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Out of Time
The Dinosaurs and the Raptors are evolved and made intelligent by Argor Zardok, an evil scientist from the extra dimensional world of Quadrania. After Bad Rap sets off the Ice Age, the Dinoraus and Quadranian Police Captain Chedra Bodzak - and the Raptors - spend 65 million years in Chedra's Quadranian freeze chambers. They're revived in the present by unscrupulous scientist Peter Benning, and the captured by Dr. Becky Scarwell and her top secret government task force. The Dinosaurs must escape from Scarwell's Roswell installation in time to do battle with the Raptors, who have taken over a TV station as they search for other raptors. více
Fossil Fooled
Now that they know they're the world's last surviving dinosaurs, the Dinosaurs get acquainted with everything the 20th century has to offer: the Home Shopping channel, and spicy Mexican food! Meanwhile the raptors discover oil, and realize they can burn it to heat things up all over the globe - leading to a climactic battle with the Extreme Ones, where the Dinosaurs must stop the Raptors from igniting the oil deposits beneath Los Angeles' La Brea Tar Pits. více
Ick-thysaurus Vacation
The Dinosaurs win a TV contest and travel to Mexico to collect their prize: a vacation in a tropical paradise. Unfortunately, they're in for a rude surprise when they discover the contest is a trap staged by the Raptors! The Raptors turn T-Bone, Stegz and Spike over to Dr. Becky Scarwell, and it's up to Bullzeye to rescue his friends from Roswell before they become guinea pigs in Scarwell's experiments. více
Inevitable Eggztinction
The bad Rap has found a whole cache of raptor eggs, and before long, he'll have an entire army of nasty, rotten Velociraptors! Now, he's especially determined to warm up the Earth to make it home for his vicious "children". But when the Dinosaurs capture on of the eggs, they discover that it's not quite what it seems. The Dinosaurs must stop Bad Rap from taking out his wrath on the world when he finds out that his "raptor" eggs are really ostriches! více
When top scientist Carl Wiseman announces that a gigantic asteroid hurtling towards Earth will miss completely, Stegz is suspicious - his calculations say it's going to sideswipe the Earth, causing terrible damage! The Dinosaurs are right to be suspicious: the Raptors forced Wiseman to lie and then kidnapped him to keep him from warning everyone. They think the asteroid impact will push Earth closer to the sun, making it a lot warmer .... to warm for humans, but just right for Raptors! The Extreme Ones must rescue Wiseman from the Raptors, and find a way to stop the asteroid before it's too late. více
Bullzeye Surfs the Web
Segz receives a signal from intelligent dinosaurs in another dimension, leading the Extreme Ones to the desert for a rendez-vouz with some extra-dimensional cousins. It turns out to be a set-up by the Raptors, who ambush the Dinosaurs and set out to burn a hole through the Earth's surface, releasing the heat of the molten interior. But the Dinosaurs have an unexpected ace in the hole: a freak accident has temporarily given Bullzeye the power to create any object he wants from thin air! více
Saurian Sniffles
It's flu season for our heroes, when the Raptors synthesize a 65 million old germ that gives the Dinosaurs a nasty case of the Jurassic Flu! While the Extreme Ones are bedridden, the Raptors steal a Extreme artificial materials that produces intense heat when exposed to sunlight. The Dinosaurs have to find a cure for their uncommon cold in time to stop the Raptors from melting the polar ice caps! více
Jurassic Art
The Raptors' new plan to heat up the Earth becomes more complicated when Spittor discovers his artistic aide. A chemical splotch he left on the wall of the Louvre during a battle with the Dinosaurs has caught the eye of critics, and now Spittor is the darling of the art world! But Bad Rap has a plan to use Spittor's first art show as a trap, to put the Extreme Ones out of commission while the Raptors change the Earth's magnetic field (using the Eiffel Tower as an antenna) and melt the polar ice caps. více
Mission Implausible
The Raptors enlist the help of a unscrupulous computer technician to take control over the world's submarine forces, so they can use the subs to set off underwater volcanoes all over the world. With the help of Prince H, the Dinosaurs sneak into the Global Allied Command Centre, and stop the Raptors before their actions can cause instant global warming! více
