SERIÁL: Kim Possible

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Zachránit svět je někdy lehčí než řešit vlastní problémy. Čtrnáctiletá superagentka Kim Possible o tom ví své. více
Nový Ron
Nový Ron Zachránit svět je někdy lehčí než řešit vlastní problémy. Čtrnáctiletá superagentka Kim Possible o tom ví své. více
The New Ron
Poraď si, jak umíš Zachránit svět je někdy lehčí než řešit vlastní problémy. Čtrnáctiletá superagentka Kim Possible o tom ví své. více
In Kim's first encounter with Dr. Drakken, she must retrieve an experimental robot tick that Drakken has rigged to explode.... but first she has to escape detention with Mr. Barkin. více
Just when Kim thinks she can have a break from fighting freaky super-villains with a relaxing school ski vacation, she finds that her parents have replaced the original chaperones and are sure to embarrass her, and Ron(as well as Mr. Barkin)seeks photos of a mythical beast that a tabloid newspaper claims has been hiding in the mountains. As it turns out the beast is real, and is among other creatures created by the hyper-affectionate mad scientist and cuddle-buddy lover Dr. Amy Hall, a.k.a DNAmy, a woman skilled in genetic splicing with a habit of making her own real-life versions of her beloved plush toys. více
Bueno Papčo
Kim's parents won't simply buy her a new fashionable jacket from Club Banana. So she must apply for a job at Bueno Nacho to save the money. She puts in an application for Ron as well, feeling working together would make it a better experience. Both are hired by Ned the assistant manager. But Kim isn't as adept at the job as Ron, who soon replaces Ned (and acquires the clip-on tie of assistant managership). Kim also is trying to foil Dr. Drakken's latest scheme (covering Wisconsin with magma), so her paycheck keeps suffering from her frequent absenses. She goes off on a mission when Wade relocates Drakken; Ron stays behind with his newfound job responsibilities. But when she's captured, Wade calls Ron on Bueno Nacho's drive-thru channel. Ron decides that friendship is more important than the job, and leave to help Kim. They defeat Drakken, sealing him and his henchmen in molten cheese (Wisconsin, y'know). Back home, Ron buys Kim the jacket she wanted. But when Ned walks by wearing the same jacket, he advises Kim to exchange it. více
Agent číslo jedna
With her position as head cheerleader at stake, Kim competes with Bonnie trying to raise money for the squad by selling chocolate bars. This proves to be more difficult for her when she's recruited by the Global Justice Organiztion to recover a kidnapped retired weapons expert named Professor Sylvan Greene with the help of haughty GJ agent Will Du. Professor Greene was discovered to have been kidnapped by Duff Killigan, the world's deadliest golfer. However, since his expertise is practically common knowledge these days, Kim, Ron, Rufus, and Agent Du find a whole different motive for the kidnapping of the professor. více
Hrátky s mozkem
Kim is called for help from Dr. Drakken, but not; the voice isn't his, but of a Pvt. Dobbs. Drakken has used a brain-switching machine to trade bodies with Dobbs. Kim and Ron go to rescue Dobbs from Drakken's lair. While there, they battle Shego and accidentally get brain-swapped themselves. Meanwhile, Drakken has used Dobbs's body to get into a top-secret project area and steal a new military weapon. When he returns, he finds his new lair destroyed, so he and his henchmen move. While unpacking, he discovers that his body is missing, and he wants it back. While Wade tracks down where Drakken has moved, Kim and Ron get a good taste of what it's like in each others shoes: Ron being bullied and Kim being over-tasked. Wade finds Drakken, and Kim, Ron, and Dobbs return to Drakken's new lair to retrieve the weapon. After battling Shego, Drakken senses a loss and sets the self-destruct on his new lair. With mere seconds to go, Kim and Ron re-switch their brains. Unfortunately, Ron and Rufus get swapped. They re-swap and escape just before the lair explodes. Dobbs is in luck; the weapon is indestructible, and is unscathed in the midst of the debris. více
Útok vražedných Bibin
