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Near future. The US is self-sufficient in energy. Civil Wars have halted oil production on the Arabian Peninsula. Europe is on the verge of an energy crisis. Norway stops all oil and gas production due to the effects of climate change. Norwegian Prime Minister Jesper Berg walks in a daze down a snowy pathway.Hans Martin Djupvik kisses his wife Hilde goodbye and takes the recycling out on his way to work.Bente Norum has papers spread over her table, her husband Thomas Eriksen watches the BBC news on TV. PM Berg also watches the BBC report on the oil crisis in Europe. His aide Anita Rygg comes for him. Security Services Officer Djupvik escorts the two to a waiting helicopter.Hilde goes to work, her first day at a new job, she is a judge and sends Martin a selfie in her new robe.Thomas Eriksen is a journalist for New Time, media is gathering for a big event but Eriksen is not on the approved list. Still, he manages to cadge a spot inside.PM Berg explains about thorite and how Norway has harnessed the power of Thorium, named after Thor, to build a new clean energy plant. The age of fossil fuel is over he says. The press rush out filing stories.Bente meets her rsetaurant staff, she cannot afford to pay wages but asks if they can stay another month. One waitress agrees but the rest quit and say they need to get paid.Thomas goes for a walkaround, tells Security the PM will want to talk to him. As the PM walks to the waiting helo Thomas throws questions, will there be sanctions? Boarding the aircraft, four black combat suits with guns take the PM, Djupvik and the other guard are forced to disarm. Thomas sees it all and grabs a photo with his cellphone. Djupvik runs to a police car and follows the helicopter, he has a tracker on the PM. Racing down a roadway he can keep the flying helicopter barely in sight.Thomas also gets in his car and texts his Editor that something big is going down.On the tarmac the other Security guards radio Djupvik to abort but he continues. Losing the signal he stops and turns around. Suddenly his screen picks up the signal again and he races toward it again.Wenche Arneson, the Director of Security Services is meeting her doctor, he gives her some papers and advises rest for two weeks. She gets a call and races off in her car.Again Djupvik loses the tracker, he stops in the woods.Arnesen reports to the secure Cabinet boardroom and calls in a request to get Djupvik there. Djupvik notices the helicopter taking off behind him, he turns his car around and follows.Arnesen briefs the Cabinet, they don't know much yet. She patches in the phone speaker directly to Djupvik, he tells the room he is following the helicopter. Suddenly he finds the PM alone on the road. He checks him for injuries and Berg asks for a few seconds before advising Cabinet. Berg says it was good Djupvik wasn't able to intervene earlier. They get into the police car.On an oil rig at sea the workers watch as military helicopters hover above them.A military staff officer tells the Cabinet an armed group has overtaken the oil rig. He wants permission to launch two Orion maritime patrol planes. Djupvik calls in that the PM is safe. Berg joins the call and tells Cabinet to stand down, but since they can`t confirm he is not being coerced at gunpoint they will decide without him.Eriksen reports to his editor Dag Ottesen that the PM was kidnapped.Berg implores the Cabinet that he has been in contact with Russia and the EU and the situation can resolved without a war breaking out. The Foreign Minister De Vibe is the head of Cabinet until Berg can be present. De Vibe hangs up the call to the police car.The Orions head out to sea. Djupvik drives fast as he can.Thomas shows Dag the photo, he starts writing his story of what he saw.Berg arrives at the Government Offices, he cancels the Orion flights.Hilde is hearing a case when Hans Martin texts her. She calls a recess, takes his call, He says get the daughter and get out of town but without further info she doesn`t take him seriously.Berg explains to the Cabinet what happened. The helicopter had landed in a clearing and he had a video call with the EU Energy Commissioner who demanded Norway resume oil and gas exports. The Swedish PM also supported the EU decision. A man walking a dog came nearby and was killed. Berg was allowed to walk away but was in shock.USA has withdrawn from NATO so they can`t expect any help from the Americans. Berg doesn`t want to sacrifice lives in a futile battle against Russia.Arnesen questions Djupvik personally, then the PM comes to her and says the kidnapping never happened. At his office, the Russian Ambassador Irina Sivadorova is waiting to see him.Thomas is in the lobby waiting, the PM comes to see him and says it was just an exercise and to just drop it.Arnesen goes to her office. She tears up the medical certificate.Thomas goes to Bente`s restaurant, she needs him to wash dishes.On TV PM Berg announces a new plan to give the EU more time and have accepted Russian help in restarting oil production. There will be a larger Russian presence in the country.The Djupviks have a family meal at McDonald`s. Hilde jokes about his call earlier that day, Martin can only smile wanly. více
