SERIÁL: Lost in Space

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No Place to Hide
October 16th 1997 Inside Alpha control, where final preparations for launching of the spacecraft Gemini 12 are underway. A newscaster explains the reason for the mission and how it could lead to as many as 10 million families leaving an overcrowded Earth to go out into space to colonize the galaxy. This particular flight to Alpha Centauri is expected to take approximately 98 years.Were then introduced to the Robinson family who will be undertaking the flight, Prof John Robinson (Guy Williams) his wife and biologist Maureen Robinson (June Lockhart) Radio astronomer Don West (Mark Goddard) Their eldest daughter Judy Robinson (Marta Kristen) next eldest Penny (Angela Cartwright) with an IQ of 149 and finally Will Robinson (Bill Mumy) who passed college at age of 9 with the highest grade average ever recordedWe see the family enter special tubes that will hold them in suspended animation for the flight. Although it will take nearly a century, the family themselves will only age but a second.The ship lifts off and we hear a voiceover tell us of the progress of the flight. At first all appears normal till the ship encounters a meteor shower hits the ship causing considerable damage. The ship has the technology to regenerate its own systems but major fires are breaking out all over the ship leading to fears the craft was lost with all hands. The voiceover fades as we see the ship approaching an unknown planet and begins to descend before coming to rest in for an unseen landing.We hear John Robinson reading his diary entry from Dec 3 2001. It appears their instruments show they were in suspended animation for 3 and-a-half years, and they have now been on the planet for six months. So far progress to establishing a camp and securing food for themselves has gone well. The Professor and Don have gone up into the surrounding mountains to check instrument packs they had previously left. The instruments indicate the temperature is falling rapidly and will hit 150 below zero in the next few days. They decide they need to abandon the ship and head south as fast as they can.While checking other instruments they come across an enormous set of footprints. As they go to leave they find themselves trapped by a giantBack at the ship concern grows over where Don and John are. Will gets a telescope working and sees the threat the giant presents. He then disobeys his mother, grabs a gun and heads out to rescue his father and Don who have been forced into a cave by the creatureReaching his father, Will fires at the giant and kills it. John is happy Will showed the courage he did, however John had told him to guard the ship.Later as everyone packs for the trip south, it is realized Penny has gone missing. John puts on a jet pack and heads out in search of his daughter. John eventually finds her and flies her back with a pet monkey like creature A bloop named Debbie.As they head south in the chariot they encounter another giant, who is killed this time by Don. As they continue on, Don realizes the power units were damaged when the giant threw a rock at the chariot. Knowing they are looking at hours of repairs the Robinsons make camp for the night.As Don repairs the chariot Judy helps him, this leads to a romantic moment spotted by Penny. She warns her parents of what is happening and they explain this is normal behavior among young peopleLater the chariot is caught out in the open during a thunder storm. The party heads for a cave and discover some artificial ruins that appear to be the remains of a castle. They begin to explore the ruins and first Debbie then Penny and finally Will, get separated from the rest. Penny and Will then fall through a trapdoor in a wall. Judy and West find them but also become trapped as an earthquake rocks the area.John and Maureen are drawn by the screams of the others and burns through the wall using his laser. They manage to escape from the cave and continue their trip searching for the inland sea and a way through to the warmer tropics. John reads a diary note in which he ponders what was found in the cave, and what the ramifications of having to share the planet with aliens might meanThe chariot eventually reaches the inland sea and begins to cross, during the night the craft encounters yet another severe storm and once again the power units begin to fail. Don diagnoses that the solar relay has come detached,realizing without power the Chariot cant be steered, Don goes out despite the storm and attempts to fix the relay.Don warns the others the Chariot is heading for a whirlpool. Just as he repairs the relay Don is washed overboard by a giant wave. The family, frantically searches for Don but have no success. When all hope is lost Don is suddenly washed back to the Chariot and he climbs back onboard. They make it through the storm, reach land and eventually stop in a forested clearing. We hear John begin to read from his diary as the family gathers to kneel in pray and to give thanks for surviving the adventure.Unseen by the Robinsons two aliens observe them making menacing gestures to each více
The Reluctant Stowaway
