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Schůzka v Athénách
Michael Haggerty and his MI-6 colleague Harold Baines arrange for Jessica to get stuck in Athens and booked as Michel's 'wife' Reardon. She's told that's supposedly the rich sister of undercover agent Laddie Fairchild, who was kidnapped by arms smugglers ignoring his employer. Athens station chief colonel Alec Scofield watches the 'inofficial' operation like a hawk, Laddie being his socialite wife's ex. Michael's real partner, actress Pamela Drake, turns up, plays along but is murdered in their hotel room. více
Pečeť zpovědního tajemství
undefined více
Báječná stará dáma
As Jessica tells in her garden at Lady Abigail Austin's death aged 101, that mystery writing model once solved a real murder aboard the Queen Mary in 1947. Peter Daniken collapsed at her and millionaire Edwin Chancellor's table, stabbed to death. Questioned by New York reporter Christy McGinn, she volunteers her services to help him and waves her badge as honorary Scotland yard reporter to get access to his pa, NYPD lieutenant detective Martin McGinn. U.S. Treasury Agent Lennihan informs them Danikin was an alias for a Nazi smuggling a counterfeit dollar plate. But another murder in committed before three theories are tested. více
Osudná chyba
Jessica attends the ground breaking for a real estate project (in Palm Springs) that she invested in at her accountant's advice. Her observations there cause police lieutenant J.T. Hanna to arrest Clark 's wife Marian Randall for his murder, which she denies, while the fortune he held for the project remains missing. After Marian's sister, Linda Dixon, puts up her house for bail, she commits suicide, but the combination of car-exhausts and the wrong pills prove that the suicide must have been staged. Despite Hanna's irritated instructions to butt out, Jessica sleuths on among the parties who lost in the deal such as other investors, the fired banker who approved a fat loan and future residents who put up down-payments. více
Jack a Bill
Jessica (not an active character in this story) explains to the camera how her Cabot Cove friend Bill Boyle, a baseball talent eliminated by a knee injury, became a clumsy P.I. He became successful only as the 'partner' of Jack, the smart poodle of his former field mate, Johnny Wheeler, who left the canine in his care just a while he supposedly picked up someone flying in from Puerto Rico. Next, an armed woman tries to steal the dog and Johhny is shot in hospital. Police lieutenant Lou Brickman finds out Johnny's story was bogus. After some goons rough Bill up, looking for something Johnny gave him, he realizes the dog must be the key, but nothing is found on Jack, so they keep snooping together. více
Nedoručený dopis
At the Cabot Cove volunteer fire force rummage sale, Jessica takes Carl Wilson's furniture store clerk, Stanley Holmes's, advice to buy an old table he'll fix up for her. When she hand-delivers an old letter found in it to Bud Fricksey, it makes him believe his wife Lois had an affair with a fellow volunteer firemen which he picks a fight with. Shortly after Bud dies in the fire of Carl's shop, which is found arson. And Bud was first knocked unconscious. Jesscia helps the sheriff discover secret motives for either fire or murder. více
Noc tarantule
Jessica visits the widow Olivia Waverly, whose family runs a plantation in Jamaica (won in a cards game decades ago from Jean-Pierre Dusant), for the surprise 21st birthday party of her second son. By father's testament, this Adam gets charge of the estate instead of his old-fashioned uncle Harry Waverly, who considers Adam too undisciplined, his elder brother Mark too dumb. Harry had arranged for Adam to wed Jean-Pierre's daughter, Michelle, so as to unite their adjoining estates. However, Adam presents his wife Selina, whose father, witch doctor Calder Williams, opposes the union even stronger, saying a mortal voodoo curse and leaving a skull with a python as 'wedding present'. That evening Harry is found strangled in his room, locked from the inside, with the snake, for which he's too large. Next day a toast (with wine offered by Dusant) is interrupted for the delivery of a voodoo doll. Next Adam nearly dies from the estate's natural rat poison based on hellebore. After discovering a secret passage, a stained handkerchief inspires Jessica to set a trap. více
Když spadne klec