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MayThomas Eriksen has an exclusive interview with PM Jesper Berg. Berg stresses this is just a new energy policy to supply oil and gas to Europe, Russia will depart one production is back up to 100%. Berg will resign when the Russians withdraw. He steadfastly denies the situation meets the definition of an Occupation.The 17 May Constitution Day plans are underway. Hans Martin Djupvik promises his daughter lots of ice cream later but has to skip breakfast and go to work. A short time later he is riding shotgun in PM Berg's limo as a parade marches by. Anita Rygg is on the phone as says Sidorova wants to join the ceremony. At an army Base the Commander Col Vold refuses to come out, he is to be getting a medal. Berg is angry and orders him outside. The Officer takes his place in full regalia. The King's Guard prepares to perform a drill, at 'Present Arms' one soldier aims his rifle at the Russian Ambassador. Djupvik acts quickly and takes him down safely.Bente is loading her car, a young Russian man, Orlov, shows up at her restaurant and offers to book all her tables.Thomas watches the parade and calls Bente, she says she has to beg off their plans as she has a lot of new work. She has 400,000 kroner in bills.Ambassador Sivadorova meets and thanks Djupvik. Djupvik wants to interview the rogue Guardsman but the Norwegian soldiers say he was taken away by the Russians.Thomas' son Petter is upset the family has to help at the restaurant. Thomas calms the boy with ice cream. As they enjoy their cones, Eriksen happens to see the Norwegian soldier taken into an unmarked building across the street. He was able to snap a photo.Vold and Djupvik are confused what happened. Berg tells his pregnant wife Astrid how fast the bodyguard moved, they are preparing for a state dinner. Some guests have cancelled, the PM wants to carry on. Astrid is nervous and wants to leave the country.Eriksen shows his editor Dag Ottesan the photo of the Norwegian guardsman in Russian custody. Thomas thinks it shows the PM is lying, but Ottesan won't print it, yet.PM Berg makes a speech to a small group of his faithful. He is staying on to help the country through a difficult time.Ottesan calls Rygg for comment on the story, he gives them 2 hours.Berg calls Wenche Arnesen, Director of Security Services, she reports the Russians have the rogue guardsman. Berg suggests sending Djupvik to the Russians, they owe him one. Arneson drops Djupvik off at the Russian Offices. Serkin, the Russian Intelligence Officer, takes him into a locked cafeteria, Stefan Christensen is chained to a table. Djupvik is locked inside too. Christensen says he did it to stop the Russians, there are others who feel the same way, the entire armed forces, up to senior staff officers. Christensen then clams up, Djupvik asks to go. Serkin refuses to release the prisoner, Sivadorova will be in touch.Two Russians come to take Col Vold but he refuses and instead his guardsmen take the Russians prisoner.Ottesan gives Eriksen the nod to publish as the PM doesn't respond after 2 hours and 10 minutes.Bente serves a noisy fun party, they enjoy her food. Her daughter Maja waits on the table. Thomas and Petter wash dishes. Bente is happy she has business lined up, Thomas doesn't like it as they are Russians.PM Berg watches video proof Russian GRU Spetsnatz are in Norway, he's upset. He has a video call with Sidorova saying the Russians broke the Agreement. She replies Berg was supposed to protect Russians. Cabinet Minister Bent Hole says Col. Vold will trade his hostages for Christensen. Sivadorova and Berg argue, Djupvik says he can prove Christensen acted alone.Bente prepares another course, she has to tell the Russians not to smoke inside.Djupvik returns to talk to Christensen. He leads the interview, the guardsman claims his group planned the shooting a week ago.Eriksen goes out and asks the smoking Russian for a cigarette and tries to find out what's going on in their offices. The Russian, Orlov, gets suspicious and breaks off.Djupvik and Sivadorova talk and acknowledge she only decided to come to the ceremony that morning. Christensen is lying. She appreciates his honesty and opinions.Bente is angry that Thomas was probing her rich customers, they argue in the kitchen and she asks him to leave.Berg is happy the Russians agree to release the Norwegian, Christensen is driven to a local jail compound. Djupvik describes to Arnesen the layout of the Russian offices, they wonder if Sivadorova is really in charge. Serkin was the only other one involved in decision making.Orlov pays the bill in cash, Bente gives Petter a nice tip and sends him home.Berg has a news standup to explain and downplay the day's events.Djupvik goes home to his sleeping wife and daughter.Orlov makes Maja an origami swan from a 200 KR Bill, he waves to the young girl while leaving. Crossing the street he is hit by a car. The car runs off as Bente goes to see the man lying in the street. více
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A young man greets his father for breakfast, they speak Russian. Two Norwegian cops come to arrest the father and take him away.Thomas meets his editor for lunch at Bente's restaurant. They are cynical about the PM's "European Disaster Relief". The restaurant is back in business with new staff, but Bente asks the Editor to leave as she doesn't trust him.PM Jesper Berg holds his new baby boy at home. His EA Anita Rygg comes to get him. Outside in a media scrum most congratulate the PM but Thomas presses for news on a Russia withdrawal, Berg lets slip they will set a date tomorrow.Bente gets bad news, Russians have been cancelling reservations, word is out that the hit and run was an assasination, not an accident.The Russian Ambassador meets with the PM and his Cabinet, Berg is eager to ratify an agreement for the Russians to leave one week after Norway resumes full oil production. However, Sidorova refuses until the Chechen terrorist who murdered a Russian civilian is turned over. The PM says the police are investigating and extradition is not an option.Arneson goes to the men's locker room to get Martin Djupvik. She assigns him to go talk to the Russians and find out why they don't trust Norway's cops. At the Russian offices, Sidorova tells Djupvik there are many Chechens in Norway, she hands him a dossier and says it was no accident.Djupvik goes to see Ingrid Bo, the police detective on the hit and run case. Together they interview the Chechen father, the man claims his innocence, he has been in Norway 8 years as a political refugee. He gets angry with the police.Bente asks her daughter if she saw the driver that night as they peel potatoes, Thomas arrives and the parents talk about the incident, they become heated taking different sides. A surveillance camera is going up, Bente says it will make the Russians feel more secure. Maya, the young girl, is quiet and plays with the origami swan.Berg watches his TV clip promising an exit