An historic day. The Robinsons - John, Maureen, Judy, Penny and Will - become Earth's first family of outer space, on its way, accompanied by pilot Maj. Don West, to colonize a planet circling Alpha Centauri; however, Dr. Smith, as an enemy agent of a foreign power, means to set them on a course of doom by reprogramming the robot to destroy their ship, the Jupiter 2, eight hours in space. The unfortunate doctor winds up caught in his own treachery and hurls off into space with the Robinson party. His excess weight first throws the ship off course, then, with the robot coming to life and bashing all the controls, they all become "hopelessly lost in space." více
The Derelict
Heat from an approaching comet nearly spells doom for Maureen and John who are stuck outside the ship after a rescue and repair operation. Afterwards, Will and Dr. Smith make a first-contact encounter with aliens when a gigantic and seemingly derelict spaceship pulls the Jupiter 2 inside itself. více
Island in the Sky
When John Robinson loses control of his spacewalk and falls onto a nearby planet, Dr. Smith, in command of the Robot, immediately tries to force Don and Maurine into returning to Earth rather than going after John. Thanks to some quick thinking, Smith's takeover is thwarted and the Jupiter II braces for a crash landing. Finding the planet cold but habitable, Don and the Robinsons venture out in their chariot to find John, believing they've left Dr. Smith under control. They haven't, and the scheming Doctor continues to lay plans with the robot against the Robinsons. více
There Were Giants in the Earth
After Will averts the Robot's murderous intent, the Robinson party comes under threat by native creatures at extreme size ranges. Parasitic microbes in the soil await catalysts to infest and grow into monstrous proportions while a giant cyclops roams the area. Adding to that, the weather takes an extreme turn for the worse, forcing them to abandon ship. A cave containing the remains of a civilized people provides temporary sanctuary but also a danger for the curious. více
The Hungry Sea
The inherent dangers of the alien planet continue as the Robinsons flee south to avoid the terrible, sub-zero deep freeze threatening them. Dr. Smith defiantly stays behind in the Jupiter 2 where he obtains peculiar orbital data. Initially delighted that the Robinsons are blindly heading to their doom, deprivation from human contact finally gets to the devious doctor and he sends the robot to warn them that they're jumping straight from a freezer into a frying pan. And a once-frozen sea becomes a tempest-tossed danger. více
Welcome Stranger
Will's open radio signal brings in Jimmy Hapgood, a fellow lost traveler who left Earth back in 1982 on a one-man ship he calls Travelin' Man. It's a good little craft that could make it back to Earth, giving Prof. Robinson the idea of sending him back along with Will and Penny. That suits Dr, Smith just fine but with himself in Will and Penny's place. Meanwhile, an incomplete decontamination of Travelin' Man spawns trouble. více
My Friend, Mr. Nobody
Feeling lonely and alienated from her family, Penny finds solace in her friendship with Mr. Nobody, a voice that lives in a cave near a spring. Mr. Nobody is in fact a bodiless life force who becomes fiercely protective of his human friend. Trouble arises when Smith discovers that the jacks that Mr. Nobody gave to Penny as playthings are diamonds. více
Invaders from the Fifth Dimension
Macabre aliens -- quite literally talking heads -- need a humanoid brain to replace a worn out computer in their spaceship. They capture Smith, but quickly realize that his brain is unsatisfactory. The aliens release Smith so that he can bring them somebody more suitable: "a small Robinson." více
The Oasis
During a time of dangerously high temperatures and severe drought, the only glimmer of relief comes in the form of native fruit found floating in an undrinkable pool. It might be toxic. Before the fruit can be properly tested, Debbie the Bloop and Dr. Smith help themselves to it. Dr. Smith believes the Robinsons left it out deliberately for him to find and poison himself with it. Thinking he'll soon die by their treachery, he enacts revenge by taking the last working fuel cell to their water reclamation unit, leaving them to slowly die of thirst while he himself wanders off to die alone. As it turns out, the fruit isn't poisonous but it isn't harmless either, having a monstrous effect on all who eat it. více
The Sky Is Falling
A small, crab-like robot heralds the arrival of a family of colonists from an alien race called the Taurons. John believes that they are peaceful settlers, but Smith insists that they are the vanguard of an invading army. více
Wish Upon a Star
Dr. Smith goes into voluntary exile after John confronts him when his laziness and carelessness threaten the group's survival. With Will's assistance, Smith makes a home in the wreck of an alien spaceship. In it, they find a small alien machine that materializes the operator's wishes. více
The Raft
Will's "message in a bottle" experiments deplete the supply of fuel for the Jupiter 2. John and Don work on an alternate fuel source, but they cannot stabilize the output. Deciding to build a smaller, 2-man craft, they pull the reactor chamber out and use Will's experiments to construct a "space raft". více
One of Our Dogs Is Missing
