SERIÁL: Požárník Sam

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Bronwyn's Millionth Customer
Sarah and James discover the Wholefish Cafe is about to have its one millionth customer and convince Bronwyn to mark the event with a big celebration. více
Runaway Train
Nipper the dog's desperation for a sausage sandwich causes The Pontypandy Flyer to set off across the mountains full of passengers, but with no driver. více
Mandy's Mountain
On a trip to the Mountain Activity Centre, Mandy decides to follow Moose on his practice climb. více
Water Tower Inferno
A fire at the base of a water-tower puts the Pontypandy Flyer locomotive in great danger on the day of the station's grand opening. více
Jupiter na útěku
When the Pontypandy Pioneers visit the fire station, Norman ends up accidentally driving Jupiter through Pontypandy. Sam races to the rescue! více
The Big Chill
After using it on a snowman, Norman washes Dilys' best scarf and hangs it out to dry. The scarf freezes and Norman decides to thaw it in the oven. Also, Sam discovers that he isn't as good at lighting fires as he is at putting them out. více
Boyce will be Boyce
When Station Officer Steele hurts his back, Chief Fire Officer Boyce fills in for him and gets Jupiter wedged under a bridge. Meanwhile, Sarah gets stuck in a tree thanks to Norman's new kite. více
Elvis in Concert
Pontypandy is holding a Charity Concert and Elvis is the star act. But when he and Mike have a cliff hanging accident, the concert is put in jeopardy. více
Mandy at Sea
Charlie has been teaching Mandy to sail and it's time for her first solo voyage. When Mandy's mast breaks, Neptune is scrambled to rescue her. více
The Great Guinea Pig Rescue
Elvis borrows the fire station's equipment to help Sarah and James look for Norris the Guinea Pig who is responsible for causing an electrical fire. více
The Pontypandyness Monster
Sarah pretends to see the Pontypandyness Monster to help fill up her grandfather's train. So many people crowd on to the unfinished jetty to see it that the jetty breaks and floats away. více
Disastrous Dilys
At the fire station the team are preparing for the worst... Norman Price is at sea and anything could happen - Operation Nautical Norman is underway! více
Charlie's Big Catch
Bessie to the Rescue
At the train station, Station Officer Steele discovers Bessie, his old fire engine that runs on rails and begins restoring her to her former glory. více
King of the Mountain
Tom and Moose end up in trouble while trying to prove who is the better mountaineer. Luckily, the Pontypandy Pioneers come to the rescue with teamwork and quick thinking. více
Lighthouse Lock Out
Norman's meddling gets the group locked out on the lighthouse balcony. As Moose tries to climb to safety he ends up dangling dangerously. více
Girls' Night In
Helen is hosting a girls' night and Mandy is given the task of babysitting naughty little Lily Chen. It's not long before some hot curling tongs cause a fire. Meanwhile, the men have a boys' night which isn't quite so well organised. více
Mazaná liška
Tom and Moose offer to help Mandy and Norman spot a fox, but they end up stuck down a foxhole. Meanwhile, Elvis takes his advanced driving test under the supervision of Chief Fire Officer Boyce. více
Ztracená Lily
Bella is so happy about the diamond ring she's inherited, until it goes missing and Trevor tries to find it. více
Sky Lanterns
Mrs Chen's class will release some sky lanterns to celebrate Chinese New Year. Norman is very excited and just can't wait to launch his lantern! více
The Pontypandy Polar Bear
Sarah and James venture out in the snow to get a photo of a polar bear for the newspaper, but an avalanche results in them getting trapped in a cave. více
Ice Cold in Pontypandy
It's a cold, snowy day and Trevor loses control of the bus. It eventually comes to rest on a frozen lake but then the ice begins to crack! více
Snowball of Doom
Snow has fallen in Pontypandy. Norman and Derek emulate their snowboarding hero Billy Bob Blizzard by copying his moves... using Dilys' ironing board. více
Dilys and Bronwyn are competing for the prize of best Christmas lights, with Mike running between them adding more and more lights to their displays. více
Norman's Halloween Heist
Norman hatches a cunning plan to get all the sweets in Pontypandy for himself on Halloween night. více
Wheel of Fire

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