date. Djupvik arrives and gives the PM the Russian dossier, there are photos of car bombings and a rap sheet on the terrorist. Martin believes the man in custody is guilty. Berg tells Djupvik to get the Chechen sentenced so they can close the matter with Russia.The Chechen's son arrives at Police HQ and turns himself in. Interviewed by Djupvik and Bo he says he was the driver that night, but was sober as he is Muslim. He panicked when he saw the victim was a Russian. The cops seem to believe it but decide not to tell the father just yet.Thomas and Bente have breakfast with their kids. A call comes in, Thomas announces he will be on TV that night debating the PM. Djupvik knocks on the door and wishes to talk to Maya. Bente agrees to go to the Station.The young Chechen is in a lineup with similar young men, Maya says none of them are the driver. Then the group is exchanged for a set of older men, with the Chechen father included. Maya is hesitant and looks to her mother but then says the driver is not here either. Djupvik then takes the son for a drive to retrace the night of the incident. Stopping at the scene the Chechen is pressured to provide details. Finally, the young man admits to Djupvik the father was driving. He had been drinking and the father was scolding him, was distracted, then hit the Russian. Djupvik says if both provide matching statements the charge will be Involuntary Manslaughter, which is not extraditable.At the TV studio Thomas preps, the PM is a no-show and has sent a Cabinet surrogate instead. During the interview Thomas is aggressive and says the PM is weak, it has been 63 days. The surrogate is defensive.As Bente puts Maya to bed the child admits she was scared to ID the driver at the police station.Djupvik reports to Sidorova the hit and run was just an accident. The Russian is still not happy, that Russians are not safe, and still refuses to negotiate a withdrawal with the PM.Back at HQ, Arneson promotes Djupvik to head a new team to look into who is going after the Russians in Norway.In court, the Chechen is convicted and sentenced to two years in prison. Smiles all around except the Russian embassy watcher.Berg reads the Chechen dossier again pondering the terrorist photos.Djupvik drives the son to see his father in jail. The father is edgy and nervous, having just received a letter from his lawyer. Arriving at the cell, the man is found lifeless on his cot, the son is greatly upset and has to be taken down struggling.Later, Martin asks his wife to look into a file. She is hesitant but reviews the case on her workstation. At home she reports someone made a judgement call, there was political pressure and it is unusual to see an extradition process so fast.On TV, PM Berg announces the Russians will withdraw 12 August. více
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Russian embassy rep Serkin watches a VSTOL aircraft fly over Oslo. In the streets a limo convoy makes it's way.Djupvik and Bř arrive at a house, Markus, a puzzled teen answers the door. They offer to talk either with or without his parents present then take him away.Thomas meets his editor Dag Ottesen, they talk about the TV debate.Thomas' son Petter chats with a girl in the playground, Bente comes to the playground. She gives him a paycheque, and he decides to come to work instead of going with the girl.Djupvik and Bř interview Markus about his anti-Russian posts and threats. They ask him to shutdown his blog or else they will tell his parents. In the parking garage their car blows up just before getting in, Djupvik is bloodied, Markus is in critical condition. Hilde sees the news reporton TV and is worried for Martin.Everyone watches the TV news. Thomas sees he got a text from a source condemning "Russia-lovers". They want to meet him.Djupvik is stitched up, Bř is OK. The teen Markus' parents are in the hospital room distraught. Markus will live but lost a hand and eye. The father is puzzled, then angry, why the son was with the Security Service.A co-worker, Anna, comes to see Hilde Djupvik, she apologizes forcomments she made while watching the news clip. Anna, among others, believes Norway has been taken over, although Hilde argues things are as the Parliament says.Djupvik and Bř brief the other cops, the bomb was on a timer but unsophisticated. Djupvik stresses he and Bř were the intended victims,the boy was a bystander. Arneson agrees Martin was the probable target. Martin goes home to Hilde, she tells him a co-worker and others think the Security Service is collaborating with the Russians. He thinks it may have something to do with him saving Sidorova's life.Thomas' son Petter has bought a new jacket and rides his bike to see his girl. Another boy is there though, who wonders about the Russians at therestaurant. Insulted, Petter punches the other boy and rides away.Hilde finds out Anna is copying Security Service surveillance warrants, the girl admits she is passing them on.Thomas goes for his meet with the "Free Norway" group at an abandoned apartment. A hooded and masked man meets him. Free Norway wants theRussians gone and feel the police are working with the occupiers. They will fight and the resistance will grow. The man knows about Bente's restaurant and indirectly threatens Thomas.Hilde brings Anna to her boss, Anna will be terminated and the University informed, her internship and law career compromised. After, he tells Hilde she will have to be removed from any SS cases since her husband is involved.Thomas types away as Dag asks about the meeting. They both realizethings are getting risky.Djupvik and Arneson read the online news report Thomas uploaded. Martin rushes over to the news offices. Thomas will protect his sources as Djupvik wants every recording and photo he has. He warns the journalists about protecting terrorists.Arneson explains to Djupvik they cannot jus take Eriksen's materials. Djupvik then suggests a hack of the journalist's computers, Arnesen says she would deny hearing that.Djupvik calls Serkin.Thomas goes to Bente's restaurant, they have a coffee. He warns her she will be labelled as a Russian-lover and profiteer, but avoids being more direct.Arneson meets her doctor, she has a brain tumour and is terminal. He warns her she can expect some affects soon.Djupvik asks Bř to stay in the car, he goes to the Russian offices. Serkin shows video showing Stefan Christensen, the lone guardsman, was the man who met Thomas Eriksen. Djupvik calls and finds out Christensen was released, Serkin then vectors him to the man's location. Djupvik arranges backup and calls Arneson to approve moving in, she is hesitant but finally approves.Christensen is in a flat with Iljas Musajev, the son of the Chechen hit and run driver. As the police assault the apartments the two young men escape to the rooftops. Djupvik follows, threatens to shoot but pauses when he recognizes Iljas, he gets kicked in the face and the two escape.Bente goes to a closet in her house and finds Petter's new red jacket stuffed on the top shelf. více