With Don, John, Will and the robot away to establish relay stations, a meteor shower precedes the appearance of two fanged visitors to the planet - a seemingly innocent Earth dog and a seemingly dangerous horned gorilla-bear hybrid, both with interests in those back at the Jupiter 2. Dr. Smith, relentlessly paranoiac, firmly believes the dog is an alien spy, while Judy and Maureen fear the presence of the other creature, which stalks them unseen. více
Attack of the Monster Plants
As the Robinsons accumulate the last amounts of fuel needed for lift off, Smith is expelled from the camp when his cowardice and sloth nearly costs the men's lives. John is undecided about taking Smith when they leave, but the doctor discovers that the peculiar reproductive habits of alien cyclamen plants might give him the upper hand. více
Return from Outer Space
Penny discovers an egg on the transportation machine left behind by the Taurons. After Dr. Smith makes off with it, Penny is trapped in a maser beam accidentally activated by Debbie the bloop. Both vanish. Will wonders if the machine has had anything to do with her unexplained disappearance and, with the robot's help, effectively brings her back. She has no memory of the experience, and everyone comes to take Will's report as just fanciful imagination. Nevertheless, Prof. Robinson thinks they should destroy the machine to keep Will from playing around with it. Distressed by its immanent and needless destruction, Will takes the robot and has himself beamed to Earth, with instructions for the robot to bring him back in three hours. On Earth, Will is taken for a runaway with fanciful tales; back on the planet, Dr. Smith takes the robot away for selective reprogramming while John and Don arrive to destroy the alien machine. více
The Keeper: Part 1
The Keeper, a collector of animal specimens, comes to the planet to collect two of every kind. The Robinson party only becomes aware of his presence after Dr. Smith is ultra-sonically mesmerized into entering one of his cages. The Keeper, who can be as charming as he is condescendingly arrogant, eventually comes to see the Robinsons and thereafter sets out to add a couple of them to his collection. více
The Keeper: Part 2
Dr. Smith tries to steal the Keeper's spaceship, but succeeds only in releasing his collection of animals, many of them dangerous. Although The Keeper can easily recall his creatures, he refuses to do so unless the Robinsons give him Penny and Will. více
The Sky Pirate
To the planet comes a one-man spacecraft bearing the self-professed pirate Alonzo P. Tucker. He and his mechanical parrot capture Will and Dr. Smith. He releases Smith over Will (thanks to Smith's self-serving negotiating skills) then bargains with the Robinsons: Will's safe return in exchange for repairs to his ship. Will, however, is really in no danger and has, in fact, bonded with Tucker over Tucker's tall tales of adventure. Nevertheless, John accepts the terms, Will is returned, and Tucker's ship is examined. To John and Don's astonishment, it's a hyperspace vehicle that could shuttle them all back to Earth. The future looks rosy indeed for both the Robinson party and for Earth's space program except for one thing - Tucker has failed to mention he's on the run from a boulder-sized alien blob who's none too pleased with his past plundering behavior, putting them all in apparent danger. více
Ghost in Space
The Robinson party comes under a new threat created by Dr. Smith when he ditches an explosive in a bog full of ionized gas. The result is an invisible monster that abhors sunlight. Dr. Smith believes it's the ghost of his Uncle Thaddeus, returned from the spirit world to vent his displeasure at non-believers. Smith's efforts to placate this "spirit" puts at least one of the Robinson children in particular peril. více
War of the Robots
Will and the robot come upon a dead "robotoid." Will wants a crack at fixing it while the robot wants it left alone or destroyed. In fact, something quite strange is happening with the Robinson's robot: he's developing beyond his programming, becoming more than just machine. Thanks to Will's repairs, the robotoid comes to life, but while it quickly presents itself as a subservient boon to the Robinsons, it secretly softens them up for capture by its distant alien masters, who are on their way. více
The Magic Mirror
Penny and Dr. Smith enter the twilight world of the looking glass when they fall into a full-length alien mirror. Behind the glass lives a care-free Peter Pan-like boy and a shaggy one-eyed monster forever chasing him, but while Penny's mind can except these things for what they are, Dr. Smith's can't. více
The Challenge
Will meets and befriends Quano, a warlike alien prince who tells Will that his father is "a great and mighty ruler." John meets the ruler, who presently challenges him and Will to a father-and-son athletic competition, which includes--among other events--a battle fought with electric swords that can blow up a tree at the slightest touch. John and Will win the contest, but Quano is so embarrassed by his loss to Will that he runs off on his own to hunt down and kill a dangerous alien that lurks in a nearby cave, hoping to prove his maturity to his father. John and the ruler join forces to rescue Quano from the creature--against whom Quano is no match--teaching Quano a lesson in responsibility and all four men a lesson in friendship. více
The Space Trader
