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komedie / krimi / romantický, USA, , 62 min.

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Feet Samuels is known as a very honorable man. When he is arrested because of a misunderstanding, gangster Joel Baldwin, known as the Brain, bails him out. Now Feet owes five hundred dollars and is worried because the Brain is known to punish those who default on loans. Feet is an unlucky gambler and is unlucky at love as well. His girl friend, Hortense Hathaway, is only interested in money and Feet has none. Finally, in desperation, Feet decides to sell his body to science. This way, he will pay off his debts, have enough money for a good time for a month, and then at the end of the month, he will hire a hitman to kill him and deliver his body to the highest bidder. At first, there are no takers, but then Dr. Snitzer, Hortense's new boyfriend, offers Feet the necessary money. To guarantee that he will really get the body in thirty days, Snitzer asks the Brain to vouch for Feet. Now that it no longer matters, Feet's luck changes. He wins a fortune in the following month, and now that he has money, Hortense is in love with him again. On the last day of the month, Feet marries Hortense, but he no longer wants to die. He begs Snitzer to release him from his promise, but Snitzer refuses and calls the Brain. The Brain's men kidnap Feet and Hortense, but the Brain realizes that Snitzer is crazy and only bid for the body out of jealousy. He therefore considers the contract invalid and takes off after his men to stop the execution. In the following chase, the two cars crash right in front of a chicken ranch that is for sale. Feet and Hortense buy the ranch and settle in to raise chickens just as they had always planned.
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