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AugustWenche Arneson the Security Service Chief, meets PM Jesper Berg and asks him to have a contingency in case the Russians don't leave. He refuses and is worried about provoking them if they found out about a military buildup.The EU head is given a tour of the gas pipeline facility, Norway has now reached full pumping capacity; 145,000,000 cubic metres per day.Berg makes a televised speech announcing the Russians will be leaving and Norway is building three more Thorium plants, enough for all European energy demands. He challenges the EU to get off fossil fuels.Dag and Thomas discuss a draft editorial, calling for the PM's impeachment as a fake eco-hero. Dag tells him it is too harsh and to rewrite.Djupvik briefs the cops on another Internet troublemaker. Eivand Birkland, a lecturer at the Defense College. Birkland probably met Christensen through there.Berg explains his future strategy to his Cabinet and is happy the NY Times has praised him. A man named Finn arrives, the Party Secretary. The Cabinet announces a coup and they will be changing the party leader. Berg demands a convention and full vote of all members.Jesper calls his wife Astrid, she has a new job offer in Paris. They could start anew there and Jesper could still be involved with the Thorium projects.Arneson gets a second opinion from John Hopkins in the US, they agree with the tumour prognosis and wish her luck. She then reviews the Birkland videos.Djupvik and Arneson interview Birkland. He denies knowing Christensen the rogue guardsman. Birkland says he only supports a rightful protest by Free Norway. Arneson gets Djupvik out of the room to fetch water and turns off the recorder. She asks Birkland what Free Norway needs, he says they need people to sacrifice for the cause.Christensen and Iljas work on a cabbage farm in the hot sun. Iljas borrows a phone and sends a text. The cops are monitoring his sister Jasmine and see the texts. Christensen is upset Iljas is wimping out and leaving the farm.Anita Rygg calls Dag and explains he gets govenment financing and to reconsider the harsh tone of his news editorials. Dag then chews out Thomas for his extreme writings. Thomas quits in anger. Free Norway texts him and requests another meeting.Bente's restaurant is planning a big event with Sidorova and many Russians. Thomas asks her to leave as the restaurant may be a bomb target, he finally plays her the Free Norway threat recording from weeks earlier. Bente is angry and even Petter wants to stay to earn tips.Jesper Berg lobbies a Cabinet colleague for support, but the man is stubborn and agrees with the news, Berg will have to be accountable for his actions.Arneson meets Birkland near a train tracks and says she is willing to sacrifice something for her country. He is puzzled and she explains she has no children but has a tumour. She gives him a burner cell.The cops keep an eye on Jasmine, she drives off in a minivan. An unmarked police car follows. She stops at a deserted parking lot, then runs to Iljas near a dumpster. Arneson says to just keep watching.In the van Iljas' uncle gives the young man new ID to go to Canada, but he refuses and runs from the van. Arneson orders the cops to just follow.Thomas takes a taxi to the airport.Bente sets a long table for a Russian State dinner. She tells the security guy to keep her informed of anything happening. In the kitchen she lets Petter go early as they are overstaffed.Arneson calls Birkland to warn Christensen that the police are tailing Iljas. Iljas returns to the cababge farm with the police Volvo close behind. Christensen panics and has a handgun, the two try to escape again but are arrested. Arneson is upset the cops didn't follow her orders, the arrest was made using illegal surveillance. She then orders Djupvik to attend the Russian dinner.In the office, Anita Rygg touches Berg gently to commiserate, he fidgets uncomfortably.At the retaurant Djupvik and his wife Hilde sit near Ambassador Sidarova, they have friendly dinner talk. Bente chats with the security guard in the kitchen.A minibus passes through a checkpoint. Thomas has a rental car and a GPS guides him to a deserted area near the Viksund gas plant. The minivan is also at the plant, Thomas tries to call someone to warn them, but too late, an explosion rocks the plant.Sidorova warmly toasts Djupvik at the restaurant but suddenly the Russians get up and leave.The TV news explains the bombing. Sidorova goes to the PM, he apologizes as many Russians have died in the bombing. Sidorova tells Berg the Russians will not be leaving Norway now. Berg holds a press conference and says both himself and the Russians will be staying on.Bente shares a drink with the Security Guard in the empty restaurant.Thomas is interviewed on TV and he says he has information that the bomb was brought in on a bus full of Russian workers. Djupvik watches in dismay. více
