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Whose Trash Is It Anyway?
Jonathan and Mark visit a friend of Mark's who's running for public office who's an extremely honest man. And when his opponent who's the opposite tries to smear him by going after his son. Things get out of hand. více
Hello and Farewell
Hello and Farewell: Part Two
The Silent Bell
When the church decrees that religion be taught in his preschool, a minister faces a crisis of conscience and an exodus of ethnically mixed teachers and students. více
The Reunion
The Source
Jonathan latest assignment has him working as the faculty adviser at a school paper. 2 student journalists are told by a female student that the bus driver was inappropriate with her. They go ahead with the story without checking it further. And the driver's life, who claims to be innocent, is ruined. Jonathan tries to kill the story but the Principal who's the father of one of the boys over rules him. více
The Squeaky Wheel
Goodbye, Mr. Zelinka
Jonathan and Mark's latest assignment has them as private investigators. And their clients are a Vietnamese couple who have come to the U.S. to look for their sons whom they had to give up during the war. Jonathan and Mark locate them and the couple wants to bring them back with them to Singapore. But the boys have a life in the U.S. and have bonded with the people who took them in. více
Summer Camp
After suffering major body burns in a freak accident, a top fashion model and actress tried to hide away both from herself and from paying offers to exploit her injuries. Jonathan and Mark offer her a job as a counselor at a summer camp for blind children run by Jonathah and Mark's blind friend Frank, and she accepts under her real name, but she doesn't count on falling in love with Frank and is terrified of him finding out her identity. What she doesn't know is that Frank already knows and is in love with her ... the real her. více
The Inner Limits
A young man is considering institutionalizing his brother, who has been completely paralyzed and speechless for many years, against the wishes of their mother who insists that the brother is not vegetative but can truly understand. When Jonathan and Mark prove that far from being mindless the brother does indeed have a brilliant mind locked in his disadvantaged body, the man must confront his guilt and shame as well as the brother he gave up on. více
It's a Dog's Life
Mark seems to be on his own on this assignment when "The Boss" has apparently turned Jonathan into a pooch, given Mark "the stuff" and handed them a runaway kid with a ditzy mother and a father who's heaven knows where...but are things really what they seem? více
Merry Christmas from Grandpa

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