A sudden storm destroys the Robinson's food supply, artificially created by an unscrupulous space trader with an ulterior motive. He thereafter makes himself known and uses food to lure them into trading, but Prof. Robinson stands fast. Stuck with limited rations (practically nothing more than a few protein pills and a swig of water), only Dr. Smith among the Robinson party grumbles. The trader soon has Smith doing business, at first trading the robot for food, then for Smith himself to trade the robot back. By verbal agreement, the trader intimates he wouldn't collect Smith for another 200 years, but verbal indications aren't binding, and under the fine print of their signed contract, the trader exercises a clause whereby he can collect - now! (his intent all along). více
His Majesty Smith
Once again, Dr. Smith's character flaws lead him into trouble. His avarice triggers a bejeweled crown, summoning an alien race from Andronica who ostensibly ask Will to be their king (since Will wears the crown when they arrive). Will declines and Dr. Smith thinks himself cleaver by cunningly veering their interest onto him instead, thereafter becoming into a royal pain (ready to behead Don for past grievances). Truth is, the crown is a baited hook seeking to latch onto the worst of all men. (Dr. Smith can't remove it from his own head till Will, pure of heart, lifts it off easily.) The Andronicans' interest has always been for Zachary alone. Their annual Festival of Sacrifice demands they find a most worthless man to crown as king, to be sacrificed for good luck and the betterment of all in the coming year. With the Robinsons bent on launching a rescue, the chief Andronican creates a Smith-duplicate, imbued with all the industrious and selfless qualities they admire (everything the real Smith is not) to satisfy the Robinsons. It works, but the real Smith manages to escape. Now the Robinsons have two Smith's on their hands with an angry and superior force of Andronicans coming after them all. více
The Space Croppers
When a howl has Dr. Smith crying werewolf, he, for once, isn't mistaken. An enchanted family has come to the planet to sow some crops and be on their way. The mother and daughter are enchantresses (witches, if you will) while their clumsy, tongueless lout of a son/brother is a werewolf. Smith suspects none of this. He sees them only a free ride back to Earth and begins wooing the hard-bitten, widowed mother for passage. What is not known about this family is that, once they leave, their ravenous plants left behind will consume all life on the planet. více
All That Glitters
With only the women and Dr. Smith at the Jupiter 2, a fugitive alien named Ohan is taken in by Penny. He's a professional galactic thief and the target of a planned man-hunt by a brutish space officer and his two tracking beasts. Dr. Smith is not interested in Ohan's plight until Penny reveals he's left a disk in her safekeeping that can lead anyone to the greatest treasure in the galaxy. The disk itself provides a warning against seeking it, which Dr. Smith, greedy as ever, ignores. The treasure turns out to be a clasped, close-fitting neck ring that provides any wearer the Midas Touch, which is now Dr. Smith's, but his initial delight turns to horror when the clasp vanishes and the treasure becomes a death sentence. více
The Lost Civilization
Will awakes a sleeping princess whom he now must marry. Her race has been awakened and now plans to conquer the universe starting with earth. více
A Change of Space
A strange interdimsensional ship turns Will into a genius and Doctor Smith into an old man. více
Follow the Leader
Doctor Smith (Jonathan Harris) leads Professor Robinson (Guy Williams) to a cave where he and William (Bill Mumy) in the course of getting rock samples see a lizard that causes Smith to drop a laser in to a pit. The Professor goes down to retrieve the valuable weapon when an Earth tremor rocks the cave.Smith escapes only to see the cave entrance collapse. The professor, searching for another way out explores the pit and comes across some unusual ruins. Curious he pulls on a panel causing a section of the wall to close trapping him.Smith arrives back at the ship and tells and tells West (Mark Goddard) Judy (Marta Kristen) and Penny (Angela Cartwright) what has happened. He believes the professor is deadIn the cave a disembodied voice begins conversing with Robinson. After nearly being killed by a falling statue, a dinosaur emerges from a side cave then disappears as John waits to do battle. The voice tells him it is pleased with Johns strength and courageJohn discovers the voice is coming from a statue. The statue tells him it has been waiting a long time for him to arrive. He explains he was once a great warrior for his race, but all their physical bodies were used up and he needs RobinsonsA strange mist spills from the statue causing John to go to sleep as the Thing begins to take over his body The rest of the family dig at the entrance of the cave, they debate continuing to work once nightfall has come and the batteries of the chariot have only a few minutes of power before the headlights fail. Sometime later John wakes and the voice tells him it has cleared the entrance of the cave. The thing tells him he is now a part of the professor, and every time the Professor sleeps the thing will gain greater access to his mind and bodyBack at the ship nobody can sleep and are waiting for dawn when suddenly John re-appears. At dawn the