Ron wants to belong to a group in school, and he decides becoming the only male on the cheer squad is what to do. Kim wants to be supportive, but seeing Ron's mad dog mascot routine (complete with head mask and rabid foam) makes her doubt Ron's place is on cheer squad. This angers Ron, and he storms away. Meanwhile, two local scientists are kidnapped. While at the site of the second one's disappearance, Ron sees an old college picture of the two missing scientists and Kim's dad. Ron (with Rufus's help) realizes that Dr. Possible is the next target. Still being mad at Kim, he decides to handle this lead himself. He makes a mask of Dr. Possible, borrows Dr. P's car keys, and goes out to his car. Suddenly, the roof of the car is punctured and three robots take Ron away. Later, Dr. Possible arrives at Kim's cheer practice, mad at what Ron has done to his car. Suspecting foul play, Kim asks Wade to track Ron, who traces him to a local hotel. Once there, Kim and Dr. Possible notice that everyone has been knocked out with a sleeping gas. Inside, they find Dr. Drakken with the two scientists and Ron in a cage. It turns out that Drakken was once a fourth friend of the other three - Drew Lipsky - who was laughed out of school because he'd brought crude female robots for the four of them to take to a dance. But now he's perfected the robots, called Bebes, and plans to have his revenge on his three former friends. But Dr. Possible recognizes how the robots must coordinate their minds, and has Wade send an audio jamming signal via the Kimmunicator to confuse the robots. With them disabled, Kim quickly dispatches them and stops Drakken. Back home, Kim is feeling guilty about not being supportive of Ron's dream (and afraid he might turn out like Drakken if he loses a friend's support). So she decides to keep Ron on the cheer squad. At his first appearance at a basketball game, the crowd goes wild for the Middleton Mad Dog, and Ron's place on the squad is assured. více
Královský spratek
Kim's efforts to run for school council president are setback when she has to bodyguard a spoiled prince. více
Trenérský post
Kim takes over coaching her brothers' soccer team, but her hyper-competitiveness means that she may be the only one playing! Senior Senior Junior plots his first evil scheme... but why does it look more like he's setting up a disco? více
Král bolesti versus Kleopatra
An ancient Egyptian talisman which can give its wearer supernatural strength is stolen from a museum, and Kim and Ron battle the now-supersized thief at a pro wrestling match. více
Gorilí pěst útočí
Respected archaeologist Sir Montgomery "Monty" Fiske seeks Kim's help in retrieving an ancient idol, which unfortunately for Ron is shaped like a monkey. The mission would seem good for Kim, though, because it gives her the chance to get away from a visit by her nerdy cousin Larry - that is until the idol is stolen by a ninja. Ron's persistent monkey-phobia makes him suspicious of Sir Fiske, which Kim blows off, until she finds that Ron was right about him all along. With the help of a holographic version of herself invented by Wade, Ron realizes Fiske's hands and feet were surgically mutated as monkey appendages, and he uses the idol she recovered and three others to transform himself into a future monkey kung-fu master of the world known as Lord Monkey Fist! více
Třicátý první říjen
During a mission, a kind of super compact battle armor attaches itself to Kim's wrist. During Halloween, Ron wants her to go trick-or-treating with him, her parents want her to help them with a Halloween event and there will be a Halloween ball which Kim's love interest, Josh Mankey, will go to. When Kim starts to lie to her parents and Ron in order to be able to go to the ball, the armor begins developing. Wade informs her that the mechanism is based on stress, which Kim experiences heavily when she lies. Meanwhile, Drakken and Duff Killigan race to steal the armor. více
Ron, wanting to write for the school newspaper, interviews Kim, but takes her quote about quarterback Brick Flagg being "hot" out of context. Ron's article embarrasses Kim and leads to Brick asking Kim on a date, which she is reluctant to go on. Meanwhile, Ron, Jim, and Tim are fans of TV stuntwoman Adrena Lynn, but Kim considers her a bad influence on children who imitate her stunts (such as her brothers). Kim catches Adrena Lynn faking a stunt, and Ron's report on the fraud makes national news and causes Adrena Lynn's show to be canceled. As a result, Adrena Lynn plots revenge on Kim and Ron. více
Levná kimitace
Kim is envious that Bonnie is accepted by the upper classmen at Middleton High just because she wears the latest fashion. But then a top fashion critic sees Kim in action and makes Kim's action attire (cargo pants and black crop top) the latest "in" fashion. Meanwhile, Drakken has angered Shego with his attempts to clone her, and she leaves for an extended vacation. While she's gone, Drakken decides to get Kim's DNA and make an evil clone army. But he mistakenly gets a hold on Bonnie Rockwaller's DNA (off of Kim-style clothes he finds in a locker at MHS), but decides to use his evil Bonnies anyway. Sending them to fight Kim, one clone lands in a dumpster outside of Bueno Nacho and dissolves. Sending a sample analysis to Wade, he figures out that a combination of hydrogen, oxygen, and carbon dioxide will dissolve the clones. Kim realizes the old soda at the bottom of the dumpster is what did in the dissolved clone. Confronting Drakken, his henchmen and Bonnie-clones grab hair from Kim, Ron, and Rufus. Drakken then uses the DNA from them to make a plethora of evil clones. Running back into Bueno Nacho, Kim pulls a drink dispenser off its mounting and sprays all the evil clones chasing them, dissolving them into green goo. Drakken sees the carnage and whines about losing. Just then, Shego drives up. Drakken is grateful that she's back, and promises to give up on cloning. více