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A checkpoint has been set up close to the Russian Offices and the restaurant, Petter is held up until Bente's Security friend let's him through.Arneson drives to an old factory to meet Birkland. She wants the burner cell back but he refuses and even snaps a selfie of the two together. Arneson is worried about Russian response to the bombing, Birkland denies knowing who was behind it. Birkland asks for help to get to Sweden.The BBC interviews Thomas Eriksen. He compares Free Norway to a small scale Al-Qaeda and takes the opportunity to rip Norwegian police efforts. Petter seems to be leaning toward Free Norway. The whole family gets hate email and outside find Bente's car is trashed.Djupvik and Ingrid Bo confirm that Birkland and Christensen had connected in the past, Arneson still wants it kept quiet. Djupvik wonders why she doesn't let them go after Birkland.Djupvik and Arneson brief Serkin and Sivadorova on the investigation. The Russians want Birkland specifically.PM Berg gets dressed for a big meeting with the EU, Anita Rygg comes into the Berg's bedroom to select a new tie for him. At the meeting Berg has good news, the gas lines can be back up in 2 weeks, he wants to hold a presser that afternoon that the Russians can leave. But the EU Commissioner wants assurance that even after Berg is dropped by his own party and has moved to Paris that his Party won't just reverse everything. Until then Russia stays. Berg and Rygg are perplexed.Thomas and Bente show the trashed car to a patrol cop. The uniformed cop just takes a report but won't provide any other security, knows well who they are.Petter goes to a Youth Centre. He sees teens making Molotov Cocktails and leaves.The Russian Security guy is getting closer to Bente, after the restaurant closes they kiss and have sex.PM Berg tells Rygg he has a plan to provide 10 more years of oil and gas to Europe. She worries about his credibility. The PM then gives the EU reps a binding proposal for 10 years but he will need to pass it through Parliament. They agree.Berg then asks his Cabinet Party Whip colleague Ingvild Friis to support the referendum. She refuses as it will crush their Party.Djupvik puts out an APB on Birkland, Arneson is upset and tells him to get info from the Russians but not to give them anything.Hilde Djupvik is told to help process a flood of Security Warrants, and to use her own judgement to recuse herself. The Crown Attorney is depressed over the loss of civil liberties and is planning to resign. Hilde tries to get him to reconsider.Serkin shows Djupvik the elaborate Russian surveillance system, they have more cameras than Norwegian police. Serkin provides video evidence that Birkland's car was in the same garage as the minibus before the gas plant bombing.Petter walks home, a guard is there, Bente has arranged for Russian Security.Everyone goes to a church for a memorial service for the 18 Russians. Thomas sees a man outside and introduces himself, the man says his name is Maxim and narrowly missed being on the minibus with his mates. Sivadorova makes a political eulogy for the fallen. In the pews Djupvik shows Arneson the screenshot of Birkland's car. In the parking lot Sivadorova tells Djupvik that she is worried what Moscow will do if the Norwegians can't deliver Birkland.Friis visits Berg again and still refuses to help. The PM is angry and tells her the matter is beyond Party politics and he will ruin her personally if she doesn't support the referendum.Ingrid Bo shows Djupvik the video feeds they have on all border crossings, on the watch for Birkland. Djupvik goes to see Christensen in his cell. The Guardsman calls the cop a traitor and refuses to give any info on Birkland.Arneson stumbles in the parking garage and gets a call on the burner cell. Djupvik, who was going to help her overhears her telecon.Protestors chant at the Russian blockade. Petter is there and takes the backpack from his friends and passes through to go to the restaurant.Berg rests on his office couch while Parliament votes.Djupvik follows Arneson to a wooded area. He watches her meet Birkland. Arneson gives Birkland some directions to Sweden, he gives the phone back. Djupvik watches Arneson leave, then tries to arrest Birkland. But a shot rings out and Birkland goes down.Petter lights the bottle and throws it but is captured by the Russians.A weary Berg comes home and tells Astrid the referendum passed. He tells her he can join her in Paris in two or three weeks. Astrid is upset and says she doesn't recognize him anymore. The baby cries.Djupvik has a shower, Hilde says they have new Russian neighbours. Martin is speechless and sits on the floor dripping wet.Thomas tries to find a Maxim Ivanov at the Viksund plant, but there is no record of such an employee. více
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OctoberA TV announces the 10 year plan, Jesper Berg and Anita Rygg wake together at her place, there had been a party and Jesper needs Aspirin. The news clip also has Sivadorova saying due to voting irregularities Russia will not recognize the result.A Sami in the north see some bloody remains by a border post. The PM and his Cabinet discuss Russian Naval manouvers in the North. It may be a show of strength or a diversion. Russian heavy personnel carriers have been coming up to the border. The PM asks for Djupvik but Anita says he is on leave.Hans Martin Djupvik walks with his daughter Andrea. A car pulls up, Serkin opens a door to talk. Djupvik is on temporary leave and under investigation. Serkin offers a job at higher pay, Martin says no.Arneson is summoned to a meeting with PM Berg and the General Rolfson the Intelligence Chief. She explains Djupvik is under Internal Affairs investigation because of his Russian connections and the Birkeland shooting. Arneson says she was offering Birkeland immunity until Djupvik acted without orders.In jail Christensen forments dissent among the prisoners. Ingrid Bo suggests an in-camera trial to avoid giving him a public forum, but Arneson says no, Bo is puzzled.Arneson drives to an isolated lake where she finds retired Col. Vold fishing. She says she will support the resistance but he has to gather up retired and former military. They also need a leader to rally behind.PM Berg complains to the EU Commissioner, he wants the EU to comply with their military obligations to Norway.Thomas meets a woman, she