family breakfasts together except Smith, who fearing a confrontation, doesnt want to eat with the family. Will finds Smith and tells him Robinson wants to talk to himRobinson tells Smith he is not to eat at the table because he was late and if he is late the next day he will go another 24 hours without food. The others try to calm John, but he tells them is it too much to expect a little disciplineJohn goes into the Jupiter 2 and Don questions Smith about his actions at the cave. Smith responds with a claim that Professor Robinson is actually losing his sanity, Don rejects to the claim.Later John is in his bedroom when Will comes to talk to him. Robinson apologizes to his son about the outburst. Will tells him it really does not matter. John then tells Will he should have insisted the children remain on Earth. The discussion stops as John falls asleepHe tosses and turns as the thing attempts to gain further control of John. The entity explains further what its plan is. The Professor tells him the engines are non functional and there is no fuel The next morning Will confides in to the Robot that he is worried about his father. Doctor Smith intervenes and continues the point that Johns issues were always mental not physical. Smith then explains he can cure the ProfessorJohn explains he is feeling fine, and when Maurine asks more probing questions, he becomes aggressive. He then shows Don a machine he has designed capable of producing the fuel needed to get the ship into space. Don is stunned and wants to know where he got the information, its years ahead of anything hes ever seen. John again becomes aggressive when Don wants to know why hes never discussed. He then clashes again with MaurineLater in the evening the crew discusses Johns manic behavior. Smith again pushes the issue of the professors mental illness, this time he gets the green light from the others to try and get through to JohnIn the professors cabin, Smith works on trying to get John relaxed. He then broaches the change in Johns emotions. John reacts by insulting Smith. Suddenly the entity begins to speak to Smith, explaining who he is. The entity then swears Smith to secrecy on the threat he will be killed.The next morning Smith mulls over the situation, the Robot explains he knows what is wrong, but Smith panics and leaves the conversation. The Robot then explains to the rest of the crew his theory that Professor Robinson is partially possessed by an alien spirit, that has not completed the transfer, but time is shortThe spirit tells Robinson of the Robots revelation, and surprisingly agrees the others have to be removed. That night the Professor goes for a walk, and Will follows him back to the cave where the professor was dug out. Robinson ambushes Will and threatens to punish him if he tells anyone what he has seen, there will be consequences. After the boy rushes off, the spirit tells him it is time for the final transferNext morning John cant be found. Don plays a hunch that professor has returned to the cave and he Maurine and Judy go to look for him. They stumble upon the ruins and find John dressed differently, and carrying a sword.Don realizes things are far worse than they thought, Don realizes he needs to somehow disarm John so they can try and help him Maurine then appeals to John using Dons friendship and the rest of his family. She seems to make a breakthrough and the old John Robinson seems to have returned till Don gets the sword from him Maurine tries again, but John finds another weapon and attacks Don. A sword fight breaks till Don appears to be knocked unconscious. The professor then leaves the cavern closing the trap door with the ominous words I spent centuries in this cave. Perhaps you will appreciate it.The next morning Will and Penny are increasingly concerned with the non return of the other adults, as they are about to go searching. John appears wearing a strange helmet and speaking in the voice of the spirit. The Robot reacts by attempting to defend the children. But John tells him there is no danger, but he is actually a friend.He then explains the information he knows about the fate of their parents and Don. They were kidnapped by a group of aliens. The Spirit did not support the actions, and the other aliens left him behind. He wants to repair the Jupiter 2 so he can get revenge and the children can be re-united with the rest of their family and Don. William challenges the alien. Why didnt he see the other aliens or the spaceship. Will then says he will not leave the planet and runs off.That night the Robot finds Will and tells he has no information on the alien, it is as if the creature has a barrier around him. The alien interrupts the conversation. Will restates his position of not going with the alien, the Robot also says he will stay.The alien asks if he can prove everything he claims, would Will go with him. Will agrees and is taken to a high cliff face. Will asks are you going to kill me, and the spirit says yes. Will then says I know why you are wearing the mask, and talks him into taking the mask off. Will attempts to get through to John by telling him he loves him. We hear the spirit screaming at John to obey him.Realizing how to save himself, John throws the mask over the cliff and the Spirit is heard screaming in outrage as it falls into the více

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