Bráška na druhou
Kim learns that Dr. Drakken has robbed a secret lab and plans to travel there. However, her parents tell her that she has to babysit her brothers, and the only way she can complete her mission is to take the trouble-making twins with her. The technology-minded twins are excited to visit a secret lab, where they seem to know about all the inventions already. Learning that the device Drakken stole was a mind control device, Kim, Ron, Jim and Tim head for his lair in Peru, where Drakken has already placed Shego under his control. více
Animální přitažlivost
A new fad has hit Middleton: Animology, an elaborate cross between astrology and a personality quiz(as Kim puts it) with animals & colors used to measure people. Kim is completely disinterested in it, until Ron leaves his animology book behind, thus turning her into a believer. As usual though, Kim has much more important matters to deal with. She has to recover a stolen cryovation device owned by mini corn-dog entrepreneur "Pop-Pop" Porter, which Seńor Senior Sr. vows to use to in a revenge plot against the billionaire's club that expelled both him and Seńor Senior Jr. více
Monkey Ninjas in Space
Opičí nindžové ve vesmíru. více
Ron mužem
Drakken breaks into a lab to steal The Pan-dimensional Vortex Inducer (PDVI), but finds that Dr. Dementor has just stolen it. Drakken's bargain-basement henchmen are no match for Dementor's henchmen, and he gets away with the PDVI. Meanwhile, Ron's self-discovery school project hits a snag when Mr. Barkin points out that Ron's Bar Mitzvah certificate is unsigned by his rabbi. Ron doubts his manhood. Back to Drakken, he sends Shego to Henchco to see what she can find to improve his henchmen. She returns with rings that instantly turn the wearers into musclemen. Drakken outfits his men with them and heads to Las Vegas to get the PDVI from Dementor, who is on vacation with his men. Kim and Ron are called by Mr. Hench, founder of Henchco, to retrieve the rings. Ron borrows the prototype to help on the case, but really uses it to inflate his muscles and his ego. They find that Drakken has gone to Las Vegas, and follow. Once there, Ron runs into his rabbi, who's there at a conference. He and Kim then find all the bad guys and grapple for the PDVI. During the fights, it gets activated. Dementor flees, knowing the device will created a Nevada-sized spacial vortex, and Drakken throws it in a vent shaft. Kim and Shego both try to get it, but are stuck in the vent. Ron then pulls them aside and climbs in, but he also gets stuck. Ron's rabbi then counsels him that the muscles aren't what makes him a man, but the ceremony that he passed. Rufus squeezes in, removes the ring, and Ron gets the PDVI and turns it off. (Rufus uses the muscle ring to capture Drakken.) Back in Middleton, Rabbi Katz signs Ron's certificate, and he is a man - again. více
Nízký rozpočet
During a mission in Florida, Kim's jeans are ruined by an alligator. She has no choice but to go to the local "Smarty Mart" store to get a replacement. Once back in Middleton, she goes to Club Banana to buy a replacement pair. On their way to the store, a new villain - Frugal Lucre - interrupts all TV signals to inform the world that he'll destroy the Internet unless everybody sends him $1.00. Dismissing him, Kim finds that she can't buy anything at Club Banana because Lucre has jammed the Internet with e-cards. She goes home, and asks Wade to trace Lucre. They replay his video and discover that he's broadcasting from a Smarty Mart store. Kim taps into their computer network and gets data than pinpoints who Lucre really is: Francis Lurman of Philadelphia. Kim and Ron go to confront Francis, but get trapped in a net guarded by snapping turtles. They get by the turtles and go after Lucre. At the store where he's employed, Lucre finds that only 17 people have sent him any money, so he proceeds with his plan to destroy the Internet, which will be keyed when someone scans a particular can of Vienna Sausages. Ron searches for the can while Kim tags Lucre with a security device, which captures Lucre at the front of his store. více

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