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komedie / drama, USA, , 70 min.

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Tempermental, selfish movie star Gloria Jordan walks out on her latest film assignment, ignoring the pleas of her director and longtime admirer, Tom Cleary, and the cajoling of her friend and secretary, Molly Evans. Although beleaguered by Gloria's tirades and stunts, Tom, who was once in love with the actress, gives in to her whims and protects her from unfavorable criticism. When Gloria glimpses young prizefighter Joe Flynn while horseback riding one day, Tom introduces her to him. To be near Joe, Gloria feigns a nervous breakdown and is sent to recuperate near his training camp, where she succeeds in seducing him. Although the fight for the middleweight championship of the world is less than a month away, Gloria disregards warnings by Joe's manager, Pete Miller, and Tom that she might jeopardize Joe's career. Later, however, Gloria hears that wealthy social lion Roger Pentley, a devoted admirer, has returned to Hollywood, and leaves Joe at the camp without saying goodbye. When Tom hears of Gloria's plans to marry Pentley, he tells her that the fresh and honest woman she was ten years ago is now worshipping the great god Four Flush. The night before his championship fight, Joe visits Gloria at her house and overhears her tell Pentley that her interest in him is strictly for publicity reasons. During the championship match, Joe spots Gloria and Pentley together and, dropping his guard, is knocked out by his opponent, Mike Ferrara. Feeling remorse for causing his defeat, Gloria goes to see Joe in the hospital, where he tells her that he lost the fight to deprive her of her headlines. She admits she was greedy and promises to marry Joe tomorrow.
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