Peter Benning gets a job designing the Dinosaur Safari amusement park, hoping to draw the interest of the Extreme Dinosaurs so he can capture them. He gets more that he bargained for, though, when the Raptors take control of the park's robotic dinosaurs. The Extreme Ones must avoid Benning's traps and defend themselves - and Benning - from Bad Rap's new army of Cyber-Raptors. více
Loch Ness Mess
The Extreme Ones journey to Scotland in search of the Loch Ness Monster - if "Nessie" really is a dinosaur, she might be a long-lost relative! Unfortunately, the Raptors have beat them to it, and are busy training the enormous monster to attach the Dinosaurs on sight. But both the Raptors and the Dinosaurs are in for a shock when they find out that "Nessie" is just a baby, and her mom is even bigger! více
Dialing for Dinosaurs
When Bullzeye orders a new exercise machine called the Immortalizer from the Home Shopping Centre, he doesn't realize it's part of an elaborate Raptor scheme - the Immortalizer is a robot, sent to plant information in the Dinosaur's computer that will lead them into a trap. The Raptors have stolen a substance called Fire-Ice, which will let them heat up the atmosphere and put the Dinosaurs in deep-freeze at the same time. But the plan backfires when Bullzeye uses the moves he learned on the "exercise machine" to defeat all the Raptors Immortalizer robots, before they can put the Extreme Ones on ice! více
There's No Place Like Dome
When the Raptors hear about the Eco-Dome, a climate-controlled habitat for nearly-extinct plant species, they decide to make it their new home. It's up to the Extreme Dinosaurs, with the help of a young girl named Danielle, to evict the Raptors before they can destroy all of the dome's rare, endangered plants. více
Raptorian Crude
The small Middle Eastern nation of Bawa-Idabi is taken over by the unbalanced General Amadi and his three "genies" - Bad Rapp, Haxx and Spittor! The Raptors are helping Amadi corner the world's oil market so people will be forced to buy Spittor's special super-pollutant gasoline, which will speed up global warming. It's up to the Dinosaurs and Chedra to pull the rug - of the magic carpet - out from under the Raptor's plan, and restore Bawa-Idabi's rightfully elected president. více
The Rulebook of Love
While studying up on Earth Law, Chedra makes a date with C.P. Buchanan, a lawyer who's just as obsessed with rules as she is. Unfortunately, C.P. has been blackmailed by the Raptors into stealing Chedra's Quadranian code book, so they can learn the Dinosaurs' battle tactics and anticipate their every move! The Extreme Ones must find a new strategy to beat the Raptors and rescue C.P.'s brother, who's being held hostage by the Raptors. více
Monstersaurus Truckadon
When spike is separated from his friends while chasing the Raptors, he's "discovered" by a wrestling promoter who wants to make him a star. Spike becomes "Terror-Dactyl", the newest professional wrestling sensation, battling monster trucks because human wrestlers turn out to be too easy! Bad Rap decides to build a challenger, Monstersaurus Truckadon, to humiliate Spike on TV, while the Raptors set off a chain of volcanoes to change the world's weather patterns. Spike must smash the Montersaurus and help the other Dinosaurs beat the Raptors before they can cause a permanent heat wave. více
The Incredible Shrinking Dinosaurs
When the Raptors steal a drone aircraft and try to defoliate the rain forests (in hopes that it will speed global warming) the Extreme Dinosaurs set out to stop them. Unfortunately, it turns out to be a much bigger task than out heroes expect, when a freak accident temporarily shrinks them to the size of insects! více
Lunar Toons
Bad Rap has a powerful new device that he's going to use to blast the moon into the Earth, knocking it closer to the sun. To stop him, the Extreme Ones must brave the perils of space in a borrowed space shuttle, and do battle with the Raptors one the airless surface of the moon! více
Have a Nice Daynosaur
The Raptors and the Dinosaurs discover Argor Zardok's inter dimensional cruiser, which Bad Rap uses to send them all to a hot, tropical dimension, full of raptors. Unfortunately for Bad Rap, these raptors are mellow, contended, and courteous: they're everything Bad Rap despises, and he's not going to stand for it! It's up to the Extreme Ones - with the help of Hardrock, an Anklyosaur working as a bouncer in the local juice bar - to keep the Raptor Gang's Aggression Activator ray from making this dimension's raptors as nasty as Bad Rap! více
Bones of Contention
