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Strasti Jessicy Fletcherové
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Smrtelné nedorozumění
Jessica complains to Pullitzerprize-winner Bennett J. Devlin, who became editor in Cabot Cove, about elaborately reporting on her bicycle accident. Devlin's assistant, Jeff Ogden, has a crush on fellow English writing class student Melissa Maddox, who types for injured Jessica. Melissa calls her older husband Ralph Maddox, a tough businessman, who caused Hank Crenshaw to go bankrupt and now forecloses on his home, an inconsiderate jerk. One evening Melissa phones Jeff, claiming she found Ralph stabbed to death with scissors, and persuades him to stage a robbery in his firm, where Hank finds the body. Jessica helps sheriff Mort Metzger work it all out. více
Nashledanou u soudu, miláčku
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Rozloučení s Hanniganem  V TV   zítra ČT1 9.00 /ST/
Jessica znovu otevře šestnáct let starý případ vraždy na naléhání umírajícího autora, který má pocit, že byla spáchána nespravedlnost. více
Rodinné šperky  V TV   zítra ČT1 15.55 /ST/, čt. 19.9. ČT1 9.00 /ST/
Jessičin večer na večírku politické strany skončí vraždou. více
Pro krásu vše  V TV   čt. 19.9. ČT1 15.55 /ST/, pá. 20.9. ČT1 9.00 /ST/
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Návrat Prestona Gilese  V TV   po. 23.9. ČT1 15.55 /ST/, út. 24.9. ČT1 9.00 /ST/
Tato neobvyklá epizoda přivádí zpátky prvního vraha, kterého Jessica usvědčila v této roli. Preston Giles, který publikoval Jessičinu první knihu, se následně zaměřil na její důkazy poté, co přiznal vinu ze zabití obchodního rivala, který ho zničil a nastražil na něj falešné obvinění (zabil také dalšího podezřelého jako rudého herrinka). Dvojitý trest smrti za vraždu? Mysleli byste si to, ale Preston Giles získal propustku z vězení jen po šesti měsících za mřížemi. Okolnosti jsou takové, že sám Preston Giles se dívá přes rameno, aby zjistil, kdo zatahal za nitky, aby byly jeho usvědčení zrevidována (nikdo to nepřizná). Giles se vrátí zpátky do své staré práce jako vydavatele (znovu z důvodů, které nikomu nejsou jasné) a začne znovu editovat Jessičinu knihu. Ale předtím, než spáchal vraždy, se Giles pohádal s dalším editorem, který je stále ve firmě - ale ne na dlouho, jelikož je rychle zabit. Buď Giles spáchal vraždu číslo tři a nebo je to extrémně propracovaná past nastražená tak, aby na něj byl hozen další zločin. více
Velká Twainova loupež  V TV   út. 24.9. ČT1 15.55 /ST/, st. 25.9. ČT1 9.00 /ST/
Master forger Lawrence Erlich presents to a New york congress of Twain adepts an alleged new manuscript, 'Wild, wicked wench', authentic according to leading expert professor Chandler Fitzpatrick. After it's authenticated on his authority and accepted for $5,000,000 by his insurance company, Dennis Stanton sets out to have that disproved. The manuscript is destroyed in a fire. Expert Constantin Stavros leaves a message he found the answer, but is killed. He left a literary clue, which NYPD lieutenant Catalano assumes to indicate adultery. Stanton later realizes the more intricate meaning and sets a cunning trap, with a twist after a suspicious second death. více
Balada pro Blue Lady  V TV   st. 25.9. ČT1 15.55 /ST/, čt. 26.9. ČT1 9.00 /ST/
Jessica visits in Nashville her friend, blues singer Patti Sue Diamond. She admits her husband, country star Bobby, who is in disagreement with his manager Mark Berringer, partner of his daughter from an earlier marriage, acts 'strangely distant' Shortly after, the Diamond spouses are poisoned at a party in their home which Jessica attended. Bobby dies, an attempt is made to kill off Bobby Sue. Yet Jessica untangles several motives and coincidences. více
Vražda ve Fis dur  V TV   čt. 26.9. ČT1 15.55 /ST/, pá. 27.9. ČT1 9.00 /ST/
In San Francisco, insurance investigator and one-time jewel thief Dennis Stanton investigates the case of classical pianist Vaacclav Maryska whose hands were severely burned in a fire in his posh apartment. Those hands were insured for $10 million and Dennis' boss desperately wants him to find a way to have the payment canceled. Maryska's marriage to his wife Milena is strained and she in turn is alienated from her son from a previous marriage, Alex Seletz. When Milena is found dead, Alex is arrested for his mother's murder but Dennis isn't sure they have the right man in custody and suspects Maryska of the crime. A medical diagnosis seems to confirm his theory but how he will prove it is another matter. He sets a trap for him. více
Rodinný lékař
Boston mob boss Carmine Abruzzi was rescued by his goons from arrest, and decides to 'retire' early. His son Michael 'Mike' promised his wife Gladys to turn the family legitimate, so both dislike him being appointed successor, instead of eager brother Salvatore 'Sal', at a family dinner. When Carmine enters his limousine, a sniper wounds him badly. Seth, who was dining with Jessica at the same fancy restaurant, is abducted to treat him urgently but 'discretely'. Jessica reports him missing to BPD lieutenant Jerry Marino and finds proof of a shooting. Seth is returned safely, but both of them are signed up for witnesses protection. Carmine dies shortly after Seth left him confidently. Doc and Jessica are both kidnapped to 'family' lawyer Andrew Gant's country mansion. He's suspected of fatal incompetence but finds someone stole and injected a lethal drug from his bag. více
Podezření z vraždy
At tennis star Ryan Donovan's retirement party Dennis Stanton begins an affair with socialite Christina Hellinger, who convinces him she's being beaten for wanting a divorce from Ben. SFPD Lieutenant detective Catalano refuses to act against Ben when his car hits Dennis and Christina's off the road. After Ben is found murdered, Dennis is arrested but escapes, determined to find out and prove who set him up, presumably for the Hellinger inheritance, as there are two sons, Joe and Danny. více
Dopravní přestupek
Peace and quiet in Cabot Cove is disturbed after Bradley 'Brad' Hellman arrogantly tries to bribe/bluff his way out of being arrested by sheriff Mort Metzger for speeding in his sports-car, the result is jailing by the book. His father, US Ambassador Chandler Hellman, pulls all the stops to have his son released, but political interventions nor threats work. Mort knows the Hellman's police record, his former NYPD colleague, Frank, and his family of four were killed by Brad's speeding car, this fact expertly swept under the carpet. This time Chandler first lectures Brad, then accuses Metzger of abuse in jail that he obviously inflicted himself. After Brad makes bail, his corps is found by the road: Mort is accused and decides to resign, disgusted by political games. State police lieutenant Avery Powell takes charge of the case as the prime suspect is suspended. Jessica is determined to help clear him by solving the cases. They quickly find a link - friend Morgan Philips, who has her own story. více
Kdo zabil J. B. Fletcherovou?