has found Maxim Ivanov has supposedly been in jail for two years in Russia, and comes from Murmansk. Eriksen then calls his new English Editor to update and ask for a ticket to Finnmark. He can't get a hold of Bente before arriving for a meeting with his ex-wife and Petter at the Children's Aid Offices.Bente and her Russian boyfriend have a quiet moment in the restaurant, he may be posted back home soon. Thomas arrives, the Russian quickly leaves. Thomas seems to figure out rapidly that Bente is having an affair.Arneson goes to her quiet apartment, she listens to classical music and receives a coded text.A man delivers a pack to Iljas, now working as a car mechanic. He finds a laptop and cell phone.The Military tell PM Berg the RAF and French fighter planes have arrived at the Zealand airbase. The Russian Foreign Minister calls the Cabinet and warns the Norwegians if anything happens Russia will act accordingly.Arneson gets a call, Djupvik has been cleared by IA. She meets Djupvik in her office and tells him he is cleared but can't work in her Department any more.Ilyas dyes his hair blond.Thomas packs a bag, he tells Bente he has to go to Finnmark to investigate military activities. She is upset he will miss Maya's birthday party, but he has prepared a gift for the girl.General Terje Rolfson, Chief of Intelligence, explains to the PM that the European fighter planes have come with limited support and ammunition. It is an empty gesture and probably apparent to the Russians.In Finnmark, a Sami reindeer herder shows Thomas the border spot, Thomas asks to be taken to Murmansk, the Sami agrees and they drive across on snowmobile.PM Berg has an angry video call with the EU Commissioner, the EU does not want a war and Russia wants a northern pipeline. Berg is despondent after the call and snaps at Rygg, he deplores a lack of vision to see them through.Djupvik visits Sivadorova and asks if the Russians killed Birkeland. She is sorry he was dismissed, won't confirm Birkeland and says she needs to control the resistance or she will be replaced herself. She also offers him a job but he says no due to bad optics.A TV Anchor presses Berg, he says publicly the EU is helping Norway. Arneson watches the broadcast and texts someone to "continue as planned"Christensen is transferred to the Courthouse. Blond Iljas passes through Security with his bag.Friis and another Cabinet member resign.Christensen is in court, the room is packed with journalists. Iljas leaves the courthouse and presses "send" on his cell. The mass video message warns of a bomb and Free Norway action. The abandoned pack is discovered and the Courthouse ordered evacuated. Christensen is rushed to a police car and taken away. An armed squad stops the police car and rescues Christensen, the cops are killed. The rebels take Christensen to their base, greeted by Vold and Iljas. Arneson issues a generic press release on the escape.Djupvik comes home and Hilde says two men are waiting. PM Berg and General Rolfson are in his living room. They want him to take the Russian job, he agrees if they give a signed letter guaranteeing he is working for the country.Bente and Maya prepare for the birthday party. Petter comes by and wonders where his Dad is. Bente tries to call Thomas but the phone rings upstairs, he had left his cell behind. The kids play a video birthday greeting from Thomas.In the north, a Norwegian soldier pulls a dead body from a lake; Thomas Eriksen. více
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NovemberPM Berg meets the King and is resigning due to a non-confidence motion. There is no new candidate to take over so the King asks Jesper to carry on as usual.Jesper video chats with Astrid and sees his son from afar. Astrid is dressing up to go out for diner with an "investor".Dag Ottesan hugs Bente after the funeral. He shows her the front page article on Thomas' death, coming out tomorrow. The police file is closed, but she is not interested in knowing more.General Rolfsen shows the Cabinet that Russians are crossing the border on foot. A Russian FSB officer, Lev Kulechov, has been identified as a sleeper agent. There may be others hiding in the general population.The PM holds a press conference. He brushes aside the parliamentary crisis and announces there is a bigger problem with many illegal Russians in Norway. He asks all employers to report any non-permit workers. Bente casts a glance at a waiter.Sivadorova meets with Berg and demands a retraction of his statements, the PM refuses to be told what to do.Busloads of Russians are being rounded up for deportation. Djupvik meets an Intelligence handler, they go over the Russian file. Kulechov was picked up. A new man, Andrey Bouvarin, is in Norway to help the Russian Office.Bente greets a group of Russians and lets them sleep at the restaurant.The TV anchor asks Berg why the change with the Russians? He responds by saying they have to remain resolute in the face of unknowns.Sivadorova meets Anders Knutsen, the resigned Cabinet Energy Minister. She knows he was the real force behind the Thorium plants, and Russia has 50 nuclear plants which can be converted.Djupvik is part of an assault team on a facility, they find a shipment of small arms in a hidden room. The cases are carried out to their vans. They are Russians, Bouvarin is the leader but he is worried his pregnant wife will be picked up by Immigration. The Russian HQ is filed with folks lining the stairs, Djupvik is summoned to Sidorova's office. They appreciate his work in finding Resistance hideouts but he is relieved of duties and told to go home. An older man stands beside Sidorova. Knutsen comes to see Berg. Rygg agrees with a proposal to sell thorium technology toRussia, but Berg would like to see them leave Norway first. Knutsen agrees to return to the Cabinet if Berg agrees, then suggests Berg can resign with dignity. Jesper realizes Knutsen thinks he can become PM but tells him he is not strong enough to work with the Russians.Ingrid Bř calls Ottesan looking for info on Thomas Eriksen, he says Thomas was working for the BBC when he died. The TV news carries the item and