The skeletons of four dinosaurs, unearthed by a Florida construction company, come to life and go on a rampage through downtown Miami. The Extreme Ones try to stop them, but they find out it won't be easy: when they've been smashed, these "Skelesauruses" reassemble themselves into one enormous "Megasaur"! To male things worse, the Raptors have unleashed a new and even meaner generation of Cyber-Raptors. It's Megasaur vs. Cyber-Raptors, with the Extreme Dinosaurs caught in the middle! více
The Bad Seed
The Raptors have caused New York City to be overrun by gigantic, mutant vegetation: plants to release ozone-destroying fluorocarbons instead of oxygen. The Extreme Ones must get to the root of the problem before the plants destroy New York - and the ozone layer! více
Earth vs. Flying Raptors
After watching too many bad science fiction movies, Bad Rap hits on the perfect scheme to wrest control of the Earth from the humans: steal a flying saucer (from Becky Scarwell's Roswell installation) and stage his own alien invasion. But when the Extreme Ones try to foil Bad Rap's scheme, the Dinosaurs and the Raptors get an even bigger shock - the real aliens have arrived, looking for their missing saucer and its crew! více
Rebel Without a Clue
The Dinosaurs discover the joys of motorcycles, and before long, they're outfitted with sunglasses, leather jackets, and rocket-powered trikes. Meanwhile the Raptors have stolen a powerful experimental ozone-destroying laser and captured Becky Scarwell to help them use it. The Extreme Ones must stop the Raptors from wrecking the ozone layer, in the midst of a full-scale biker convention! více
Day of the Condorsaurus
The Raptors use their mammal-repelling Sonic Repulsator to dive the humans off of the tropic island of Razambique, so they can buy it for cheap and turn it into their own private Raptor paradise! The Dinosaurs set out to evict the reptilian real estate moguls, but the special computer chip that will let them stop the Repulsator is with Bullzeye - who has wandered away with temporary amnesia, convinced that he's really a giant talking condor! více
The Dinosaur Prophecy
When an old archaeologist heads into the jungles of Central America in search of the last of nine ancients tablets, the Extreme Ones and the Raptors each set out to follow him. The first eight tablets prophesied the return of the dinosaurs and the ninth is supposed to be a magical object that will control their ultimate fate! The "archaeologist" turns out to be Peter Benning in disguise, but the magic object is all too real, and the Dinosaurs must fight their way through a maze of traps and pitfalls to find it before Bad Rap does. více
The Raptor Who Would Be King
Bad Rap joins forces with Lady Sheila and Lord Wilfred, a pair of snooty minor nobles who hate cold weather as much as the Raptors do. Together they hatch a plan to make Lord Wilfred the new king (with Bad Rap as the Raptor behind the throne), and to outlaw cold, rainy days forever! It's up to the Dinosaurs, Prince H, and Moorehead to rescue the royal family and unseat these prehistoric pretenders before they can make global warming the law of the land. více
The Return of Argor
The Dinosaurs and Chedra make Bullzeye a set of headphones so his late-night TV watching won't keep them up. But headphones' Quadranian technology accidentally picks up message to the Raptors - from Agor Zardok! Zardok has been in suspended animation, too, but now he's awake, and ordering the Raptors to find the equipment and massive amounts of energy Argor needs to return to Earth. The Extreme Ones - and Chedra - must stop Argor and the Raptors from ravaging the world with artificial hurricanes, and bring Argor to justice at least. více
The Raptors trick Spike into chasing them in his own, so they can use Spittor's new Weather Maker device to trap him in a weird energy vortex - the same vortex that holds all the chips that have vanished in the Bermuda Triangle! Spike must get through the "Three Tribulations of the Triangle" to escape from the vortex, and help his friends trash the Raptors before Spittor can trap them all. více
Shrink Rap
Becky Scarwell lures the Dinosaurs into a trap, hoping to transform them into pure data using an alien device, so she can study them at her leisure. Her plan goes awry when Bad Rap makes an unexpected appearance, and the Raptor are digitized instead. When the digital Raptors escape through a modem line, they use their new ability to move through computers to wreck havoc across the globe, and the Extreme Ones have not choice but to digitize themselves and go after them! více
Night of the Living Pumpkins