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Případ záhadného zaměstnance
Přítelkyně Jessicy ještě z kolejí Edna Hayesová ji požádá, aby jí pomohla s firmou (Koláče tety Edny), kterou založila v Missouri a její bývalý manžel Nolan je pod tlakem ředitele IRS pro St. Louis Geralda Yelvertona. Poté, co je Nolan nalezen zavražděný, poté ještě přemístěný, je Edna zatčena, ale Jessica přesvědčí policejního poručíka Philipse, aby ji nechal jít a přijde na kloub zpronevěry, díky které je s vraždou spojen kluzký zaměstnanec, nebo je to jen fantom? více
Tajemství krále parádníka
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Návrat ztraceného otce
Ned Jenks, who was presumed dead since a bank-robbery 20 years ago, returns to Cabot Cove, where his now adult daughter Bonnie lives with Dave Hastings. Plenty of villagers lost savings or their job in the robbery, some threaten Ned. After he is strangled, Mort arrest Dave, as the killer used wire stolen from his car. Jessica however discovers the whole truth about the robbery and sets a trap. více
Kam se poděl Billy Boy?
Dennis Stanton tells Jessica, after complaining about a character obviously modeled on him, about a real case: the $10,000 insurance on Billy-boy, the missing, wodden puppet of ventriloquist Elwood 'Woody' Perkins. It turns out that Elwood is too shy, without this sassy prop, to speak to anyone including his girlfriend Brenda McCoy and manager-youth buddy Tom Benzinger, who pushed him to sign up as opening act in Vegas with Vic DeMarco. However Stanton gets a call about Billy's exact whereabouts in the basement of the comedy club where Woody is held 7 months longer to a contract with Kate Kelley, who bosses even her grudgingly 'silent' business partner Joe Gelardi. Alas her corps lies next to the puppet and police lieutenant Catalano arrests Woody, but after interviewing him with Billy Stanton is determined to expose the real murder plot. více
Vše pro záchranu syna
Architect Steve Landon refuses to be bribed by contractor Ben Olston into covering up his shoddy, even unsafe 'modifications' of his plans for a school. Next an explosion burns it down, and Lt. Barney Claymore arrests Steve, who publicly threatened Olston. His mother, Nancy Landon, turns to Jessica, a fellow Korean War veterans wife, asking for help and claims Steve's illegitimate father was none other than Jessica's late husband Frank. Doubting her story, JB has lawyer Andrew Dixon arrange bail and search air force records. Nancy later shows her old letters from Frank offering to help raising Stevie, but is arrested after the murder of Olston in his home, where she says to have confronted him unannounced, but an appointment slip was lying on his desk. více
Jasná vražda
In Pennsylvania promoting her book, Jessica travels to Amish country to buy a handmade quilt as a gift for her nephew Grady's upcoming wedding anniversary. Her publisher's liaison man, Reuben Stoltz, offers to drive her there but they no sooner arrive than Jessica realizes Reuben was once part of the Amish community but left after being shunned. There's still a good deal of animosity between Reuben and one of the elders, Jacob Beiler, who is now married to Reuben's former sweetheart Rebecca. When Jacob is found dead - killed with a pitchfork and trussed up like a scarecrow - suspicion naturally falls on Reuben and Jessica has a murder to solve. více
Žena se špatnou pověstí
Jessica pays bail for her friend Ellen Wicker who is accused of arsenic poisoning in the sleepy town of Dry Wells, where she returned after 15 years to run the diner, but her one time Boston murder acquittal still counts as popularly accepted proof. Ross Corman who, just before had his unrequited intimacy attempts shirked off by Ellen, does the same thing with the domineering sheriff again. Jessica takes an unusual interest in environmental issues and assumes there are two killers. více
Podfuk podle Nicka Cullhanea
Insignificant writer Nick Cullhane gets congratulations from Jessica for a manuscript he sent her, actually based closely on the staged kidnapping of brewery heir Ogden Schmesser, who tries to get his hands on it with his lawyer Gordon Forbes and ex-cop Phil Mannix. Nick hides in Cabot Cove after his landlady, gambling loan-shark Vikki Palumbo, has him traced by another debtor, P.I. Harry McGraw, who recognized Jessica's voice. Harry, is later found next to Nick's dead body and only Jessica prevents him from being arrested. Vicky's assistant, Richard, is roughed up by Odgen's men and the sheriff finds out a lovers motive, so who is looking for who to get what and cheat who? více

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