Bř visits Bente. Bente mentions he went for the military exercises, but did leave a box behind. Bř takes the shoebox, Maja has locked herself in her bedroom blaming herself. Bente assures her daughter it wasn't her fault. They listen to Thomas' cheerful birthday message on Maya's cell. Maja tried to phone back but a Russian answered. Bente redials the number and also gets a Russian.In the morning, Anita gives PM Berg some bad news, the Russians won't accept the deportees and are refusing to let the Norwegian planes land in Moscow. Berg says take them to Svalberg then. In his office black suited soldiers with automatic weapons and suicide bombs take Berg and Rygg hostage. The Norwegian Police Delta Team quickly surround the government offices.The Polish coffee barista is suspected of letting the terrorists in, they speak Russian. Sidorova does a video call to the remaining Cabinet and expresses her own outrage, but blames it on desperate people and Berg's own recent actions. Sivdorova will provide no further help.The terrorists force Anita to relay their demands: and end to deportations, release of detainees, safe passage for themselves and that the PM announcemen they can leave the country safely.Djupvik volunteers to negotiate but without implicating Sivadorova or Russia. She agreesand says he has to convince the PM to give in to some of the demands.Djupvik meets General Rolfsen and updates him. A new Security man, Gosev, has replaced Serkin and Moscow has lost faith in Sidorova.Djuvpik walks unarmed to the PM's office, the gunmen allow him in. Police snipers are waiting to have all four targets in sight. Berg concedes a bit in order to let Anita go. Bouvarin is the leader of the gunmen. As things get tense, shots ring out and the four gunmen are killed.In the car after his heartrate settles Jesper calls Astrid to say he's OK. She wants him to come to Paris but he says he cannot. Berg is taken to the US Ambassador's Residence. Arneson gives a brief press conference to explain what happened, but does not blame Russia.Gosev challenges Djupvik and has photos of him meeting Rolfsen. Djupvik says Norway approached him and he only wanted a peaceful solution, he was unaware of the snipers.Bente goes to show Ingrid Bř Maja's cell phone, the last call was from a hotel in Murmansk. Bř says she'll look into it. Bente returns to the restaurant and the Russian staff are helping themselves with a big lunch in her kitchen. She threatens to kick them all out. Her Russian boyfriend arrives and she sees him talking with the staff, she is subdued and rejects his approach.A new coalition government Cabinet assembles in the King's boardroom table, Friis and Knutsen included. Berg is there via video link. He announces a new plan to build illegal immigrant reception centres in each County. více
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DecemberChristensen and Iljas practice live pistol shooting, Iljas only has Playstation experience.PM Berg is ensconced at the US Ambassador's residence. his Cabinet comes to discuss the Svalbard plan. Svalbard is an international DMZ but it may be technically legal to send the illegal Russians there.Djupvik sees an online news item, Hilde has been id'd as married to him and her competence is questioned. The couple sits for lunch, Hilde is not worried. He meets an Intelligence contact in the washroom, they agree he will stay undercover.Sivadorova listens to the washroom conversation as Martin has recorded it all. He is getting tired of the subterfugebut she says his role is important for both sides.Ingrid Bř updates Arneson on Maxim Ivanov and Thomas Eriksen. All the minibus bomb victims were actually Russian criminals who should have been in jail. The Russian police are not co-operating.Alone, Arneson notices a bloody nose.Bente greets Maja, Petter and his friend Oskar at the restaurant. She finds the two boys taking photos of her tablebookings on her tablet. Nikolaj comes by to pick up some takeout, he lingers to compliment Bente and mentions they are going with Sivadorova to a spa.The US Ambassador meets PM Berg. The ambassador tells him there is no space for the Norwegians to work there, and the US will not get involved.Bente and Maja prepare Christmas decorations. The BBC news mentions Thomas Eriksen, Bente turns off the TV.Bente drives by Oskar on the street and asks to talk. She wants to know who they were copying the reservation list for. He directs her to a soccer coach. Bente visits the man at his training field and offers her services instead of the teens.Bente then calls Nikolaj and gets details on the spa that Sivadorova is going to.Berg meets Arnesen in the backseat of a car, she says there is a high level intel leak. The PM wants solid evidencethe Russians were behind the Viksund bombing.Hilde comes to work and is surprised to find her case has been postponed. Her new supervisor the circuit judge says there is possible conflict of interest with her husband's work.Sivadorova is interviewed and denies Russian involvement in the gas plant bombing. Hilde and Hans Martin watch at home. Hilde tells him she was asked to exempt herself because of his relationship with Sivadorova.The Norwegians have set up a command centre in a tent on the US property. They watch two planes depart for Svalbard, which are then intercepted by Russian fighters. The US Ambassador comes to complain that Berg is provoking the Russians, Berg is trying to get the Americans to step up. The US agrees to host talks between Russia and Norway if they call the planes back. The planes change course. Arnesen steps out and sends a text, Operation Snowless is a go.Rebels assault an insolated, high-end spa, Sivadorova is having a private swim. Nicolaj drops his gun and is handcuffed lying on the floor. Another guard fights back, Iljas freezes when aiming at the Russian, Christensen drops the man instead. The rebels gather up Sivadorova and another guard and drive off.Gosev tells Djupvik Sivadorova has been kidnapped, but he is to stay and his wifi is cut off. Djupvik is locked in.PM Berg and the US Ambassador watch a BBC news item, Russian citizens have been