for Adrian and Rosa after they announce their engagement, but Adrian's party falls apart when he tells everyone that someone is stalking him and steals the party bus. více
Maximum Security
With Adrian off the grid and in hiding, the rest of the squad scramble to track down the sister of Figgis, the mobster behind the operation, and throw a fake funeral to flush out Figgis' hit man. více
While Amy continues to work on Figgis' sister Maura on the inside, Jake, Rosa and Holt team up with Bob Annderson to track down the FBI mole. Meanwhile, Gina helps Terry work out the culprit behind a press leak. více
Greg and Larry
After a surprising turn of events in the Nine-Nine's attempt to track down Adrian Pimento's hitman, the precinct drops everything when they suspect Holt is in danger. více

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