In San Francisco for a convention, Jessica gets a call from her old friend, reformed thief Dennis Stanton. He invites her to the opera that evening but in the interim, they visit operatic star Rosanno Bertolucci. Egos are big in the opera company and an outraged Bertolucci has a fight with Lou Farraday accusing him of making advances toward the company's attractive young soprano, Maria Deschier. The argument continued after the performance when Maria claims Farraday attacked her in her dressing room. The end result is that Farraday is killed and Bertolucci suffers a severe heart attack in the process. Bertolucci claims it was self-defense on his part but police Lt. Birnbaum is skeptical. A missing windbreaker has Jessica puzzled and ultimately to her solving the case. více
Poslední vůle
Multi-millionaire Henry Reynard met Jessica on a book judging panel and invited her to his private island to earn a $1,000,000 check for a charity of her choice. However to her horror, she must help find out which of Henry's intestate heirs intends to kill him: son Jason, daughter Valery, granddaughter Kim and their partners. Jessica refuses, but while she stays for the weekend Dr. Hubbard Dabney finds Henry has been shot. The heirs are appalled the $50,000,000 estate goes to - Jessica. Later Preston, Kim's fiancé, whom a P.I. report (found in Henry's desk) exposed as a fraud, is found shot in the pool-house. Now Henry reemerges, he staged his death with the doc's help and installed some hidden cameras. Jessica is disgusted but helps sheriff Brademus wrap up the investigation. více
Poručík za katedrou
Young drifter, Leo Gunderson, stumbles upon Janet Carr's corps on the beach and confesses to her murder, but only under duress. The case is officially closed after his conviction and sentence to 5 years. However lieutenant Amos 'Jake' Ballinger, who through political intervention was removed from active detective duty as criminology teacher at Freemont University, decides to solve the case as a 'practical exercise'. He is helped by students Bernie Berndlestein, who wants to become a P.I., and Mrs. Elizabeth Mills, a bored insurance professional. They find a link with the hostile politician, state senator Andrew Grainger. více
Zasloužilý otec
All Cabot Cove expected complacent, lazy mayor Sam Booth to be reelected again as 80% stays at home and the others want nothing to change, but then Eve Simpson turns up from Wyoming, claiming Sam married here there, which he categorically denies. Jessica is solicited to stand for mayor, as a gross feminist already did now the election seems open. When Eve is murdered, Jessica realizes this might just be a ploy to circumvent the traditional munipical council rejection of rezoning -her friend doc Seth casts the decisive no- now big money is planning a major development project and goes to the bottom of the affair(s). více
Sbohem, Charlie
Jessica tells her newest book plot, in which a private investigator who is so unsuccessful he and his girl fiend are about to be evicted learn his missing uncle Charles Kenneth Anderson John Doe, a bum who sponged on them for a few years and then took off, presumably becoming a hobo again, left him a fortune by testament, but it can't be paid until he's declared legally dead in five more years. They decide to fake his demise by claiming a John Doe and go for one in Huckelby. Alas the local sheriff Ed Ten Eyck is most suspicious as the same body is claimed by two other parties and murdered seems a definite possibility. After painstakingly getting out of jail and rid of the competition, they get another surprise. více
Červené světlo značí smrt
undefined více
Osudná spekulace
Jerome Ashcroft's Wall Street firm handles Jessica's portfolio. Secretary Norma Pulaski in fact does the job of her boss, co-founder's heir Philip Royce, who prefers golf and girls, but scorns Jerome's daughter Candice after an intimate try-out. When he's found with his skull smashed in with a golf club, all evidence points to Norma and her hunky boyfriend, baker Rudy Bianco, who found some cash NYPD lieutenant Moynihan presumes to originate from fraud in the office he charges Norma with. Jessica finds out who really embezzled, how Philip's better golf partner Buddy Black ties him to corporate raider Gordon Tully and puts it all together. více
Riziko podnikání
Actor Howard Griffin is written out of his TV series. Now the household income depends on his young wife, Jessica's niece Victoria Griffin. Alas, next she gets arrested as suspect of the murder of her client Deborah Tarkington. Deborah was selling her grand Beverly Hills residence but stipulated for her not to deal with Arnold Hastings, for whom the property was needed as part of a vast development project. Jessica helps LAPD detective Lieutenant Redick clear Victoria and work out how the real estate wheeling and dealing squares with the murder plot. více
Velká show roku 1965
