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Only the Pretty Girls Die: Part 1
This two-hour episode, actually Parts 1 and 2 of three (in the NBC reruns, they were shown as two 90-minute episodes; in syndication, they are three one-hour episodes), is a close retelling of the Son of Sam case, with Albert Colvin (James Stephens) as a serial killer who hunts down and shoots beautiful women while taunting reporters by phone. This and other Eischied episodes makes extensive use of location filming in New York, a rarity for television series of the time. více
Only the Pretty Girls Die: Part 2
In an episode that's an obvious remake of the Son of Sam case, serial killer Albert Colvin claims his sixth victim, but without using the trademark silencer on his gun. Eischied sees this as a sign that the killer's self-control is slipping and may be a harbinger of his next planned attacks. Through clues given by Colvin to two reporters, Eischied is able to track Colvin to his final planned attack at a Catholic church. více
The U.N. Connection
A South American country's diplomats doing business with the United Nations are smuggling drugs in the diplomatic pouch. By international law, their baggage cannot be searched. When one of their hirelings kills an undercover cop during a botched buy in Central Park, Eischied schemes to find a way to get the dealers and their connections out into the open where they can be arrested without the cloak of diplomatic immunity. více
Angels of Terror
The Accused
Captain Finnerty, attacked in a parking garage by a group of teenage punks, manages to get out his service revolver and fire, killing one of the gang. The dead boy, nicknamed "Goody," is only 13 and seemingly unarmed, sparking a firestorm of calls for Finnerty's scalp. To save him, Eischied must track down the group of teenagers and their Fagin-like boss, who have Goody's weapon and are preying on other middle-aged targets. více
Do They Really Have to Die?
The Dancer
"The Dancer," an attractive man with scars from tattoos, picks up attractive women in discotheques, drugs them, tattoos them to look ugly, then rapes and murders them. He crossed Eischied's path 15 years earlier, then disappeared -- the reason being he was a participant in a famous diamond heist and absconded with his share of the loot. Now he's back and killing again, and Eischied must persuade the sole survivor of his previous attacks to relive her memories in hopes of getting an active profile of the killer. více
Who Is the Missing Woman?
Spanish Eight
Friday's Child
Fire for Hire
A serial arsonist's latest caper causes the garment factory he's torching to cave in on an adjacent restaurant, killing four people. The torch is working on a contract system, and on his own murders two other people who get in his way and injures a third. Eischied and his detectives arrange for a warehouse to be next on the hit list and lie in wait, leading to a wild gunfight. více
Powder Burn
Saturday-night-special handguns are flooding the streets of New York City, and a check finds that they are being bought in South Carolina, where (at the time) there were no restrictions on gun sales. Eischied sends an undercover agent to the Palmetto State to look at a group of gun buyers who are buying the guns in bulk and reselling them for profit, but she witnesses the murder of another agent and Eischied must try to rescue her before her cover is blown. více
Buddy System
The murder of a police officer may be tied to an underground ring of crooked cops. více
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