While trying to stop the Raptors' latest plot, the Dinosaurs are caught in a cloud of mysterious green microbes that makes them glow in the dark and leaves them laid-back, mellow and peaceful - too peaceful to get in the Raptors' way. Bad Rap decides to spread the microbe across America in Halloween pumpkins, and it's up to Chedra and Hardrock to get the Dinosaurs riled up enough to fight back, before the Raptors can wreck havoc on a nation full of docile humans! The Dinosaurs pretend to still be affected by the microbe (by dousing themselves in phosphorescent paint and feigning docility) so they can fool the Raptors long enough to get their claws on the antidote. více
A Few Good Dinosaurs
After hearing Pork and hid old Marine buddy Sergeant Brick swap stories about boot camp, Bullzeye, Hardrock and Spike decide it sound like the vacation ever, and persuade Brick to set up an oversized Dinosaur boot camp on an old Army base. Meanwhile, the Raptors have kidnapped the leaders of the "G-7" nations, and the Dinosaurs must use their new skills to rescue the leaders from the Raptor's jungle island hideout before Bad Rap can indoctrinate them in the virtues of global warming! více
Captain Pork
When Dr. Becky Scarwell's Roswell team retrieves a pair of downed alien spacecraft, Scarwell is accidentally possessed by the mind of one of the alien pilots, a cosmic criminal called the Commander. The other pilot possesses Pork, transforming him into Captain Infinity of the Intergalactic Patrol! The Dinosaurs, aided by "Captain Infinity", must track down the Commander before the Raptors can use her powerful Flying Fortress to conquer the world. více
Lights, Cameras, Raptors
The Raptors take on Hollywood when Bad Rap writes a script about Raptors taking over the world, and hires a director to film it on the streets of Los Angeles. But the movie is just a front to that Spittor can dissolve the bedrock beneath the city with a powerful new chemical, releasing the heat of the Earth's molten interior. The Dinosaurs must bring down the curtain on Bad Rap's film making career, before the Raptors can make Los Angeles a real hot spot! více
Enter the Dinosaur
Bullzeye and Hardrock learn the secrets of Aikido from master Karma Tupjuk, whose amazing martial arts skills let him perform superhuman feats! The two Dinosaurs must use their new moves to protect their friend's Tibetan sanctuary from the Raptors, who want to exploit Tupjik's powers for their own nefarious ends. více
The Weresaur
While adverting a Raptor-caused disaster in a coal mine, the Extreme Dinosaurs are menaced by the Weresaur, a miner who was turned into a hideous monster after being attacked by a Basilisk. The Extreme Ones befriend the monster and set out to restore him to normal - which means tracking down the vicious creature that transformed him in the first place! více
Bullzeye's new obsession - calling Madame Woolenska's Psychic Hotline for advice - has left him convinced that he's jinxed.When T-Bone, Spike and Stegz are captured by Dr. Scarwell while trying to stop the Raptors from recapturing Spittor's Global Warming Machine, Bullzeye thinks it's all his fault! It's up to Madam Woolenska (who only told Bullzeye he was jinxed as part of an elaborate publicity stunt) to lift the curse ion time for Bullzeye to save his friends. více
Tiptoe Through the Tulips
While battling the Dinosaurs, the Raptors stumble into a greenhouse laboratory, and are accidentally sprayed with an experimental growth hormone that causes them to grow to enormous size! The Extreme Ones must figure out how to cut Bad Rap down to size before the giant Raptors can carry out their plan to cover the North Atlantic sea with burning oil! více
Cliff Notes
When a small plane carrying a brilliant scientist and his latest invention - a new type of engine that could cause catastrophic global warming - makes an emergency landing in the mountains, the Extreme Dinosaurs must find them before the Raptors do. But a series of disasters cause the Dinosaurs to become separated, forcing Stegz to find a way to take on all the Raptors alone! více
The Extreme Dinosaurs are captured by an alien spacecraft and taken to the planet Krat, where the tyrannical Queen Zarconda forced them to compete in her gladiator arena, the Colossodome. The Extreme Ones must do battle with Queen Zarconda's champion - a tough Diplothasaurus named Ridge - and find a way to bring the hose down on the Colossodome! více
Dinosaur Warriors
Sur Fasaurus Up
The Raptors stage a phony costumed surfing contest to lure the Extreme Ones into a trap: as soon as the Dinosaurs are in the water, Spittor uses his sonic disruptor's to create a massive tsunami - "the Big Kahuna of waves" - to wash them away so there'll be no one to stop the Raptors from setting off every volcano in the Pacific! The Dinosaurs have to rude out the tidal wave and stop it from wiping out a beach front city. více