freed from a detention centre by paramilitary troops. The two wonder if Kremlin is involved. The US offers him safe passage to Geneva but Berg says no thanks.Hilde's caseload has been cleared, to her surprise.Djupvik paces like a caged cat. PM Berg tells Arneson to concentrate on finding Sivadorova.Serkin releases Djupvik and tells him to stay away as Gosev doesn't trust him. Djupvik sends a message to Ingrid Bř to meet.Suspicious, she gives him 5 minutes in his car, he shows her the letter of marque signed by Berg and Rolfsen. She agrees to help.Petter is upset with Bente he and Oskar have been excluded from the soccer team.Arneson shows her team a four man cell to look for. Arneson excuses herself goes to a quiet room and has a seizure on the floor. Bř swipes the USB key from Arneson's laptop.Arnesen goes to her doctor, he tells her she needs to make plans, but she needs a few more days.Bř gives the USB to Djupvik. Reviewing, they wonder why Arnesen is focusing on these four men who appear to only be sympathizers, not real Free Norway rebels. Bř gets a message, the Russians have taken over the Airport.PM Berg prepares to make an official announcement. He calmly states the show of power is unacceptable and now is the time to resist. A Military fight is not realistic but the Norway thirst for Liberty is strong.Iljas shaves his head. Col. Vold tells the rebels to move out, he re-assures Iljas that his hesistancy to shoot at the spa won't be held against him.Free Norway streams a live video of two shooters standing over Sivadorova and a guard. The guard is shot in the head on camera, Sivadorova will be next in 24 hours unless the Russians start to withdraw from Norway. PM Berg is horrified watching with the US Ambassador. více
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December FinaleDjupvik rings Arnesen's doorbell, she lets him in. He asks her about the four irrelevant men she requested to find. He knows she knows where Sivadorova is but Arnesen tells him to leave.Nikolaj is on security detail outside the restaurant and acknowledges Bente. A General arrives.PM Berg is made up for a CNN TV interview at the US Ambassador's residence. The Ambassador wants to hear a condemnation of the terrorist attacks. Berg does disavow the killing but understands the motivations. He strongly condemns Free Norway but still blames the Russians. He acknowledges Norway has no chance in a war with Russia, and publicly expects USA assistance.Berg dines with the Americans after the interview. He apologizes if he blindsided the ambassador and asks to video conference with the Secretary of State. Berg then has trouble swallowing and falls to the ground in a seizure. An ambulance takes him away.Bř and Djupivk listen to the shooting video again, they hear a ship's horn in the background. Djupvik tells Ingrid to keep Arnesen out of it from now on.Iljas guards Sivadorova, a fellow rebel brings him a hot drink, They dosn't think the Russians will let her die.Bente watches Russian paramilitary shoot a Norwegian protester.Arneson is at the hospital, she tells Berg he was poisoned with liquid nicotine, probably just to get him off the residence. The whole wing is guarded and Arnesen says he should go to Paris. Berg wants to stay. She smiles and leaves his cell phone.Arnesen goes to a church, her pastor is there and knows about her tumour. She is considering suicide and needs his help to maintain her legacy. She adds pills to a cat's meal, cleans her flat and dresses in her best black dress. She videos a final statement, and comforts her dead cat. She leaves the apartment.Another tech listens to the video and suggests it is close to the Denmark ferry. Bř and Djupvik drive to a pier and scan the warehouses. Bř calls for backup. He sees figures on a white ship across the harbour. Djupvik will drive there alone.He boards the ship with an assault rifle and sneaks inside. He overlooks the hold where Sivadorova is kept prisoner. He charges in with a flash-bang and points his weapon at Iljas. Iljas doesn't drop his gun, Djupvik kills him and rescues a gasping Sivadorova. He radios in to Bř.Col Vold flies in a helicopter and looks at his watch. Bente and Maja are at the cemetary laying flowers on Eriksen's grave. The soccer coach comes to ask a favour. They want to use her restaurant that night. Bente arranges a grandmother to pick up Maja.Wenche goes to the church again. The pastor will not assist suicide.PM Berg calls Astrid and leaves a message, he's feeling better. suddenly everyone disappears, out in the hallway he sees gunmen coming. He runs into the starirwell but is caught.Sivadorova changes and cleans up, Djupvik escorts her back to the Russian Offices. She greets a General Malikov there with Gosev. Two guards take Gosev away, Sivadorova tells Djupvik to go find Arenesen.Bente explains to Petter why she stopped him and Oskar. Grandma takes the kids away.The coach comes to the restaurant, Bente is alone there. He starts watch on the Russians across the street.Arnesen is dead and has left a plastic tube for the Pastor. He plays the video message inside. She makes a call to arms to her countrymen, her body is cremated.A truck loaded with gunmen assaults the Russian Offices. The outer guards are killed. Djupvik calls Sivadorova as he can't find Arnesen, she says it's Ok, it's too late anyway. Nikolaj and other troops enter and search the restaurant. Nikolaj says he knows what she did but hasn't told anyone. He says they can't see each other anymore.General Malikov was killed with seven others. The BBC reports Russian troops are crossing the border into Norway. Sivadorova comes to see Djupvik at home and says Moscow is treating Malikov's death as an act of war. A civil war is possible. She wants him to take the post of Chief of Police and will protect his family. He'll let her know tomorrow.Berg wakens in the helicopter and views the BBC report and Arnesen's video.Bente joins her children.The helo lands at Vold's rebel base in the northern woods. Vold shakes Berg's hand and asks if he's ready to fight for his country. více

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