Šarmantní ředitel Reynolds publishing Scott Fielding prosí Jessicu, aby zkusila napsat 'reaálnou tajemnou knihu' o stále nevyřešené vraždě z roku 1965 televizního moderátora Richieho Kinga během jeho varieté, a tvrdí, že podobná show vytvoří publicitu tím, že se jí zúčastní také několik zpěváků včetně tria Haley Sisters a Barryho Barnese, ve skutečnosti Scottova strýce, který vysvětlí, že znovu viděl 'stínovou dámu' oblečenou v černém a ukazující na něj, jako by ho obviňovala. Jessica to chce vzdát, ale setká se s policejním detektivem v důchodu seržantem Bulldogem Kowalskim, který je stále případem posedlý. Zatímco se probírají televizními asistentkami, štábem, Kingovou rodinou a jeho nevěrným životem, scénárista show Art Sommers je také za scénou zastřelen. Jessica vše spojí dohromady. více
Vražda podle Maggie
Jessica talks about Maggie, her most-promising high school English pupil who made it as an author, albeit not in literature but as TV script writer. However her hit series 'Beat Cop' may be canceled after a mystery man shoots a network VP during a screening, after the widow whose money controls the studio intervened against axing it. Lead actor Bert Rodgers's fingerprints are found on the gun, so LAPD lieutenant Vincent Palermo, after who his character was modeled, arrests him. The new executive will cancel it without the star, so Maggie must find the killer or another job. více
O'Malley má štěstí
undefined více
Zloděj se nezapře
Jessica narrates a case her dashing British friend Dennis Stanton, former jewel thief turned insurance agent, solved. Langston 'Lanny' Douglas got his inherited business empire in financial trouble. When millionaire Oriental carpets merchant Mahmoud Amini offers Lanny $200,000 commission, to convince his ma to sell him the rare 'Stuart Dollar', he accepts. She refuses, so Lanny stages a break-in to steal it, is surprised by the gardener Pedro and kills him. Dennis, well-known to less ingenious police lieutenant Catalano, soon realizes the safe was opened with the combination and works his way to a trap for both crimes after Amini is murdered. více
Ztráta paměti
Jessica arrives in the Texan small town Fairville for the wedding of her cousin Ann Owens Arden to former town rebel Bill Spenser, who made his fortune in Alaska. Brother, George Owens, also has the same idea and unexpectedly arrives in Fairville. George was just released from long-term institutional therapy after the murder of Ann's first fiancé, professor Nathan Rollins. Shortly after, Bill is stabbed to death exactly as Nathan was, and George is missing, so sheriff Barnes assumes a reenactment. Since George couldn't remember the traumatic first killing Jessica believes he's being framed, maybe for both deaths, and finds the key to the first with his therapist, Dr. Henry Carlson, who was against his release as he was hoping for a breakthrough. Then she goes after the real murderer. více
Čínský drak
zatímco Jessica je v Londýně, aby se zúčastnila královské premiéry show sestřenice Emmy, Grady a jeho těhotná žena Donna pro ni hlídají dům. Mezitím Carla Thyssenová, Justin Hunnicut a 'Kambodžan' dorazí do Cabot Cove. Všichni jsou to zločinci hledající sečuánského draka, sošku nesmírné hodnoty ze Zakázaného města. Drak byl ukraden z orientu obchodním kapitánem. Poté, co Kambodžan hrozí Gradymu, ale je vyděšen, je nalezeno kapitánovo tělo a Jessičin dům narušitelé obrátí vzhůru nohama. trio hraje také nebezpečné hry mezi sebou. I když o tom Jessica díky Gradymu, Sethovi a Mortu Metzgerovi dlouho neví, vyřeší případ z Británie, i když ve skutečnosti blízko domova, a Seth napálí zločince. více
Schůzka na Sicílii
Jessica reads from a letter her British intelligence (MI-6) friend Michael Hagarty wrote of his adventure in Palermo, Sicily. He posed as Monsignor O'Shaugnessy, envoy of the Boston archdiocese, to attend the wedding of "gentleman" Peter Baines to young mob widow Claudia Carboni. (Peter looks remarkably like his brother Harold, a former MI-6 agent himself.) After her Carboni in-laws stab to death a young man believed to be posing as relative Gino, the couple accepts an on-the-spot wedding by O'Shaughnessy, so that all three can fly to Geneva and empty Claudia's late first husband's numbered Swiss bank account. In Switzerland, Haggerty and the widow confront each other, recalling a deal: she can keep the money if London gets a certain black notebook. Haggerty and Baines, who had likewise guessed Haggerty's imposture, also confront each other over poor Harold and other matters. (No "wedding night," boy-o, until business is done.) The Cabrinos and the C.I.A. show up, and everyone fights for the notebook and/or the money, and the widow's true identity is revealed. Bon vivant Baines even lands a job! více

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