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Death of Some Salesmen
To say that the seemingly quaint Bracket family are a bit odd would be something of an understatement. To say that they never ignore a bargain would be another one. And no-one learns this more than Judd Campbell. A conniving con-man who comes knocking at their door posing as a salesman. But little does Judd realize is that's he's not the first unsuspecting salesman to have come a calling. A fact that he discovers to his horror and the Bracket's revel in with malevolent joy. více
As Ye Sow
Forever Ambergris
A jaded, has-been photographer plots the demise of his younger, talented protégé when they go on assignment in Central America. více
Food for Thought
The great Zambini is an old carnival psychic who performs his act of mind reading with the aid of his young assistant Connie. She however is a slave to her cruel master who often beats her. But when she and a handsome fire eater called Johnny become secret lovers, things look set to change. Sadly Zambini has the advantage of being able to read his desperate assistant's mind. více
People Who Live in Brass Hearses
Two for the Show
A man murders his beautiful younger wife when she threatens to leave him. He then packs her body in a big suitcase and boards a train, where he is stalked by an inquisitive detective. více
House of Horror
Three pledges for a fraternity on probation run by a soft-spoken leader and his two sidekicks are visited by a beautiful young sorority gal, who is looking for a frat to pledge her own sorority ends up tagging along with the pledges to an abandoned house where an "urban legend" murder took place years before. Led by the obnoxious head pledge master, the three pledges must enter the house and past each test given to them. The question is will they survive to join the frat? více
Well Cooked Hams
Creep Course
Stella Bishop is a full blown geek taking a course on Egyptian mythology led by the pompous Professor Finley, who also happens to be a collector of Egyptian antiquity and one undead, horny mummy! Little does Stella know that she's intended to be the target [sacrifice] for his undead living collectible and is soon wooed by the charismatic Reggie, who has his own sinister plans. In the end, who will be the one to survive this Creep Course? více
Came the Dawn
Roger a rich businessman notices the beautiful seductress Norma at the side of the road as he drives to his log cabin. It's pouring with rain and she's soaked through. To Roger's libidinous joy she accepts his offer of a lift. However the femme fa-tale has other ideas but little does she know that the lecherous millionaire has a very jealous and possessive wife... více
Oil's Well That Ends Well
A gold digger who believes no one can top her in extortion gets the ultimate prize. Gina teams with Jerry or is it Carl to plant her husband Larry and resurrect him for a payoff. Gina and Jerry/Carl devise a plot to bilk some hoped for investors at the Legion bar of money in return for delaying notification of an oil strike. Gina is unaware that the guys are all in cahoots. When Gina learns her plans are turned upside down by the guys revelations. Gina lights up the stage with another discarded flame. více
Half-Way Horrible
Roger Lassen is the owner of a large chemical company who is summoned by the police to identify the body of a business associate. Identifying the corpse brings back memories of a sinister deal made several years previously in the Brazillian Rain forest which secured his future success. But as he soon discovers. He's going to pay the price for his single minded greed and ambition. One which involves revenge from beyond the grave. více
Till Death Do We Part

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