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drama, USA, , 75 min.

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Mary Grady's chowder house is a favorite with locals on the San Francisco docks. Her restaurant's twenty-fifth anniversary is celebrated by her reporter friend Steve, who publishes an article about her. The article questions if Mary's son Denny, who disappeared years before, is still alive. One dark, rainy night Paul Connolly hitches a ride with a stranger, who robs and kills a gas station owner, then escapes. Paul is arrested under suspicion of murder, but having read the article on Mary, Paul tells the police that he is Denny, and although Mary discovers the ruse, she pretends that he is her son and promises to help him find the true killer. Mary posts bail using loan money she obtained by mortgaging her property and brings Paul to the chowder house. Her companion Jo, who is like a daughter to her, is suspicious of Paul until he openly admits he is not Denny. Paul's honesty redeems him, and the chowder house becomes his true home. Paul does not tell Mary when he recognizes a picture of Denny's father and realizes that the murderer is Denny. Meanwhile, Steve finds Denny, now known as Brennan, through the seamen's agency, and discovers that his ship will dock in San Francisco that night. Steve and Mary are allowed access to the ship by the captain, who believes that they are writing a story on sailors. When Steve encounters Denny, he is able to positively identify him by the one odd detail Paul had remembered about him: that he crushes his cigars into his pipe. Steve also finds clothes bought from a store near the gas station where the crime was committed, and he and Mary go to the store and verify Denny's purchase. They return to the ship, and while Mary calls the police, Steve interrogates Denny. Mary interrupts them and discovers to her shock that the murderer is her son. He asks her to help him evade the police, but she refuses and insists he stay and face his punishment. Denny refuses, however, and when he tries to escape, the police kill him. Later, Mary gives her blessings to the union of Jo and Paul, whom she favors as a son.
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