T-Bone goes undercover to stop the nefarious criminal Count Alexander Von Skullheim from holding the world hostage with a stolen top-secret satellite weapon. To bring Von Skullheim to justice, T-Bone must infiltrate the villain's castle, evade its network of fiendish traps, and singlehandedly battle the Raptors, who want Von Skullheim's satellite for themselves. více
While visiting Mexico, the Extreme Dinosaurs discover an ultra-hot purple chili pepper, which Spike uses to create his hottest salsa ever for a salsa contest in Texas. Unfortunately, his secret chilies have been genetically engineered by the Raptors to turn everyone who eats them into living furnaces! The Extreme Ones must destroy Spike's salsa before the Raptors can mass-produce it and use it to heat up unlucky salsa-eaters all over the country. více
Afflicted by temporary amnesia from Spittor's Neural Neutraliser, T-Bone wanders the countryside and befriends a young boy, whose convinced the heroic T-Rex is actually Bigfoot. T-Bone must regain his memory in time to stop the Raptors from using the Neural Neutraliser to make his friends their brainwashed servants! více
The Extreme Dinosaurs go to a science fiction convention to meet the director of a movie series starring Bullzeye's favorite giant monster, Zogwalla. Bullzeye's dream-come-true quickly turns into a nightmare, however, when the Raptors commander the movie's robotic Zogwalla, and take the enormous "monster" on a rampage through Los Angeles! více
The Dinosaurs face off against John Rathbone, an unscrupulous big game hunter who captures rare, endangered animals and puts them on display in his private zoo. When the Endangered Ones try to put a stop to his operation, he adds them to his collection! The Dinosaurs must free Rathbone's menagerie and keep the Raptros from getting their claws on Rathbone's Biostasis Projector. více
Sir Gus and the Dragon
After being ambushed by the Raptors, Bullzeye is forced to take refuge in a cave near the Scottish coast, where he meets a young boy who thinks Bullzeye is a dragon. With the boy's help, Bullzeye must rejoin his friends in time to set a trap for the Raptors, who think that the area's legendary "dragon treasure" is actually a cache of equipment left by more of Argor's intelligent Velociraptors. více
The Extreme Files
Top FBI agents Mully and Scolder come to Pork's museum investigating the mysterious disappearance of the passengers of a jumbo jet Pork was traveling on. Suspecting Dr. Becky Scarwell is involved, the Extreme Ones and Chedra must form a reluctant alliance with Mully and Scolder to infiltrate Roswell and find out what really happened to Pork and the other passengers. více
A Bone to Pick
After a battle with the Dinosaurs in Australia, the Raptors make off with a native artefact - a "talking" dinosaur bone - thinking it's a channel to other dimensions. The Extreme Ones and Chedra figure out that the bone is really picking up radio signals, and Bullzeye uses it to impersonate Argor Zardok, ordering the Raptors out to do a serious humiliatingly good deeds! When Bad Rap realizes the truth, however, the Dinosaurs have to stop him before he uses the powerful laser the Raptors have stolen to melt everything is sight. více
The Mysterious Island of Dr. Monstromo
The malevolent Dr. Monstromo lures the Raptors to his private island, hoping to use their DANN in his efforts to create an army of vicious predators. When the Dinosaurs show up hot on the Raptors' trail, Monstromo tries to capture them, hoping to add them to the mix. It's up to Hardrock to defeat Monstromo's monstrous Griffin and shut down Dr. Monstromo's lab before his friends fall victim to the doctor'' sinister plans. více
Haxx becomes the leader of the Raptors when he gets his claws on a mysterious mask that turns anyone who looks at it to stone, and uses it to turn Bad Rap into a statue. The Extreme Ones must find a way to put the mask out of commission before Haxx adds them to his statue collection, and they have to stop Haxx and Spittor from making off with a fossilized Velociraptor egg which they plan to clone into an army of Raptors. více
Holiday on Ice
Bad Rap, tired of holiday cheer, sets out to blast the North Pole with stolen sonic disruptors, not only melting the polar ice cap, but also (if there is a Santa Claus) ending this Christmas foolishness once and for all! It's up to the Extreme Dinosaurs to stop him, and to help Pork's cynical 8 year-old nephew get what he really wants for Christmas. více
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